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The information below was taken from the newspaper, the Lafayette Advertiser. It includes various fraternal and benevolent societies that were active in Lafayette around the turn of the century. I will add more of these articles as I find them.


Morgan Lodge, No. 317 — Meets every Monday at 7:30 p. m., except last Monday at 8 a. m. at K. of P. hall above First National Bank. 1903 Officers: J. B. Coumes, M.; Lock Neveus, S.: Don A. Greig, F.; M. L. Boudreaux, C.; A. A. Mouton, A.


Chartered Feb. 13, 1893.
Charter members: L. Levy; W. E. Bowen; O. E. Mouton; Numa Schayot; E. Priolland; Pierre Dugas; H. D. Guidry; J. Higginbotham; Crow Girard; Geo. M. Delower; Alfred Hebert; L. F. Rignes; James Hannen; R. Coffey; Felix Demanade; B. Falk; I. A. Broussard; C. Lusted; H. C. Salles Alfred J. Theriot; R. H. Wilkens; Leon Plonsky; B. I. Denlon; Chas. D. Caffery; P. A. Delhomme; Thos. F. Webb, Jr.; Gustave Lacoste; I. N. Satterfield; Mouton & Salles; J. M. Jones; F. S. Mudd; E. Constantin; T. M. Biossat; A. C. Ordway; N. P. Moss; Arthur C. Mouton; J. Nickerson; P. J. Hanks; Julian Mouton; C. H. Bradley; J. E. Martin; Wm. Campbell; R. C. Greig; H. Church; Chas. O. Mouton; E. G. Voorhies; H. Billeaud and Wm. H. Cayard


The following ladies met at the court-house on the 21st of June, 1903, to organize a camp of the Daughters of the Confederacy: Mrs. V. Dupuis, Mrs. V. Guidroz, Mrs. Sidney Mouton, Misses Ida, Estelle and Aimee Mouton, Cora Desbrest, Corinne Guidry, Cecilia Guidry, Jennie Torian and Lilia DeBlanc. Miss Aimee Mouton was elected temporary president and Miss DeBlanc, secretary. A meeting will be held on July 1 to organize permanently


At its regular meeting on the Dec. 11th, 1893, inst., Lafayette Lodge, Knights of Honor, No. 3194, elected the following officers for the ensuing year: Chas. D. Caffrey, Dictator; Thos. F. Webb, Jr., Vice Dictator; Alfred Hebert, Reporter; A. E. Mouton, Financial Reporter; B. Falk, Treasurer; N. Schayot, Chaplain; J. P. Revillion, Guide; Alex Delahoussaye, Guardian; Gus Schmulen, Sentinel. Selected as Representative to the Grand Lodge, Conrad Debaillon; as Alternate, Dr. J. D. Trahan; as Trustees, B. Miller, Albert Delahoussaye and Jos. Plonsky.

At the regular meeting of Lafayette Lodge 3194 K. of H. the following officers were installed by Past Dictator Chas. D. Caffery to serve for the year 1899.
Dictator, Dr. J. F. Mouton; Vice Dictator, F. H. Clark, Asst. Dictator , Alfred Hebert; Reporter, Geo, A. DeBlanc; Financial Reporter, A. E. Mouton; Treasurer, B. Falk; Guide, Alb. Delahoussaye; Chaplain, F. V. Monton; Guardian, B. Miller; Sentinel, Louis Lacoste; Jake Weigle, Alfred Hebert, F. H. Clark, Trustees.

Lafayette Lodge, No. 3194, K. of H. Meets the second and fourth Friday of each month over First National Bank. 1903 Officers: Dr. F. G. Mouton, Reporter; F. C. Triay, Secretary.


The Lafayette Lodge K. of P. at their regular meeting on the 28th inst. elected the following officers for the year 1894.
Abram Brower, C. C.; Chas. Higgins V. C.; James Hannen, M of E.; Crow Girard, M. of F.; J. N Domingeaux, Prelate; Phil Crouchet, M. at A.; B Falk, K. of R.; C. C. Labbe, M. at W.

At a meeting held on Saturday, January 21st, Lafayette Lodge No. 37, K. of P. elected the follow officers to serve for the year 1899.
B. Falk, C. C.; H. Gankendorff, V. C.; J. Walters, M. of W.; C. H. Lusted, P.; J. Hannen, M. of Ex; E. Me Daniel, M of A.; D. H. Delahoussaye, I. G.; G, Poinboeuf, O. G.; E. Lehman, K. R.

Lafayette Lodge No. 37 K. of P. Meets every Thursday night in Castle Hall over First National. Bank, Vermilion street. 1903 Officers: W. H. Alexander, C. C; Geo. W. Knapp, K. of R. and S.

Section 1336, Endownment Rank, 1903 Officers: Henry Gankerdorf, President; Joe P. Colomb, Secretary.


On Saturday, Dec. 6th, 1873, inst., an election was held for officers of Hope Lodge, No. 145, A. F. & A. M., at their hall in Vermilionville, and the following brothers, elected and appointed were duly installed for the year 1874 by M. W. G. Master, M. E. Girard: E. S. Mudd, W. M.; L. M. Roger, S. W.; J. J. Caffery, J. W.; Wm. Brandt, Treasurer; J. A. Chargois, Secretary; J. H. Wise, S. D.; J. N. Judice, J. D.; J. D. Trahan and B. A. Salles, Stewards; Jean Brun, Tyler.

At an election held on Dec. 6th, 1873, inst., the officers of Hope Royal Arch Masons Chapter, No. 38, of Vermilionville, the following companions were elected for the year 1874: M. E. Girard, E. H. P.; L. M. Roger, K.; R. Dugat, S.; W. B. Bailey, C. H.; F. S. Mudd, P. S.; A. V. Martin, R. A. C.; W. Brandt, Treas.; J. H. Wise, Sec.; T. F. Webb, G. M. 3rd V.; A. Garnier, G. M. 2nd V.; A. Haas, G. M. 1st V.; Joseph Boudreau, Guard.

At a special convocation of Hope Royal Arch Masons Chapter No. 38, held on April 16th, 1889 inst., an election for officers was ordered by Rev. H. C. Duncan, M. E. G H. P. of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of Louisiana, and the following Companions were elected and duly installed, viz John Clegg, E. H. P.; Jos. A. Breaux, K; F. S. Mudd, S.; D. A. Cochrane, C. H.; Jos. A. Chargois, P. S.; L. M. Roger, R. A. C. ; Ernest Bernard, Treasurer; W. B, Bailey, Secty.; S. R. Wallis, G. M. 3rd. V.; R. Francez, G. M. 2nd V.; J. Brun, G. M. 1st V.

At their stated meeting on Saturday evening last Hope Lodge No. 145 A. F. & A. M. elected the following officers to serve for the year 1894: Charles D. Caffery, W.M.; William Campbell, S.W.; Chas. T. Higgins, J. W.; J. S. Mudd, Treasurer; Crow Girard, Secretary; Albert F. Cayard, S. D.; D. L. Herpin, J. D.; and Jean Brun, Tyler.

Hope Lodge No. 145, F. & A. M. Meets first and third Friday of each month in Masonic Hall, corner Vermilion and Monroe. 1903 Officers: C. D. Caffery, W. M.; V. L. Roy, Secretary.


Lafayette, La., Local, No. 91. Meets over First National Bank first and third Saturday of each month a 8 p. m. 1903 Officers: P. B. Torian, C. C.; C. H. Schmidt, R. C. and C.


Pursuant to notice a number of young men gathered at the courthouse last Saturday, May 16, 1903, and organized the General Alfred Mouton Camp, United Sons of Confederate Veterans. One hundred and eleven names were enrolled and the following officers elected: C. O. Mouton, Commander: Geo. DeClouet, 1st Lieutenant; Robt. Cochrane, 2nd Lieutenant: R. W. Elliott, Adjutant; Albert Trahan, Roster Master: R. C. Greig, Chaplain; Louis Lacoste, Treasurer: F. V. Mouton, Color Sergeant; Dr. N. P. Moss, Historian.


Last Saturday, May 16, 1903 a rousing meet ing of Camp Gardner, U. C. V.. was held at the courthouse, Cap tain L. G. Breaux and Adjutant P. L. DeClouet presiding. Four delegates, Messrs. Lucien St. Julien, A. Greig, P. L. DeClouet and Captain J. C. Buchanan were elected to represent the camp at the Reunion in New Orleans, Messrs. C. H. Mouton, L. G. Breaux, Col. G. A. Breaux and Numa Breaux being chosen as alternates.


Ideal Lodge, No. 25, A. O. U. W —Meets first Wednesday of each month in Hall over First National Bank, 1903 Officers: C. O. Mouton, M. W.: J. T Allingham.

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