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Carencro Parochial Schools Examination, Jan. 24, 1894

The boys of St. Peter's Academy, under the guidance of Prof. C. F. Latiolais, proved worthy of their school. Masters Clarence Bernard, Ernest Coussau and Viateur Grenier, proved very efficient in U.S. History, Geography, grammar, arithmetic and definitions. Masters Camille Couvillion, Ulysse Lacour and David Martin, could not be embarrassed either in reading or spelling, definintions or geography. Among the lower classes (which we could not attempt to give a prolonged account) we may, without prejudice, highly compliment Masters Hubert Dupuis, Leonce and Andre Prejean, whose accuracy and promptness in answering could not help being noticed by the audience. The girls, under the management of Miss Melchior, were quick, intelligible and accurate both in the answers and recitations. Among them we may cite Misses Sarah Brown, Euchariste Mathieu and Lizzie Dimitry as having taken the honors of the school. Miss Brown's recitation of "Somebody's Darling Slumbers Here," could not have been better, and in her recitation of "Le Trois Jours de Christophe Colomb," she carried the audience. Every class was thoroughly examined and all were very successful.


Spring 1894 Lafayette Graded School Enrollment

Fifth Grade: John Sonnier, Hector Prejean, Louis Prejean, Gilbert Bonin, Albert Meaux, Ovey Comeaux, Kossuth Olivier, Davis Church, Cyprien Trahan, Robert Broussard, Ephis Defez, Edwin Chargois, Richard Chargois, Ferdinand Mouton, Gilbert Singleton, Sosthene Martin, Dupre Bernard, Anna Hopkins and James Montgomery

Sixth Grade: Mary Webb, Mary Sprole, Virgie Young, Virginia Marquis, Andrew McBride, James Alpha, Allie Sprole, Philip Clegg and Archie Morgan.

1905 Corps of Teachers, Lafayette Schools

The teachers for the High School this year are Principal of schools, W. J. Avery, assistants, Irwin P. Foote, Misses Alicia Dickson, Robbie Faulk and C. J. McNaspy. Teachers at the Primary are Principal E. W. Jones, Miss Zylpha Eastman, and Miss Nora Cockerham. At the Kindergarten Misses Pearle Larche and Mertie Underwood


1956-1957 Lafayette High School Cheerleaders (Wharton, Cella, Whitman, Breaux, Mathis, LeBlanc)
1956-1957 Lafayette High School Basketball Team (Bertrand, McCauley, Truesdell, Miller, Simon, Toleman, Theriot, Domingue, Meyers, Rhinehart, Duplex, Broussard, Hopkins)
1957-1958 Lafayette High School Cheerleaders (Wharton, Sheets, Whitman, Breaux, Browning, Duhon)


Class of 1903 Old newspaper photo of graduating class.

Academic course: Annie T. Bell, Maxim A. Beraud, Rhena Boudreaux, Harold Demanade, Alma L. Gulley, H. D. Smedes, W. P. Mills. P. J. Voorhies Manual Training Course: Jacques Domengeaux Domestic Science course: Miss Edith Trahan Stenography Course, Miss Ula Coronna Commercial Course: M. T. Ball, Valsin Benoit, J. M. Chiasson, E. F. Hatfield. P. T. Sinoleton, D. C. Smith and Frederick Voorhies Special honorable mention in commercial studies of Wilton Tilly

Class of 1904

Academic: Thomas Moore Biossat, Jr.; Mabel Gertrude Layne; C. Willis Roy; Edith Trahan; Loolabel Williams (valedictorian) Commercial: Joseph O. Authement; Aldon J. Bergeron; T. Lucien Bienvenu; Felix Breaux; Charles Dejean; Louis J. Durocher; James J. Grevemberg; Lorne D. Nickerson; L. Ferdinand Siadous; Henry DeKoven Smedes; William D. Sutter; Pothier J. Voorhies Domestic Science: Marcelle Blot; Eleanor A. Compton; Julia Tolson; Estelle Constatin Manuel Training: C. Orest Babin Stenography: Louise Constantin; Pauline Gankendorff; Agnes Martin; Mathilde Ribhard; Aubert Talbot

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