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1890 "Special Schedule for Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Widows"

Very little survives of the 1890 census; however, for some states the "Special Schedule for Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Widows" from that census is still extant, and fortunately Louisiana is one of those states. Below is an index of names found on the Lafayette Parish portion of that census. Click on each name to go to the page where that name was listed; when you reach the image, you may left-click on your mouse to enlarge the page. Some of the names were difficult to read; if you wish you may browse the images yourself: Page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page 6.

Augustine, David/Davis Jones, John B.
Augustine, Joseph Jouebert, Aurelian
Barber/Barbee, Baptiste Landry, Vaesin
Bernard, August Leblanc, ---
Bowman, Aurelian Lessin, George
Brown, Samuel Lindon, Brookes
Clark, Edward N. Louis, Jean
Clay, Harry Martin, Felix
Collins, Mike Mathieu, Leona
Conway, John (Odelia, widow) Orrens, H. D.
Crane, Zebulon Provost, Henry
Denkins, Louis (Delia, widow) Rhodes, Orean
Doucet, Damoville Richardson, Samuel
Flanders, Benjamin F. Riggs, Onora
Francoise, Joseph Roddeu/Rodden, Ambrose
Frederick, Otto Rosenstream, Morris (Caroline, widow)
Gancey, Eliza Scott, William
Graser/Green, John Theodule, Joe
Graves, Bertrand Thibeau, Henry
Guidry, August Thomas, John (Hortense, widow)
Harrison, James Treville, Narcisse
Jackson, Charles unreadable, Pierre
Jenkins, Peter (Emma, widow) Wilson, Ephram
Johnson, Andrew J. Word, William
Jones, Davis Yong,/Young, Abraham

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