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Bonjour, y'all, and welcome to the Lafayette Parish Louisiana History and Genealogy Project. We are dedicated to presenting free genealogical resources for researching your Lafayette Parish roots. This website is a new, but growing, project, and we will add data regularly, so please check back often.

Lafayette Parish is in the heart of Cajun country, and is deeply influenced by the culture of the Acadians and other French settlers from the early days of its history. But the African, Native American, German, Irish and other european influences meshed with the Gallic customs to give Lafayette Parish the rich culture in music, language and food it enjoys today.

Are you interested in creating a website for Louisiana researchers? Consider becoming a parish coordinator! The Louisiana History and Genealogy Project is in need of parish coordinators, and you can build a website for any parish that you wish (including Lafayette!). If you are not interested in hosting a parish, perhaps you can volunteer as a transcriber, or maybe you have some family information you would like to contribute. Just go to the link above for information about this exciting project, and how you can get involved. The Louisiana History and Genealogy Project is part of a larger organization, the American History and Genealogy Project.

If you have suggestions, or would like to contribute data or photos to this site, please write me at [email protected].

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