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Please note:  The individuals who give me permission to place their contact information here are volunteers.  They have offered their time and energy to help you.

Lookup requests:

Requests must be specific.  Any request asking for "any and all information on the JONES surname in Concordia Parish" will be ignored.  Period.

Do NOT request a lookup of something you can find online for yourself.  This includes census for 1810, 1820,  1830, and 1850.  It also includes the cemeteries linked on the cemeteries page and in the archives, the marriages in the archives, etc.

Be prepared to reimburse or send payment for copies and other expenses incurred by the volunteer.  You may be given an amount and asked to send payment prior to the copies actually being made.  If you've ever been short on cash, you can appreciate this!

The following wonderful people have volunteered to do lookups for Concordia Parish Researchers!

Bessie Ferrell - Public Records located at the Concordia Parish Court House

Doris Falkenheiner - Lookups from Broderbund's CD #1 (Louisiana Marriages 1718-1925)

NOTE from Doris:
Broderbund's CD #1 covers 1718 - 1925 for all Louisiana parishes. People need to be warned that it does not have 100% of Louisiana marriages. I know that it does not include the 6 Justices of the Peace in Orleans Parish who performed marriages in the late 1800 and early 1900s and who did not record the marriages with the Clerk of Court for Orleans Parish. Also the Rapides Parish Courthouse fire(s) destroyed a lot of marriage records. I've used marriage dates shown on tombstones in Rapides Parish as alternative sources
when it was the only record available.

Penny - Databases for the Study of Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy, 1699-1860
edited by Gwendolyn Milo Hall

Please help me take care of  our volunteers who are willing to give of their time and resources to help others.  Don't ask too much of them and please be patient. 

Contact Ann Allen Geoghegan if you would like to be a lookup volunteer or have questions about lookups.

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