Funeral Home Record for Robert Honea


Funeral Home Record for Robert Honea
Mr Honea died in Beauregard Parish but was born in Catahoula Parish.

Record of Funeral: Robert William Honea
Submitted by Cindy Prince
Records taken from Hixson Funeral Home, DeRidder, La.

Date of entry: 10-22-1945
Name of Deceased: Robert William Honea
Residence: St. Rt. 2, DeRidder, La.
Date of Death: 10-20-1945 9:40 a.m.
Date of Birth: (EMPTY)
Age: 75 years
DAte of Funeral: 10-21-1945 Sunday 3:00 p.m.
Services at: Hopewell Baptist Church
Clergyman: Rev. Leon Williamson, Rev. Farley Green,
Rev. Clarence Dees
Religon of the Deceased: Baptist
Birthplace: Catahoula Parish
Resided in state: Life
Place of Death: Residence
Name of Father: Dick Honea
Maiden Name of Mother: Melinda Honea
Cemetery: Hopewell Cemetery

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