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                            Indicates pictures in cemetery
                   Indicates Civil War Soldier(s) in cemetery

Name of Cemetery
* Alston               Map           1/2 way between Ragley and DeQuincy
* Archie Clark     near Starks (Calcasieu Par.)
* Arnold      US 190   2 miles east of Merryvile
* Babe Clark   near Starks (Calcasieu Par.)
* Barentine        North of Longville
* Barrow's Between Field & Starks off LA Hwy 109 on Sam Barrow Rd.  Private family cemetery.
* Beauregard       DeRidder
* Bilbo               Near Singer
* Bishop  south of DeRidder
* Black Jack in Allen Parish east of Sugartown
* Bivens           Bivens (south of Merryville) (Franks Cem)
* Brushy Creek     south of Merryville
* Burks            south of Merryville
* Cannon         south of US 190  Near Merryville
* Carter Family  north of  Starks - small family cem on private property   198 Carter Cemetery Rd.
* Center Hill east of DeRidder off Hwy 26 (could this be Sweet Home????)
* Cole         4 miles east of DeQuincy
* Community              DeRidder
* Cooper        US 190 west of DeRidder
* Carter Family  north of Starks   (private property)
* Dick Clark  near Starks
* Dry Creek        Dry Creek
* Felice     Updated  near Ragley
* Foshee     east of Merryville off US 190
* Good Hope       near Singer
* Frusha / Gray      near Longville
* Green  (See Oakland)  outside Dry Creek - Green Town
* Hagar          Updated  between Ragley & DeQuincey
* Havens        east of Singer
* Hennigan   east of Merryville
* Highland       south of DeRidder
* Holly Grove      Singer
Hopewell        southeast of DeRidder
* Hyatt            near Fields
* Humphrey   located on Hwy. 12 about 4
miles east of DeQuincy off the Cooper Rd
Jay Hawkers  west of Dry Creek
* Lewis         east of DeRidder
* Lighthouse  (see Arnold Cem)  Merryville
* Lindsey       near Dry Creek
* Little Hwy. 190 west of DeRidder past Cooper Cemetery, turn right and go one half mile on Bob Carsey Road, turn left and go one half mile on Hamp Jones Road, then right and go one half mile on Farris Road, turn left and go three/tenths mile on D. E. Markwick Driveway, turn left again at the two story yellow building and follow road south to cemetery.
* Lone Oak  off US 190 near Ragley
* Lyles  south of DeRidder
* Magnolia    Updated  near Ragley
* Meadows  south of Merryville
* Memorial Baptist Church  see Barentine -- renamed
* Merryville     Merryville
* Merryville Community Update  Merryville
* New Campgound    east of Sugartown
* Newlin    Singer
* Nix Ferry  southwest corner of Beauregard Parish
* Oakland    Dry Creek   Locally known as Green
* Old Campground  Sugartown
* Old Cole / Smyrna    east of DeRidder
* Oretta  between Singer & DeQuincy
* Peveto  near Starks
* Pine Grove Hwy 112, 13 miles east of DeRidder. On Leo Garner Road, two miles west of Sugartown on Hwy. 112, drive 1-1/2 miles north on Leo Garner Road. Cemetery is located behind a small whitewashed church meeting house on the east side of the road.

* Pleasant Hill    
  has alpha & row by row
* Red Hill  west of DeRidder
* Rigmaiden  near Perkins (private property)
* Rougeau  Longville
* Shiloh       Updated  Kipling Rd near Dry Creek
* Smith  southwest corner of Beauregard Parish
* Smyrna      DeRidder
* Spikes  south of Merryville
* Spring Creek  Updated  off LA 26
* Squyres  Longville
* Starlight   Updated  DeRidder
* Stretton  LA 113 just north of the Beauregard/Allen line
* Sugartown         Sugartown
* Sweet Home / Old Hoy  near DeRidder (private property)
* Wingate     south on LA 389
* Whitaker    east of DeRidder
* Woodlawn     Updated  DeRidder