John Jacob Tutt Cemetery
John Jacob Tutt Cemetery, Wolfe County, Kentucky Located near Bethel. 
Also known as the Gosneyville Cemetery. Partial Listing

Fulks, Rollie December 11, 1886-June 25, 1887
Fulks, Sarie December 5, 1876-April 10, 1895  ‘Our Sister’
Fulks, Vesta 1867-1895 ‘At Rest’ Shield
Fulks, Taylor 1893-1901 ‘At Rest’ Shield (General Taylor Fulks)
Brewer, Ray August 12, 1901-May 1903
-------(grave marker with no name on it)
Collier, Janie 1916-1917
Collier, Jane L. 1871-1916  (maiden name Pelfrey)
Brown, Victoria J. 1857-1903
Brown, Oliver M. 1879-1896
Brown, Sarah F. 1896-1896
Brown, Alice 1886-1886
Byrd, George F. July 31, 1844-October 29, 1916
Byrd, Angeline 7/12/1850=3/30/1926
Crawford, H. B. 2-8-1833 9-4-1916
Gosney, Flo 11/2/1877-12/16/1907
Center, Emma 12/18/1879 -3/13/1923
Center, Dr. H. L. 3/14/1869 -2/5/1903
Center, Melia F. 9/17/1872 -7/10/1896 wife of  H. L. Center
Center, Ella Jane 1864-1888
Center, Orah C. June 1887- 5/5/1904 Son of William and L. J. Center
Center, Infant March 1884-April 1884 Son of Wm and Louisa Center
Center, Wm. 1/14/1840-3/31/1921
Center, Louisa J. 1/7/1842-11/6/1914
Brown, Stephen D. 1854-1920
Stamper, William Letcher 12/20/1855-1/8/1920
Fulks, Jacob 1795-4/14/1845
Fulks, Nancy 1802-8/15/1862
Tutt, Benjamin Curtis 1904-1935
Tutt, Orena F. 8/29/1900-8/4/1901 daughter of TK and LE Tutt
Tutt, Thomas Kelly 1865-1956
Tutt, Daisy (Crawford) 8/16/1908-6/24/1943
Tutt, Lou E. (Crawford) 1867-1955
Phillips, John Henry 1871-1938
Phillips, Rosa (Rosaline Tutt)
Center, W. T. 12/11/1882-5/28/1883 Child of GM and Rousaline Center
Center, Cora E. 1/10/1886-1/13/1886 Child of GM and Rousaline Center
Center, Louisa F. 12/11/1896-5/24/1902 Child of GM and Rousaline Center
Center, General D. 6/1/1901-5/29/1902 son of GM and R Center
Center, John T. 1853-1914
Center, S C H (Sarah) 10/19/1855-June 2,1907 wife of J. T. Center 
(initials should be S. C. H. B)
Center, Nannie B. 5/23/1884-11/11/1892 daughter of JT and Sarah Center 
Center, E. R. 9/27/1894-8/25/1896 son of JT and Sarah Center
Tutt, Luther Wesley 9/20/1886-6/7/1960
Tutt, Mollie (Mallie) 2/18/1901-10/21/1946 (at the foot of Mallie’s 
grave is a stone. All that was known at the time was that it was Mallie 
and Luther’s child (children?) Mallie had twins on October 20, 1946. It 
is possible that it is either the grave of one or both)

Contributed by:
Pat Cannady