Newspaper Index

Newspaper Index

Below are the names of the Newspapers and the partial titles
of each piece listed as best as I could tell. Beside that
in red, I have listed the surnames included in each
piece of work.


Actual copies of Articles

1. Aquilla Hill Article ---Unknown Paper---Hill, Sweeney, Allison, Cummins, Hamblin,Marlow, Carr, Reeves, Wells, Pennington, McKeehan, Rapier, Sawyers, Monhollen, Wilder, Elkins,





Middlesboro Daily News


Page 1

1. Lockhart Given Life For Murder of Smith-----Lockhart, Morgan, Smith

2. Jellico Club to Make Airplanes-----Carr, Woody

3. Death Bed Denial ------McJelton, Stansberry, Earls, Pope, Morgan, Young

4. Say Cumberland's More Beautiful Than The Rockies----Cooper

5. A Town Full Of Brothers----Siler, Ellison, Smith, Baird, Siler, Harkness,
McCombs, Mahan, Moore, Rhodehaver, Douglas, Kidwell, Vermillion
Harp, Garber


Page 2

1. First Woman's Jury In Kentucky----Stewart

2. Former Local Man Held For Killing----Marcum

3. Herman Atkins Murdered----Atkins, Taylor

4. Evangelist Strikes Oil----Waters

5. Battle Rages Between Moonshiners and Revenue Men (Part 1)-----Cornett,
Winfrey, Kavenaugh, Reynolds, Steward, Redmon

6. Finding Body of A Newborn Babe (Part 1) ----Bennett, Coleman, Ball,
Smiddy, Vanbevers


Page 3

1. Lizzie Bennett Ball (Part 2 of Babe Story)----Ball, Bennett, Latimore, Vanbevers

2. Mrs. Martha Brim Found Dead In Bed ----Brim, Neikirk

3. Mrs. McJilton To Be Brought Back----McJilton, Young

4. Guard Attacked At Corbin Dies----Paige

5. Lafollette Man Buys Interests of P.L. Day Here----Tiller, Day, Austin


Page 4

1. Reports of Battle Between Shiners and Officers Exaggerated
(Part 2 of story on page 2)---
Gibson, Hamilton, Powers, Winfrey,
Cornett, Kavanaugh, Parson, Steward, Renfro, Morgan, Hamlin, Mason

2. Heads or Tales by Gene Siler----King, Longworth, Jones, Tuggle,
Gillis, Pope

3. Heads or Tales (Gathering of Moses Clan)----Moses, Davenport,
Ellison, Lambdin, Cox, Siler

4. Ernest Smiddy Held in Jail---Smiddy, Dople, Petrey, Johnson,
Peavley, Faulkner, Castle, Walker, Williams, Howard

The Whitley Republican


Page 1

1. Midwives Meeting at Health Office---Creech, Fulks

2. Old Time Customs-Peddling----Johnson, Siler, Wilson

3. Newlyweds In 1801---Finley, Strane

4. No Title Given---Mahan, Vallandingham, Mahall, Perkins,
Ellison, Adkins, Stonesifer, Siler, Gillespie, Butcher, Archer,
Gatliff, Whitehead

5. Mrs. Grant Harmon Injured Again----Harmon, Goodwin, Murphy

6. Man Died In Early Morning Accident----Ellison, Paul, Madison,
Moses, Dahlgren

Other Newspapers

Page 1

1. By Associated Press-----Marcum, Davis, Gilliam, Evans

2. Dispatch to Gen. Burnside----Burnside, Saunders

3. Daily Tribune----Faulkner, Meadors, Jones, Morgan, Goins,
Bennett, Rickett, Hibbs

4. Open House Sunday Marks 99th Birthday-----McKeehan,
Kidd, Parks, Meadors, Prewitt


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