1860 Webster County KY census

1860 Webster County census

Post Office, Wisemill, Ky. By P.D. Clayton, Ass't. Marshal
Page 23, 14 June, 1860

hold #
Surname Family
Occupation Real estate/
personal estate
Data from records of
Webster County researchers
162/160 Chandler Stephen 30 m farming
$  200
NC Stephen Chandler was the son of Washington Chandler who left a Webster Co will in 1875. Read the Perrin's biography of Stephen's brother James M. Chandler.
Sarah 17 f housekeeper
163/161 King Thomas 34 m farmer $1000
NC Thomas King married 1) Jemima Cozart, the dau of William Cozart and Dicey Carrington, 6 Jan 1846 NC; and 2) Mary Louise Shelton, dau of Hamilton P. Shelton and Rosannah H. Grayson, 18 Oct 1877 Webster Co KY, by whom he had 8 children. Tom King died 15 Jun 1909 and is buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery.
Jemima 41 f weaver
NC Jemima Cozart King died 1 May 1877 and is buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery. She and Tom King had 6 children.
James W. 14 m
KY According to Gloria Odom Trommler, J.W. King went to the Civil War in his father's stead, taking the best horse the family owned. He fought at Gettysburg and died 19 Jan 1865, dying from pneumonia brought on by exposure. According to family interviews, he is buried at the soldier's cemetery at Gettysburg PA, although Gloria has been unable to confirm this.
Betsey A. 12 f
NC Betsy Ann King married William T. Burton, son of Larry Thomas Buron and Martha "Patsey" Madison, 18 Oct 1865 Webster Co KY. They were the parents of 12 children. Betty Ann King Burton died 10 Feb 1933 and she is buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery.
Mary T. 10 f
KY Mary T. King, b. 18 Nov 1851 Ky. She marr William Wiley Melton, 1845-1910, 30 Jan 1868, Webster Co Ky. He was the s/o Elisha E. Melton and Minerva Shelton. Mary T. King and Wm. W.M Melton because the parents of eight children. They are buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery.
Mariah F.   7 f
KY Mariah Frances "Fannie" King, 1853-1918, marr John McDuff Burton, 1846-1911, 5 Jun 1870, Webster Co Ky. They became the parents of nine children. John McDuff Burton was the s/o Larry Thomas Burton, 1819-1871, and Martha "Patsey" Madison, 1823-1875. Mariah Frances and John McDuff Burton are both buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery.
Thomas J.   4 m
KY Thomas Jefferson King married Julia Ann "Annie" Cobb, d/o Thomas G. Cobb and Jane Carnal, 29 Oct 1874, Webster Co Ky. They had at least three children.
Cozert Lily 20 f domestic NC
John   1 m
164/162 Whitsell Perry 29 m farmer $1280
KY Perry J. Whitsell, born 27 Oct 1830, was the son of James Whitsell who is in the 1850 Henderson Co census. He married Catherine Gates 27 Oct 1858 Henderson Co KY. Perry Whitsell died 1 Mar 1863 and is buried at Petersburg Cemetery in Webster County.
Catharine 21 f housekeeper
NC Catherine Gates Whitsell married (2) Joseph Zealot Shelton at household 214/210 of this census, 6 Jul 1865 Webster Co KY. In 1880, Catherine and Joseph have a D. H. Gates living with them. Tina Hall
Jackson John 14 m
165/163 Stull Jas S. 38 m farmer $4305
KY Jas S. Stull married Sarah Whitsell 24 Mar 1842 Hopkins Co KY.
Ann 34 f housekeeper
KY I believe Sarah Whitsell to be the same person as Ann; in the 1850 Henderson Co census James S. Stull, age 29 is listed with his wife Sarah, 25, and their children, James 6, Mary A., 4, Sarah, 2, and Champ 3/12.
Jas O. 16 m farming
Mary A. 14 f
KY Miss M.A. Stull married W.S. Powell 05 Apr 1864 Webster Co KY.
Sarah F. 12 f
Champ 10 m
KY Champ Stull married Catherine Thomas 26 Nov 1884 Webster Co KY. They were the parents of 6 children. Champ died in 1899 and Catherine died in 1935; both are buried at Springdale Cemetery.
Mark   6 m
Susan R.   3 f
15 June
166/164 Brackett Jas 58 m farming
$  250
NC James Brackett married Cynthia Maloney 18 Dec 1823 Henderson Co KY. They were the parents of 10 children. James Brackett is buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery Suzanne Brackett Weiser
Cintha 51 f housekeeper
Mary F. 21 f domestic
KY Mary F. Brackett married James Rice 3 Sep 1874 Webster Co KY.
Almeda J. 18 f domestic
KY Almeda J. Brackett married Starling E Crowley 24 Dec 1861 Webster Co KY. She died in 1913; he died in 1870; both are buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery.
Cintha P. 16 f
KY Cynthia Parthenia "Part" Brackett married Albert Henry Shelton, son of Josiah Shelton and Elizabeth Orran, 26 Oct 1865 Webster Co KY. Cynthia died 27 Nov 1924; Albert died 9 May 1930; both are buried in the Stratford-Lewis Cemetery in Garvin Co OK. Albert grew wheat and corn. They had at least 6 children: Almeda Nora b 30 Nov 1866; Dora A. b 25 Sep 1868; John Otho b 8 Jul 1872; Hallie C. b 6 May 1875; Maggie E. b 24 Dec 1879; and Annie J. b 1882. Tina Hall
Louisa J. 13 f
KY Louisa J. Brackett married George Head, son of Louis Head at household 143/141 of this census, 20 Sep 1867 Webster Co KY.
Burrell A. 10 m
KY Burrell Adkins Brackett married Ophelia J. Morgan 11 May 1876 and they were the parents of 7 children. He died 25 Feb 1917. Suzanne Brackett Weiser is his great-granddaughter.
167/165 Brackett Will 27 m farmer $1500
KY Will Brackett, son of Jas Brackett and Cynthia Maloney, married (1) Elizabeth Whitsell in 1853 and (2) N.A.V. Sutton 31 Dec 1867 Webster Co KY. Suzanne Brackett Weiser
Elizabeth 25 f housekeeper
Mary   4 f
Emily   2 f

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