Wayne Co, KY Marriages 1861

Wayne County, KY Marriages - 1862

Transcribed by Linda Murtaugh


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Marriages 1861-1865


Bond date                    groom                                                  bride

Mar. date                    


WCK - Wayne County, KY                    b. - born                          

PCK - Pulaski County, KY    

CCK - Clinton County, KY                  

RCK - Russell County, KY                  


Marriages 1862


10 Jan 1862     Cullom Coffey  and  Selina Bell.   Bond, Lewis Coffey

                        To be married at Tarlton Bellís on 11 January 1862

            Cullom aged 20 years, b. WCK;  parents:  Lewis and Elizabeth Coffey; farmer

            Selina aged 17 years, b. WCK; parents:  Tarlton and Sarah Bell


22 Jan 1862     Sherrod Gibson  and  Catharine Roberts.   Bond, W. Simpson

                        To be married at W. Simpsonís on 22 January 1862

            Sherrod age 23 years, b. WCK; parents:  Thomas and Eliza Gibson; farmer

            Catharine aged 24, b. WCK; parents: John and Viana Roberts


30 Jan 1862     Shelby Barnett  and  Mahala E. Alexander.  Bond, Thomas M. Alexander

                        To be married at Tho M. Alexanderís on 30 January 1862

            Shelby aged 23, b. WCK; parents:  George W. Barnett and Rhoda;  farmer

            Mahala aged 21, b. WCK; parents:  Thomas M. Alexander and Amanda


30 Jan 1862     James W. Silvers  and  Nancy D. Stodghill.  Bond, David H. Gibson                                    To be married at Martin Silvers on 30 January 1862

            James aged 16 years, b. PCK;  parents:  Martin and Nancy Silvers;  farmer

            Nancy aged 19 years, b. WCK;  parents:  Reuben and Nancy Stodghill


24 Feb 1862    Matthew F. Worley  and  Mrs. Marjory Owens.  Bond, Isaac N. Powell

                        To be married at Widowís on 25 February 1862

            Matthew aged 28, b. WCK;  parents:  Isaac and Betsey Worley;  farmer

            Marjory aged 28, b. WCK; parents:  James and Marjory Jones


24 Feb 1862    Benjamin Burk and Rebecca Jane Vaughn.  Bond, James F. Vaughn

                        To be married at James Vaughnís  on __ February 1862

            Benjamin aged 25 years, b. WCK; parents Benjamin and Rebecca Burk; farmer

            Rebecca aged 22, b. WCK; parents:  James and Betsey Vaughn


02 Mar 1862    Henry C. Huffaker  and  Lauretta E. Simpson.  Bond, William Rankin

                        To be married at Thomas Simpsonís on 2 March 1862

            Henry aged 18 years, b. WCK; parents Thomas and Polly M. Huffaker; farmer

            Lauretta age not given, b. WCK; parents Thomas and Jane Simpson


15 Mar 1862    M. L. Sloan  and  Rosanah E. Weaver.  Bond, John W. Tuttle

                        To be married at S. A. Weaverís on 15 March 1865

            Marion? Aged 26 years, b. WCK; parents:  James and Linda Sloan;  merchant

            Rosaanah aged 17 years, b. WCK;  parents:  S.A. and Margaret Weaver


27 Mar 1862    John M. Allcorn and Mary Angellinia Branscomb.  Bond, CharlesW. Branscomb

                        To be married at Harrison Branscombs on 27 March 1862

            John aged 20, b. WCK; parents:  Wm. R. and Elizabeth Allcorn;  farmer

            Mary aged 18 years, b. WCK; parents:  Harrison and Nancy Branscomb


04 Apr 1862    Hayden Burk  and  Nancy Lewallen.   Bond, Elihu McDonald

                        To be married at John Lewallenís on 10 April 1862

            Hayden aged 34 years, b. Campbell Co., TN; parents:  Johathan and Nancy Burk;  farmer

            Nancy aged 17 years, b. TN;  parents:  John and Delila Lewallen


18 Apr 1862    James C. Henry  and  Martha Atkinson.  Bond, Reubin G. Stinson

                        To be marrie4d at Dr. E. Butramís on 20 April 1862

            James aged 36 years, b. Roan Co., TN, widower;  parents:  Henderson and Unity Henry;  farmer

            Martha aged 22 years;  parent:  Anthony Jennings;  widow


19 Apr 1862    Robert Smith  and  Milly Redmon.  Bond, Jefferson Redmon

                        To be married at Jefferson and Elizabeth Redmonís on 20 Sept 1862

            Robert aged 45 years, b. Hawkins Co., TN; parents:  Gregory and Susana Smith;  farmer

            Milly aged 20 years, b. Bledsoe Co., TN;  parents:  Jefferson and Elizabeth Redmon


19 Apr 1862    Granville Vickery  and  Matilda C. Goddard.  Bond, H. C. Stone

                        To be married at Mos N. Goddardís  on 24 April 1862

            Granville aged 28 years, b. WCK; parents:  Geo and Sarah Vickery; farmer

            Matilda aged 23 years, b. WCK; parents:  Sidney and Nelly Goddard


09 May 1862   Thos Trocksel  and  _____ Russell.  Bond, Clayton Huff

                        To be married at Jackson Russellís on 10 May 1862

            Thos aged 25 years, b. WCK; parents:  David and Mary Trocksel;  farmeer

            ____ 16 years, b. WCK; parents:  David and Elizabeth Russell


10 May 1862   James McDaniel  and  Sarah Dodson.  Bond, Jesse Dodson

                        To be married at Jesse Dodsonís on 11 May 1862

            James aged 37 years, b. Surry Co., NC;  parents:  Reuben and Jemima McDaniel;  painter

            Sarah aged 21 years on 14th May next,  b. WCK;  parents:  Jesse and Elizabeth Dodson


12 May 1862   Jeremiah P. Morrow  and  Amanda Powell.  Bond, Thos. Powell

                        To be married at Thos. Powellís on 13 May 1862

            Jeremiah aged 21 years on 25th this instant, b. WCK; parents:  Jeremiah and Lydia Morrow


            Amanda aged 18 years, b. WCK; parents Thos. And Rebecca Powell


13 May 1862  Jacob Butram  and  Sarah Hurt.  Bond, Thos. Hurt

                        To be married at Thos. Hurtís on 15