1861 Marriages Wayne Co, KY

1861 - Wayne County, KY Marriages

Transcribed by Linda Murtaugh



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Marriages 1861-1865


Bond date                    groom                                                  bride

Mar. date                    


WCK - Wayne County, KY                    b. - born                          

PCK - Pulaski County, KY    

CCK - Clinton County, KY                  

RCK - Russell County, KY                  


Marriages 1861



10 Jan 1861     Benjamin Bell and Mary Lewis.  Bond, Joseph Bell


12 Jan 1861     William D. Criswell and Rebecca Thomas.  Bond, John Thomas


14 Jan 1862     William Spalding and Louisa Stinson.  Bond, William Jones


20 Jan 1861     George W. DeHart and Nancy Jane Salmons.  Bond, Tollison DeHart


21 Jan 1861     W.M.C. Gholson and Sarah Ann Dodson.  Bond,  W. Simpson


24 Jan 1861     Isaac E. Yates and Nancy E. Bell.  Bond, Benjamin Denney


28 Jan 1861     A. A. Sloan and Nancy M. Kelley.  Bond, W.Simpson


28 Jan 1861     Thomas Smith [name of bride omitted].  Bond, Isaac Burnett


28 Jan 1861     Jacob Bell and Nancy Caylor.  Bond, Talton Bell


05 Feb 1861    George W. Abbot and Pheba Holden.  Bond, Jonathan Abbit


06 Feb 1861    Smith Roberts and Polly M. Denney.  Bond,  Duepy H. Denny


12 Feb 1861    Daniel Thompson and Martha Jane Neely.  Bond, Zebulon Godsey


25 Feb 1861    Thomas Dolen and Lucinda Steel.  Bond, Granville Steel


26 Feb 1861    Daniel New and Samantha Jane Hardwick.  Bond, Sarah Hardwick


27 Feb 1861    George Washington Bowlin and Hester Ann Guffey.  James H. Yates


07 Mar 1861    John Tucker and Sarah A—en-.  Bond, Martin Kidd


11 Mar 1861    James Henderson Yates and Charlotte T. Guffey.  Bond, Benjamin Denny


12 Mar 1861    Thomas Chriswell and Martha Tuggle.  Bond, W. Simpson


13 Mar 1861    John W. Hansford and Elizabeth Ann Powell.  Bond, William Powell


19 Mar 1861    William J. Thompson and Nancy Jane Heath.  Bond, CirenusHeath


21 Mar 1861    T. J. Dunagan and Mary A. Simpson.  Bond, Samuel Simpson


23 Mar 1861    James Owens and Angeletta Southerland.  Bond, C. O. Owens


27 Mar 1861    Robert B. Crisp and Melinda Hopkins.  Bond, W. Simpson


02 Apr 1861    Isaac W. Huffaker and Loretta M. McBeath.  Bond, Henry Huffaker


27 Apr 1861    Clifford Sloan and Lucinda McGown.  Bond, James Nelson


06 May 1861   Matthew S. Castillo and Rosetta Hinds.  Bond, Isaac N. Shepperd

                        To be married at Absolem Hinds’ on 9 May 1861

            Matthew aged 24 yrs on 8 Aug 1860; b. Big Sinking Creek,  Wayne Co., KY

            Parents:  Joseph and Annie Castillo

Rosetta aged 18 yrs on 23 Jul 1861; b. Meadow Creek, Wayne Co., KY

            Father:  Absolem Hinds


06 May 1861   John S. Dehart and Rachael M. Kerns.  Bond, Christopher C. Kerns

                        To be married at Columbus Kerns’ in Wayne Co., on 6 May 1861

            John aged 20 years on 6 Nov 1860; b. Wayne Co., on Cumberland River

            Parents:  John and Anna Dehart

            Rachael aged 17 in July 1860; b. Russell Co., KY on Greasy? Creek

            Parents:  Isham and Louisa Kerns.  Isham b. RCK; Louisa b. WCK


14 May 1861   James B. Berry and Virginia Jones.  Bond, J. A. Stephenson

                        To be married at Sophrona Bobbetts on 14 May 1861

            James aged 37 on 15 Jul 1860; b. WCK

            Parents:  George and Mary Berry

            Virginia aged 18 on 21 Jun 1860; b. Knox Co., KY

            Parents:  Evan and Eveline Jones


22 May 1861   Isaac M. Butram and Milley Hancock.  Bond, Henry T. Hancock

                        To be married at Harrison Austin’s on 23 May 1861

            Isaac aged 23 on 21 Oct 1860;  b. Carpenter’s Fork, WCK

            Parents Joel and Elizabeth Butram;  farmer

            Milley aged 16  “years past”

            Parents: Thomas and Jane Hancock;  seamstress


27 May 1861   Granville C. Bates and Darcus E. Duncan.  Bond, William Huffman

                        To be married at George Duncan’s on 28 May 1861

            Granville aged 2? (ink smeared) on 24 Aug 1860; b. Otter Creek, WCK

            Parents:  Nicholas and Sally Bates; laborer

            Darcus aged 22 years of age past; b. Dry Fork of Sinking, WCK

            Parents:  Geo and Dorcus Duncan


30 May 1861   John Rash and Margaret Roberts.  Bond, Thomas Copenhaver

                        To be married at Thomas Copenhaver’s on 30 May 1861

            John aged 30 on 23 May 1861; b. Buck Creek, PCK

            Parents:  Mary Rash; laborer

            Margaret aged 23 in August 1861; b. Big S. Fork, PCK

            Parents:  John and ___   Roberts (ink smeared)


30 May 1861   Eli R. Hubbard and Emarine Gillespie.  Bond,  Moses G. Redman

                        To be married at John Parmley’s on 31 May 1861

            Eli aged 24 years on 15 Nov 1860; b. Little S. Fork, WCK

            Parents:  Benj. And Polly Hubbard; farmer

            Emarine aged 25 years past; b. Duncan Valley, WCK; widow

            Parents:  John and Anna Parmley


06 Jun 1861     Chesley Arther and Mary New.  Bond, Joshua Garrett

                        To be married at Henry New’s on 6 Jun 1861

            Chesley aged 21 years on 9 Oct 1860; b. Cumberland River, WCK

            Parents:  John and Susan Arther; farmer

            Mary aged 19 years on 16 Jun 1861; b. Campbell Co., KY

            Parents:  Henry and Betsy New


18 Jul 1861      George W. Johnson and Eliza Corder.  Bond, Francis M. Johnson

                        To be married at David Corder’s on 18 July 1861

            George aged 23 years on 14 Aug 1861; b. Cumberland River, WCK

            Parents:  Robert and Polly Johnson; laborer

            Eliza aged 19 years past; b. WCK

            Parents:  David and ____  Corder


23 Jul 1861      George B. Phillips and Mary E. Sloan.  Bond, I. N. Shepperd

                        To be married at Harvey Sloan’s on 25 Jul 1861

            George aged 28 years on 8 Nov 1860; b. WCK

            Parents:  James and Jane Phillips; farmer

            Mary aged 21 years past; b. Meadow Creek, WCK

            Parents:  Harvey and ____  Sloan


25 Jul 1861      John Lovit and Emarine Wallen.  Bond, Alvin Wallen

                        To be married at Sam’l Wallen’s on 28 July 1861

            John aged 25 years on 11 Dec 1860; b. Whitley County, KY

            Parents:  Canada and Mary Lovet; laborer

            Emarine age 21 years on 16 May 1861; b. Little South Fork, WCK

            Parents:  Sam’l and Catharine Wallen




26 Jul 1861      Elihu Taylor and Sarah Ann Johnson.  Bond, B. A. Cundiff

                        To be married at Wiley Johnson’s on 31 July 1861

            Elihu aged 22 years 1 July 1861; b. Lee County, VA

            Parents Jas. H. and Margaret Taylor; Baptist Minister

            Sarah aged 18 years in March 1861; b. WCK

            Parents:  Wiley and Lucy F. Johnson


05 Aug 1861    John C. Anderson and Nancy Ann Denney.  Bond, Wm. Young

                        To be married at Cayls School House on 6 August 1861

            John aged 28 years past; b. Knox Co., TN

            Parents:  John and Betsey Anderson; carpenter

            Nancy aged 19 years past; b. Otter Creek WCK

            Parents:  John and Juda Denney


05 Aug 1861    G. M. Jones and Matilda C. Kendrick.  Bond, I. N. Shepperd

                        To be married at Wm. J. Kendrick’s on 6 August 1861

            (Granville) aged 22 years on 13 September 1860; b WCK

            Parents:  James and Frances Jones; trader

            Matilda aged 21 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Wm. J. and Catharine Kendrick


05 Aug 1861    Granville J. Troxell and Elizabeth McClain.  Bond, John McClain

                        To be married at Robt. Stringer’s on 6 August 1861

            Granville aged 24 years on 3 December 1860; b. State of Indiana

            Parents:  David and Mary Troxell; laborer

            Elizabeth aged 22 years past; b. WCK, Beaver Creek

            Parents:  John and Martha McClain


06 Aug 1861    Christopher C. Alexander and Drucilla D. Morrow.  Bond, Edmund Morrow

                        To be married at Edmund Morrow’s on 8 August 1861

            Christopher aged21 years on 4 Oct 1860; b. WCK

            Parents:  Thomas M. and Amanda Alesander; farmer

            Drucilla aged 25 years past; b. WCK

            Parents:  Edmund and Jane Morrow


15 Aug 1861    Sandusky E. Burnett and Martha Keeton.  Bond, Joel Keeton

                        To be married at Joel Keeton’s on 16 August 1861

            Sandusky aged 21 years on 8 December1861; b. WCK, Little South Fork

            Parents:  Jeremiah and Polly Burnett; farmer

            Martha age 19 years on 9 June 1861; WCK, South Fork

            Parents:  Joel and Catharine Keeton


19 Aug 1861    Edward Sharp and Susannah Pate.  Bond, James Pate

                        To be married at James Pate’s on 22 August 1861

            Edward aged 21 years on 31 Aug 1860; b. Scott Co., TN

            Parents:  Nicholas and Elizabeth Sharp; laborer

            Susannah aged 17 years on 9 December 1861; b. WCK

            Parents:  Ja’s and Marg Pate


21 Aug 1861    Evan E. Wright and Emily Jones.  Bond, Flemming Bates

                        To be married at James Jones’ on 22 August 1861

            Evan aged 28 years on 29 December 1860; b. Lincoln Co., KY

            Parents: Elias and Ann Wright;  farmer

            Emily [age not given] b. WCK

            Parents James and Frances Jones


30 Aug 1861    Daniel Randel and Margaret Brown.  [no bondsman signed]

                        To be married at Residence of groom  [date not given]

            Daniel aged 74 or 75 years; b. Grayson Co., VA

            Parents: John and Margaret Randel; farmer; widower – 3rd marriage

            Margaret aged about 45 years

            Comment:  “Lately removed from Tenn, groom knows but little of her history”


01 Sep 1861    Peter Harris and Mary Pratt.  Bond, Charles Pratt and James Harris

                        To be married at Charles Pratt’s on 2 September 1861

            Peter aged 21 years on 2 December 1861; b. WCK

            Parents:  James and Catharine Harris; laborer

            Mary aged 21 years on 21 April 1861; b. WCK

            Parents:  Charles Pratt


04 Sep 1861    Oliver Perry Taylor and Emerine Bartleson.   Bond, Josiah E. Wright

                        To be married at William Bartleson’s on 5 September 1861

            Oliver aged 24 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Joseph H. and Catharine Taylor;  farmer

            Emerine aged 22 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  William H. and Nancy Bartleson


05 Sep 1861    Wm H. H. Stinson and Vina Rigney.  Bond, John C. Rigney

                        To be married at the house of Jones Harris on 5 September 1861

            Wm. Aged 21 years on 4 March 1861; b. Clinton Co., KY

            Parents:  Wm and Polly Stinson; laborer

            Vina aged 21 years past; b. Fentress Co., TN

            Parents:  Polly Rigney


14 Sep 1861    Irvin Hulbert and Jane Smith.  Bond, E. C. Fewston

                        To be married at Robert Smith’s on 15 September 1861

            Irvin aged 27 years on 22 January 1861; b. State of Ohio, Ashland Co.

            Parents:  Hiram and Emma Hulbert; carpenter

            Jane aged 18 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Robert and Nancy Smith


21 Sep 1861    John Young and Margaret Young.  Bond, Eli Walker

                        To be married at Samuel Young’s on 22 September 1861

            John aged 21 years May next; b. WCK

            Parents:  Samuel and Polly Young; farmer

            Margaret aged 18 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Benjamin and Rebecca Walker

            [note:  Margaret is single]


23 Sep 1861    Charles Hart and Martha F. Sloan.  Bond, N. B. Sloan

                        [no further information on bond]


03 Oct 1861    James A. Catron and Nancy E. Nokes.  Bond, W. Simpson

                        To be married at Abner Jones on 3 October 1861

            James aged 20 years; b. WCK; farmer

            Nancy aged 15; b. WCK


08 Oct 1861    Bird Morgan and Mary Abbott.  Bond, Hendley Blevins

                        To be married at Joseph Abbott’s on 8 October 1861

            Bird aged 20; b. WCK

            Parents:  Randel and Mary Morgan;  farmer

            Mary aged 16; b. WCK

            Parents:  Joseph and Jane Abbott


14 Oct 1861    William Calhoon and Demaria Alley.  Bond, Jno Arthur

                        To be married at Elizabeth Toler’s on 14 October 1861

            William aged 21 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Jackson and Catharine Calhoon; farmer

            Demaria aged 24 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Green L. and Barbara Alley


14 Oct 1861    Joseph Bell and Nancy Young.  Bond, Calvin Bell

            Joseph aged 31 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Joseph and Nancy Bell;  farmer

            Nancy aged 17 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Mathew and ____ Young


30 Oct 1861    James E. Muncy and Amanda L. Daugherty.  Bond, A. H. Daugherty

                        To be married at A. H. Daugherty’s on 31 October 1861

            James aged 25 years; b. Lee Co., VA

            Parents James and Susannah Muncy;  farmer

            Amanda aged 19 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  A. H. and Margaret L. Daugherty


31 Oct 1861    William G. Cooper and Sarah J. Marcum.  Bond,  W. Simpson

                        To be married at Polly Marcum’s on 31 October 1861

            William aged 27 years; b. WCK

            Parents Jacob and Sallie Cooper; farmer

            Sarah aged 23 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Thomas and Polly Marcum


15 Nov 1861   James Weaver and Sarah G. Wilhite.  Bond, M. L. Sloan

                        To be married at J. R. Wilhite’s on 17 November 1861

            James aged 23 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  S. A. Weaver and Susannah; farmer

            Sarah aged 17 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Jas. R. and Martha Wilhite


16 Nov 1861   Pleasant Blevins and Nancy Kogar.  Bond, G. E. Ryan

            Pleasant aged 25 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Tarlton and Polly Blevins; farmer

            Nancy aged 40; b. WCK

            Parents:  William and Polly Kogar


16 Nov 1861   Clayton M. Huff and Mary L. Denton.  Bond, Benjamin Denton

                        To be married at Benjamin Denton’s on 17 November 1861

            Clayton aged 25 years; b. Russell Co., KY

            Parents:  Geo W. and Malinda Huff; farmer

            Mary aged 20; b. WCK

            Parents:  Benjamin and Elizabeth Denton


20 Nov 1861   William Coyle and Elizabeth Turpin.  Bond, J. T. Flinn

                        To be married at Samuel Turpin’s on 23 November 1861

            William aged 18 years; b. WCK

            Parents:   Andrew and Betsy Coyle; farmer

            Elizabeth aged 30 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Samuel and Jenny Turpin


-- Dec 1861     James G. Boston and E. J. Duncan.  Bond, Smiley Duncan

                        To be married at Smiley Duncan’s 5 December 1861

            James aged 19; b. WCK

            Parents:  Thomas and Polly Boston

            Elizabeth aged 19 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  Smiley and Polly Duncan


16 Dec 1861    Jeremiah Sloan and Mary E. Hinds.  Bond, Socrates Hinds

                        To be married at S. Hinds’ on 19 December 1861

            Jeremiah aged 29; b. WCK

            Parents:  James and Nicy Sloan; farmer

            Mary aged 20 years; b. WCK

            Parents:  S. Hinds and Jane


21 Sep 1861    David F. Gover and Mary C. Weaver.  Bond, G. W. Sullens

                        To be married at S. A. Weaver’s on 22 September 1861

            David aged 21 years; b. PCK

            Parents:  John Gover and wife; farmer

            Mary aged 17 b. WCK

            Parents Stephen A. Weaver and wife




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