Josiah Lewis Walters and Nancy Emmarine (Foster) Walters and their 11 children.
(Contributed by Craig Nelson)

Josiah and Nancy Walters were married in Russell County but lived a good portion of their married life farming in Wayne County, mostly in the Mt. Pisgah area.
This picture was taken ca 1906 in Wayne County.

* Front Row (Left to Right):  Izetta, Josiah (Joseph), Ivan (Ivy), Nancy Emmarine (Emma).

* Second Row (Left to Right):  Addison (Addie), Marcus (Marc), Martha, Granville, LuVada (Vada), John Anderson (Andy), Myrtle, Evertha (Bertha & Bert), James.

The names in parenthesis next to their given names were their nicknames, commonly used names by family.  Josiah Walters and Nancy Emmarine Foster were married on November 9, 1876 in Russell County at the home of Nancy's parents.  Her parents were William Foster and Malissa (Anderson) Foster.  A family story passed down to grandchildren and great-grandchildren is that all 11 children of Josiah and Nancy were delivered by the same midwife.

This family picture is of Craig Nelson's great-grandparents.

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