School Daze in Wayne Co, KY

In Wayne County, Kentucky


Ramsey School at Barrier, KY - Early 1900's
Pictured in no order: Dora Barrier, Anna Ramsey, Etta Denney, India Denny, Bonnie Gregory, Willie Dabney, Teacher Jim Hicks
Submitted by Rina Kaye Pyles

Eads Bottom School
Written on back of Photo:
"This was made 23rd of December 1927 at the school Christmas tree of Eads Bottom , Wayne Co. KY.   It was made by our school master, Mr. William E. Buster."
Back row, 3rd from the right is Gladys Gossage Oatts.  
Submitted by Lisa Oatts New

Big Sinking School
Only person known in this photo is James I. Ramsey located on back row, 3rd from left.
He was the son of George W. and Elizabeth (Hurt) Ramsey.
Submitted by Lisa Oatts New

Cumberland School - Year Unknown
From back of photo:  
Back Row: Lillie Brown, Opal Halcomb, Hubert Burke, Clara Brown, Mae Halcomb, Claud Walker, Earl Higginbotham, Odie Tuggle
Front:   Effie Brown, Flora Winchester, Stella Walker, Maud Winchester, and Lera Gossage
Submitted by Lisa Oatts New

Lockett's Chapel School - Abt. 1953
Front Row 3rd from the right is Bill Oatts and Back Row 2nd from right is Bess Oatts Anderson  
Submitted by Lisa Oatts New

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Name of school unknown, possibly Rocky Branch or Bell Hill - abt. 1905.
Front row, 3rd girl from the Left is Lula Gregory Anderson (1897-1979).
Submitted by Andrea Anderson West

Name of school unknown, possibly Rocky Branch or Bell Hill.
Bottom row: Girls #9 & #10 from Right are sisters Lula Gregory Anderson (1897-1979) & Nettie Gregory Crabtree/Murphy (1890-1959).
Submitted by Andrea Anderson West

Rocky Branch School - abt. 1919 - Updated Sept 2010
Teacher: Lona E. Bell  Superintendent: Matt Bell
First Row (seated): Haywood Lorton, Fellie Rednour, Jim Rednour, Uilie Bell, unknown Bell, Opal Dobbs.
Second Row (short row from L to R): Lona Bell, Jim Hill, Fletcher Gregory, Jim Bell, Woodrow Bell, unknown, Iza Rednour,
Third Row: Walter Lorton, Freeman Decker (face hidden), Bertha Bell, Indy Bell, Zona Gregory, Maude Gregory, Nona Gregory, Zonie Bell, Bertha "Bea" Gregory, Clovie Bell, Bessie Gregory, unknown, Lytha Gregory.
Forth Row: Tom Bell, Elbert Gregory (in front of Tom & Delbert), Delbert Gregory, Roy Bell, Harley Decker, Laura Decker, Susie Gregory, (girl in doorway unknown), Ella Rose Bell, Rona Gregory, unknown Lorton, Minnie Clark, Dovie Gregory, Matthew Bell, Rob Bell.
Submitted by Marilyn Gregory Fisher

Rocky Branch School - abt. 1927
Teacher: Lela Roberts
Standing in front of teacher is Lilly Pitman. Left and behind Lilly is Indy Bell. Left of Indy is Woodrow Bell. Evie (Gregory) Gregory (wearing dark sweater) is standing in front of Lilly Pitman. Directly in front of Evie is her sister Bertie (Gregory) Bell. Left of Bertie is Della Bell (d/o Eph Bell). Left and behind Della is Lilly (Lewis) Bell.
Names also listed on the back of this picture are:
(not in any order) Lova, Clova, & Bernice VAUGHN; Opal, Bessie, John, Levi, Homer, & Nellie GREGORY; Zylpha, Wendall, Wentford, Hilbert, Vela, Bertha, Either, Golda, & Viola BELL; Ina DOBBS; Ray and Robert MORROW
Submitted by Marilyn Gregory Fisher

Bell Hill School - abt. 1930
Teacher:  Lova Bell (behind students)
First 3 small children unknown.  L to R: Elsie (Bell) Gregory/Hughes, young lady in the white dress is Jewell (Phipps) Dobbs, next is Beulah Burks, Bertha Kidd, small boy unknown, Owsley Gregory (in bibs), and last is Arvil Burks.
Submitted by Marilyn Gregory Fisher

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