Massengale Family

Submitted by Fay Clark
Massengale Clan
Massengale Clan Photo

Family members believe this is a saw mill, the tall 
structure in the background a boom for moving 
logs.  Photo taken late 1926 - early 1927.

2nd Row (L to R)

#6  Anna Mariah Smith Patton (tentative; mother-
in-law of Myrta Massengale Patton)
#8  Sarah Hicks Massengale (w/o Henry 
#14 Marshall Hicks (f/o Sarah Massengale)
#17 Myrta Massengale Patton (d/o Henry 
#18 Nannie Patton (in Myrta's arms)
#19 Henry Massengale

1st Row (L to R)

#11 Marshall Patton (s/o Myrta Patton)
#12 Howard Massengale (s/o Henry Massengale)
#14 Henry Massengale's dog

Myrta Massengale and Classmates Myrta Massengale and classmates
William Harrison Massengale
William & Harrison Massengale

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