Wayne County Historical and Genealogical Society
Visit the new Museum web site for a complete list of books and publications.
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Questions regarding the Historical Society or the Museum should be sent directly to them at:

P.O.Box 320
Monticello, KY 42633
(Museum located at 209 N. Main St, Monticello, KY)

2005 - 2006


Joy McGinnis - President Norma Bertram, Doug Blevins
Ralph Booher - Vice President Lorene Davis, Ralph Edwards
Rina Kay Pyles - Secretary Colleen Hart, Glen Ramsey
Joyce Munsey - Treasurer Sue Rogers, Sara Belle Upchurch


July is membership month.

Student Membership - $1.00
Individual Membership - $10.00
Institutional Membership - $30.00
Contributing Membership - $30.00
Sustaining Membership - $50.00
Life Membership - $200 (in one payment)

Please send the following information and dues to the above address:
Name, Address, Phone
Type of Membership


The Historical Society Board meets monthly, and there is a general meeting for the membership each quarter.
Regular meetings are held at 209 N. Main St, Monticello, KY.


The Wayne County Overview is a quarterly newsletter published by the Society.

For a complete list of books and calendars available,
visit the Wayne County Museum web site.


On April 21, 2003 the Wayne County Historical Society moved it's collections into the former Breeding Hotel building. The hotel lobby has been set up as a gift shop and many museum exhibits have been set up in rooms south of the lobby. The Historical Society Overview provides an update in each quarterly issue.

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