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* The Bertram Genealogy with Allied Families
Hard cover, 523 pages, full name index. 30 years of research by Irene Atwood Byrer, Compiled by Betty Colston Whitehill. This work is a genealogy of the Bertram, Bartram, Butram, spelled many ways. John born 1610 to Maryland, then they travel to PA, NC, Fentress and Pickett Co's TN and Wayne, Clinton, Russell and surrounding counties in KY. It is a study of the descendents and ancestors of the Rev. Sold. William Bertram who came to KY from NC and moved to Fentress Co. TN to live with a daughter, where he died. Most of the other children stayed around Wayne Co. KY This is done with many generations and as many birth, death and marriage records as possible. My Mother devoted her life to this family research and did not live to have it published. I have compiled her work and added as many as possible. There are too many names to list here, I will gladly check the index for you, just email me. The book is heavy at just over 3 lbs. and the book rate shipping is $5.00 plus $2.25 insurance.

*  E & M Genealogy Books  "Providing Wayne County Cemetery Resource Books"
Including their new book "Alexander Cemetery Book".  "Elk Spring Cemetery, A Garden of Memories" is a must for those researching family in Wayne Co, KY.  Nearly 7,000 names, dates, inscriptions, and annotations by the authors Marilyn Fisher & Eileen Mullins.  Includes brief 100 year history of the cemetery, maps, and location of each grave. Published May 2005.
Also available at the Wayne County Public Library and the Kennedy Museum in Monticello, KY.

*  Wayne County Historical Society Books & Publications
Check out their web site for their most recent publications including:  Reprint of "A Century of Wayne Co, KY 1800-1900" by Augusta Phillips Johnson, "Sketches of Memory" by Carrie Denney, "A Military Review of Wayne County, Kentucky",  "All On Board - Vol. I and II", Wayne County Trivia;  Wayne County Churches; Pictorial Calendars and much more!  Books may also be purchased at the Kennedy Museum in Monticello.
*  Wayne County, Kentucky Books  by June Baldwin Bork
These books are a must have for Wayne County researchers! 
Including Wayne County, KY Census Books, 1810 thru 1920 (each sold separately). 
Wayne County Marriages, Wayne County Deeds, Wayne County Wills, and so much more.
Contact June for more info and prices.

* The Coffey's of Wayne County
which is available from the address below.  $14.00  includes postage and handling.
Soft bound, indexed, pictures, marriage licenses, estate settlements and lots more.

Juanita Coffey
R 2, Box 4000
Monticello, Kentucky 42633

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