From Sue Cook:
Nell Brummett and Margaret Brummett
Sue Cook writes: 
This is a photo of my Aunt Nell Brummett and grandmother, Margaret Linda Denton Brummett.  Grandma Maggie was born in Monticello in 1870 and Nell was born ca. 1905.  This photo was taken around 1920.
John W. Denton

Grandma Maggie's parents, John W. Denton (above, born 1845 in Monticello) and Francis Brummett Denton (below, born 1848 in Wayne Co.) 

Francis Brummett

Spencer DentonMargaret Denton Brummett. Nona Brummett Montgomery, Spencer Denton  in Wayne CO, KY ca. 1935.
Nona  Brummett Montgomery and her sons visiting her Uncle Benjamin Denton in Wayne CO, KY. ca. 1932.
Nona Brummett Montgomery and George MacKinley MontgomeryNona  Brummett Montgomery and her brother, George MacKinley Brummett ca. 1917. 
"Nona, my mother, was born in Monticello, Wayne CO, KY in 1903.  She died in 1990." (Sue Cook)
Lonesome Cemetery
This is a photo from Lonesome Cemetery at the top of Morris Hill in Monticello, Wayne, Co, KY.  I decided right then and there that I want to be buried up there.  It is so beautiful. (Sue Cook)
Uncle Bob Stafford and BobbyI have no idea who these people are for sure.  Apparently one of Mom's aunts married the man.  If anyone knows for sure, I'd love to hear!  Uncle Bob Stafford and Bobby.  Photograph taken in Barnett's Studio, Somerset, KY, looks to be from the early 1920s. Abjcek Barton and my mother, Nona Brummett Montgomery, ca. 1918 probably in Monticello.  I also don't know for sure who Ms. Barton is.  Be glad to know! (Sue Cook)


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