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Latest Updates For Kentucky's State Website

4 August 2016
Modified State Page
Updated Family Group Pages
Added link to Native American Tribes in Kentucky
Added Statewide Military Page with  links to Adair County Military pages
Updated counties page

6 July 2016

Added biography for C. C. Mengel. It can be accessed via the biographies page or "History of Kentucky and Kentuckians" page.

5 July 2016
Added page for "History of Kentucky and Kentuckians" by E. Polk Johnson.
Added Chapter 1-3.

27 May 2015

Added Hopkins County,
Added Obituary page with obituary for Alyssa Kay Pettry to Hopkins County.

27 May 2015
Added Floyd County,
Added Obituary page with obituary for Ada (Jarrell) Osborne to Floyd County.

25 May 2015
Updated Boyd County.
Added Boyle County

24 May 2015

Added Boone County.
Added Bourbon County.
Updated Boyd County.

24 May 2015
Added Ballard County.
Corrected errors on Adair, Allen, and Anderson counties.

Modifed Barren County.
Added Bath County
Added Bell County

23 May 2015

Added Military page to Adair County with listings for the 1883 Pensiones List, World War II Casualty List, Korean War Casualty List, and Vietnam Conflict Casualty List for the county.
Added Allen County
Adden Anderson County

21 May 2015
Added Adair County

30 October 2014
Added Home, Cemeteries, and Biographies pages for McCracken County.

28 May 2014
Added Home and Biographies page as well as multiple biographies for Barrent County.

24 May 2014
Added pages for  Cemeteries, Obituaries, Census for Boyd County
Updated Biographies page for Boyd County

1 April 2014
Added Boyd County to project..  Pages included are Home, What's New, History, Biographies.

31 Mar 2014
Added a Ghost Towns Page

28 Mar 2014
Updated home page.