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The Old Jail.  I can remember when it was in use as a Jail.

Now this is the Archives for Simpson County, Kentucky.


Car Show Franklin, Kentucky

Welcome to Simpson County, Kentucky

Franklin Simpson Wildcats


Fun Times Dancing On The Square


Picture Made September 2009 at the Car Show By Sammie Jean Gregory Fairchild

The Old Courthouse on the Town Square.  I can remember my Grandfather, (Bailey Peyton Cassetty), whitteling with other men on the square when I lived and finished from Franklin Simpson Senior High in 1962.  My Grandfather died 10/21/1968.  Buried at Green Lawn Cemetery with his 2nd Wife Zora Barton Fisher Tuck Hargis Cassetty.  Bailey Peyton's 1st wife, my grandmother (Callie Beatrice Climer Casity) is buried in Kirbytown, Macon, Tennessee, in the Aubie Wakefield Cemetery.


Cassity History by Sammie Jean Gregory Fairchild
This is my research results on my Mother's Family.

Searcy/Sircy Family Lines


Green Lawn Cemetery Franklin, Simpson, Kentucky



Franklin, Simpson, Kentucky County Seat.

Car Show 2009 Franklin, Simpson, Kentucky

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