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Courthouse built 1876

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Eastern State Hospital Cemetery Project
is in the process of gathering a list of

persons buried in the hospital cemetery.

The County

Located in north-central Kentucky, Scott County was named for General Charles
Scott, who later served as governor of Kentucky from 1808-1812. Georgetown, the 
county seat is located seven miles north of Lexington. Taken from a part of
Woodford County, Scott was the eleventh county formed in 1792. It was one
of two counties established by the first Kentucky Legislature on June 1, 1792.
Scott is bounded by Owen, Grant, Harrison, Woodford and Franklin
counties and contains 286 square miles.

The Courthouse

The Scott County Courthouse was built in 1792 on a one acre lot sold to
the county by Elijah Craig. This building was torn down and a much
larger courthouse was built in its place.  On August 9, 1837, fire destroyed
the second courthouse and most of the records were lost.  The third courthouse
was built in 1847.  Again in 1876 the Scott County courthouse was destroyed by
fire.  The fourth courthouse was built and remains today.

Counties Surrounding Scott County



 Harrison       Woodford       Franklin
Owen Grant Franklin




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