Scott County, Kentucky


Scott County, Kentucky has lost many records due to fire that destroyed two courthouses.  The first fire in 1837 and the second
in 1876.  Many records were completely destroyed and some partial burned. Some damaged records were reconstructed
from what remained.  Many records have words, and paragraphs missing.  

There was no universal order instructing County Clerk's how to record and maintained the records for their county.  In Scott County the
Will Books also contain Adminstration, Executor, and Guardian Bonds. They may also contain Inventories, Sales Bills, Settlements,
and Dower allotments.  I am in the process of compiling an index for the Wills written and produced to probate in the Scott County Court.

 If you have Wills for your Scott County ancestors and you would like have them included; submit them HERE !

Will Book A 1796-1808    
Will Book B 1809-1817    
Will Book C 1818-1822  
Will Book D 1814-1822
Will Book E1 1828-1831
Will Book E2 1829-1832
Will Book F 1837-1839
Will Book G 1839-1842
Will Book H 1842-1844
No Book I
Will Book J 1845-1847  
Will Book M 1847-1849
Will Book L 1849-1852  
Will Book M 1852-1857
Will Book N 1858-1862
Will Book O 1862-1865
Will Book P 1865-1870
Will Book Q 1871-1874
Will Book R 1874-1877
Will Book S 1877-1896
Will Book T 1896 - 1907
Will Book U 1907-1924


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