Scott County, Kentucky

Scott County News located in the Lexington Leader 1902-1913

August 17, 1902 - The Leader
Information has been received in this city of the death of W. R. Marrs, for many years a resident of Lexington.  The deceased died at the home of his son,
Stephen R. Marrs, Stamping Ground, KY.  Mr. Mars was 62 years old.

July 17, 1903 - The Leader
Mrs Matilda Slatten, who died at her residence on Eastin Avenue this morning was taken to Sadieville, Ky for burial this afternoon.

July 30, 1903 - The Leader
Mr. Anthony A. McQuaid of this city and Miss Elizabeth Burgess of Sadieville eloped to Covington yesterday and were married last night.

August 2, 1903 - The Leader
A sequel to the romantic marriage in Cincinnati on July 29 of Anthony A. McQuaid, of this city and Miss Elizabeth Burgess, of Sadieville, has been the
excommunication of the bride groom from the Catholic Church.  Miss Burgess, whose father is a very wealthy cattle dealer in Scott County was engaged to be
married to William Hays, of Baltimore, the wedding to have been celebrated about August 1 and when Hays arrived in Sadieville with his wedding outfit he found
that the young lady had eloped the day before with McQuaid and had been married in Cincinnati.

February 5, 1904 - The Leader
Liza Ann Salyards, colored, aged 72, died Wednesday at her home on Constitution Street.  She was born at White Sulphur, Scott County and in the ante-
bellum days belonged to Mrs. E. P. Holly.  She was a devout Catholic and worked for the priest many years.

December 22, 1904 - The Leader
Mr. Lafayette Bain, aged 21, of Newtown, Scott County and Miss Myrtle Robinson, aged 17, of Mt. Olivet, Robinson County made application to the County Clerk's
office Thursday for a marriage license.  The couple then went to the parlors of Judge Ben D. Bell and were made one by that official.

March 14, 1905 - The Leader
The body of Mrs. Ann Glass, aged 73, who died at her home on the Georgetown Pike, five miles from Lexington, Friday morning was taken to White Sulphur
Sunday for burial.

April 3, 1905 - The Leader
Rev. J. T. Cochrane, recent Kentucky University graduate, dropped death in pulpit at Stamping Ground.

April 5, 1905 - The Leader
Mrs. Maggie S. Jones, aged 28, wife of Benjamin Jones, of Stamping Ground, Scott County, died Wednesday at the residence of J. A. Keiser in Woodland.

April 23, 1905
The burial of Mrs. Lucy Ann Connellee, widow of S. T. Connellee, will take place on the arrival of the 9:55 a.m. Q & C train today.  Mrs. Connellee died at her home
in Sadieville, Ky yesterday aged 78 years.

April 18, 1905 - The Leader
Mr. Samuel Maddox, who died at his residence near Newtown, Scott County, Saturday noon, April 15, 1905, was buried Saturday afternoon in the family
burying ground near the residence.

August 3, 1905 - The Leader
Judge Ben D. Bell united in marriage at his office late Wednesday afternoon Mr. John A. Prebble and Miss Margaret M. Linville, young people from the neighborhood
of Newtown.

January 14, 1906 - The Leader
Burl Jarvis, one of the most famous criminals of Scott County, although he came from a highly esteemed family of that county, is dead at his mother's home
near Oxford, a short distance from Georgetown.  He was a prominent figure in the Jarvis-Kendall feud, which began about fourteen years ago over a watermelon

January 23, 1906 - The Leader
Mr. Cassius Clay Burgess, of Sadieville, Scott County and Miss Amelia Hudgins, of near Cynthiana, Ky were quietly married at the Central Hotel in this city on
Monday night.

January 23, 1906 - The Leader
John Goodman, aged 44 years, a farmer residing at White Sulphur, Scott County, died Tuesday morning at that place.  He was widely known in Lexington and
had many friends here who are grieved at his death.  The funeral services will be held at St. Paul's Church Thursday morning at 9 o'clock.  The burial will take
place at Maysville.

April 22, 1906 - The Leader
Mr. D. Moody House and Miss Mary M. Johnson, young people of Stamping Ground, Scott County came to Lexington Saturday night and were married.

June 17, 1906 - The Leader
Mrs. Mollie Haney died early Saturday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Kearney, near White Sulphur.  The burial will be Monday at Sulphur.

June 28, 1906 - The Leader
James D. McClintock, a well-to-do and popular business man of this city and Miss Maggie Vernon Rogers, of Newtown, Scott County, will wed at the Newtown
Christian Church on the afternoon of July 5.

July 16, 1906 - The Leader
John M. Graves, a farmer living near Stamping Ground, this county, while drunk engaged in a quarrel with his wife at their home.  Leaving there, he followed
by the wife to the home of a neighbor, where another struggle took place.  Several different stories are told of the shooting, the most plausible one of which
shows that the discharging of the weapon occurred while the couple were wrestling for posses of it.

October 26, 1906 - The Leader
Mr. George M. Yates of Stamping Ground, oldest son of Judge J. J. Yates, and Miss Anna Monford, of Frankfort County were married at the residence of
Mr. Cyrus Duvall.

November 16, 1906 - The Leader
Friends in this city were notified Friday of the death Thursday evening at White Sulphur, Scott County, Ky of Mrs. Michael Goodman after an illness of only
three days from an attack of pneumonia.  Mrs. Goodman was in her 71st year.

January 3, 1907 - The Leader
Georgetown - The marriage of Irvin B. Leev and Miss Gertrude Allen, both of Skinnersburg, will be solemnized Thursday afternoon.

March 12, 1907 - The Leader
Mrs. O. P. Lancaster, of the White Sulphur neighborhood, who died from the effects of an operation performed at the Frankfort hospital was buried at the
Georgetown Cemetery.

March 15, 1907 - The Leader
Georgetown - Mrs. Amanda Barber and Charles Kenley were united in marriage at the courthouse Thursday.  The bride is the daughter of James Ronald of
Swallowfield, Franklin County and the groom a farmer of Stamping Ground.  They will live in Georgetown.

May 4, 1907 - The Leader
From the Kentucky State Journal - The wedding Wednesday of Miss Sallie Payne of Scott County and Mr. Steward Farmer, of Birmingham, Alabama was
solemnized at high noon at the church of Stamping Ground.

July 16, 1907 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - Woodward Brown, aged about 18 years, died at the home of Wesley Brown near Newton.

July 23, 1907 - The Leader
While operating a threshing machine on the family of W. W. Wilhoit, near Donerail, Tony Lynn, of Sadieville, Scott County had his head so badly crushed on
Monday afternoon that death resulted from the accident at the Good Samaritan Hospital Monday night.

August 1, 1907 - The Leader
Mrs. Martha Arnsparger is dead at her home in Newton, Scott County, from the informities of old age.

September 11, 1907 - The Leader
Buford S. Kemper of Sadieville and Miss Mollie Beckham, of this county were married here at the residence of Dave Wolfe on West Clayton avenue.

November 4, 1907 - The Leader
A telegram from Des Moines, Ia, announces the death at that place Sunday of Jefferson S. Polk, on of the most prominent and wealthy citizens of Iowa.  He was
aged 74 years and was born in Scott County, this state, near the village of Oxford.  His father Hosea Polk was one of the most noted and enterprising farmers of
the state and acquired by his great energy a handsome fortune, which he lost through security debts.

December 26, 1907 - The Leader
Mrs. Rebecca Lucas, 82 years old, is death at the residence of her son-in-law Dr. J. C. Thomasson, in Georgetown.  Mrs. Lucas was a sister of the late
Thomas Finnell of this place and was born and reared near Stamping Ground.

January 13, 1908 - The Leader
Alvin Duvall, 50 years old, died of stomach trouble in Georgetown Sunday.  He was oil inspector for Scott County at the time of his decease.  He was born
and reared near Stamping Ground, Scott County and moved to Georgetown about twenty years ago.

February 8, 1908 - The Leader
Joshua King Stone, aged twenty-two years, of Sadieville, Scott County, son of John C. Stone, died Friday at St. Joseph's Hospital of cancer of the liver.

March 17, 1908 - The Leader
Mrs. Sarah E. Newman, the oldest citizen of Stamping Ground, died early this morning from a paralytic stroke received seven weeks ago.  She was seventy
years of age.  She was the widow of William Newman and is survived by one daughter, Mrs. W. A. Richardson.

May 7, 1908 - The Leader
Sadieville, Ky - William Parker, aged 97 years, born January 30, 1811, died at the home of his son, F. W. Parker, Wednesday.

August 10, 1908 - The Leader
Silas Duvall died Sunday afternoon at his home at Stamping Ground, aged 40 years.  He was one of the victims of the big fire a few weeks ago when nearly
all the business portion of Stamping Ground was burned down.

November 13, 1908 - The Leader
The telegram received by Mrs. Betsy Craig, of Sadieville, Scott County, Thursday brought news of the killing of her son, S. Percy Craig, by Mrs. Emma Bonds, of
Memphis, Tennessee Thursday morning. Mrs. Craig was overcome by the news and has been seriously ill as a result of the shock.

November 30, 1908 - The Leader
Information reached Lexington Sunday that Charles Johnson, a prominent liveryman of Stamping Ground, Scott County, has mysteriously disappeared and his
whereabouts are unknown.  He left a wife and several children.

December 1, 1908 - The Leader
Miss Grace Aulick of Oxford, Scott County, died at her home Monday after a lingering illness.  She was daughter of Mr. J. B. Aulick, well-to-do farmer.

December 8, 1908 - The Leader
Mrs. Homer Robinson, aged 25 years, died Monday at the residence of her brother-in-law, Smith Lucas in Stamping Ground, Scott County.  Mrs. Robinson
was Miss Bertha Devers, daughter of John Devers, an old confederate.  She graduated at Georgetown College about three years ago.

December 15, 1908 - The Leader
John M. Viley, age 56 years, died in Georgetown, Monday of Bright's Disease and was buried in Georgetown Cemetery Tuesday.  Mr. Viley was born near Great
Crossings on the old Viley place.

December 23, 1908 - The Leader
Mr. Weldon Hamilton of Sadieville died at the St. Joseph's Hospital Wednesday morning from a perforated ulcer of the duodenum.

January 18, 1909 - The Leader
Mrs. Nora L. Poindexter died at the residence of her mother, Mrs. Mary Haynor, 427 Georgetown Street, Sunday.  The funeral will take place at Stamping
Ground, Ky Tuesday afternoon.

April 19, 1909 - The Leader
The horsemen of Central Kentucky lost one of their prominent members in the death of Thomas Hook, one of the oldest turfmen in Kentucky who passed
away Saturday  morning at his home in Stamping Ground.

September 22, 1909 - The Leader
Mildred, the bright and lovable little girl eight-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Smith, of Scott County, died at the home of her parents near
Stamping Ground, of spinal meningitis.

September 26, 1909 - The Leader
Mrs. Lillie B. Johnson, 33, died at her home at Minorsville, Ky, Saturday morning after a protracted illness.  The funeral services will be held at the residence
and the burial will take place in the Lexington Cemetery Sunday afternoon.

May 6, 1910 - The Leader
The funeral services of Gertrude Thomas, who was found dead Thursday morning at her residence on Dewee Street, will be held at Stamping Ground,
Scott County, Sunday.

July 3, 1910 - The Leader
Miss Lettie Jones, the fourteen year old daughter of William Jones of Stamping Ground, while standing at the window at her home Saturday morning during
the electric storm was struck by lightning and fatally injured.

July 27, 1910 - The Leader
Charlton Duvall, until recently of Stamping Ground this county, who went to Chicago to work as railway mail clerk, died of stomach trouble,  He is survived
by his wife, who was Miss Forest Sparks of Scott County and five children.

November 24, 1910 - The Leader
Miss Artie D. Risk and Mr. Hugh A. Moore were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leader Risk, at Sadieville, Wednesday afternoon in the
presence of the immediate families of the contracting parties.

February 12, 1912 - The Leader
Miss Mary Wilson, daughter of Mrs. Henry Glass of Minorsville, and Mr. Ernest Graves, son of N.B. Graves, a farmer residing at Newtown came to Lexington
Tuesday afternoon procured a license and were quietly married.

April 17, 1912 - The Leader
John Lucas and Obert Lucas, age 14 and 12 years respectively, sons of Mrs. Lida Lucas, housekeeper for Samuel Skinner, George Land and Dr. LeRoy Land at
223 East Short Street were drowned Tuesday afternoon while fishing at a pond near White Sulphur, Scott County.

April 30, 1912 - The Leader
Georgetown - Mrs. Jane Newland, wife of Mr. Ben Newland, a well known farmer of Great Crossings, this county, died Monday after suffering for the past nine
months with blood poisoning.

May 20, 1912 - The Leader
Mr. Harry H. Polk, the Des Moines, Iowa, capitalist and former president of the Interurban Railway Companies at that place, reached Lexington Saturday on a
visit to his kinsman.  Col. Wm. H. Polk.  Mr. Polk Came with the view of visiting the ancestral home of the family near Oxford, in Scott County.  In an unto Col. Polk
and his kinsman left Lexington Sunday morning, going directly to the old homestead where they read the inscriptions on the ancient monument in the graveyard

May 29, 1912 - The Leader
Georgetown - Mr. Milton Wigginton died at his home at Elmville, at a late hour Wednesday, after being stricken with paralysis Tuesday.  Mr. Wigginton, who was
eighty years of age, had been a magistrate in this district for a number of years.  He is survived by ten children.

May 30, 1912 - The Leader
Mr. William Merchant of Pickhard, Woodford County and Miss Bertha Perry of Stamping Ground came to Lexington Thursday, procured a license and were
married by Justice Charles J. Haggan, who performed the ceremony in his private office at the courthouse.

June 27, 1912 - The Leader
Justice Charles J. Haggan Thursday afternoon performed the ceremony uniting in marriage two colored couples.  The couples were George Henry Smith and
Carrie Lee Powell of Chilesburg, Fayette County and Bud Johnson and Edlene Patterson of Stamping Ground, Scott County.

July 13, 1912 - The Leader
Mrs. Anna Tatman, 40 years of age, died after one days illness at her home near Greendale Friday evening. Mrs. Tatman is survived by her husband Isiah W.
Tatman, and five children; Mrs. Harvey Campbell, Stamping Ground; Miss Maggie May; Messers. Edward, Lee, Harold and Deward, all living at Greendale. Burial
will be in Lexington Cemetery.

July 15, 1912 - The Leader
Georgetown, William Glass died at his home at Stamping Ground, Sunday evening.  Mr. Glass spent the whole of his long life in Stamping Ground, where he
had amassed a considerable fortune.  He was seventy-one years old.

August 2, 1912 - The Leader
Horace Bybee, colored, of Lexington and Fanny Moseby of Stamping Ground, Scott went before Justice Charles P. Dodd Thursday afternoon and had the
ceremony pronounced uniting them in marriage.

September 8, 1912 - The Leader
Georgetown - Mr. Manlius Gunnell, one of the best known of the older residence of Scott County, died at his home below Oxford Saturday morning.  Death was
from the informities of age.

October 16, 1912 - The Leader
Word had been received at Collector T. A. Field's office here that Mr. Jacob L. Johnson, a storekeeper - guager of his service, whose home was in Stamping
Ground, Scott County had died Thursday in Chicago and will be buried Sunday afternoon at Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville.

November 20, 1912 - The Leader
Georgetown - Mrs. Mollie Bradford Glass died Tuesday at her home in Stamping Ground, the third member of a prominent family to die in less than a year's time.

November 29, 1912 - The Leader
Mrs. Nancy Wash, colored, died at the residence of her son-in-law, Fountain Byers, 533 Toner Street, Thursday night.  Funeral services will be held at Oxford,
Scott County, Sunday afternoon.

January 6, 1913 - The Leader
Eugene Adams, aged 13, died yesterday afternoon at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Adams.  While scuffling with a little school friend in the
Skinnersburg school yard nearly four years ago he received a severe blow in the head.  A spinal affection set in, from which he has been suffering constantly

February 26, 1913 - The Leader
Mr. Carrick Robinson, aged 22 years, died at his home at Stamping Ground late Monday evening of tuberculosis and appendicitis.

June 27, 1913 - The Leader
Georgetown - After but an hour's illness, Mr. Thomas A. Morrin, a well known distiller of Stamping Ground died Wednesday night.

July 17, 1913 - The Leader
Mrs. Nancy D. Riddell of near Springs Station, died at the Good Samaritan Hospital Wednesday night.  Funeral services and burial will be held Friday afternoon
at the old home place near Stamping Ground.

October 16, 1913 - The Leader
Justice Charles J. Haggan was called upton Thursday to officiate in the marriage of Major Sikes and Frances Holt, a colored couple from Stamping Ground.

December 23, 1913 - The Leader
William Dalzell and Miss Ella McCoy, both of Stamping Ground, Scott County were married Tuesday morning by Magistrate Charles P. Dodd at his residence.

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