Scott County, Kentucky


Stamping Ground Baptist Church

Slaves who were Members

1795 - 1843

ABBOTT, Brother (William) ? Milly SAMUEL, Sister Edmund
ABBOTT, William Judith, Adam SCOTT, Early Milly, Sarah, Duke, Charles, Jane, Caroline, Rachel
ADAMS, Isaac Betsey SCOTT, Hannah Susannah
ALEXANDER, Travis Charlotte, Sharlotte SCOTT, Joel Cleah, Fidellah
BALLARD, B.    Jane SEBREE, R. Agnes
BEATTY, Joseph B. Lucy SEBREE, Wm. Polly
BLACK, James D. Rosie, Lucy SCRUGGS, Judith Jack
BLACKBURN, Julius Nancy, Peter SCRUGGS, Widow Landen
BRANHAM, B. Phebe, Henry SCRUGGS, William Fanny, Lewis
BRANHAM, Daniel Chloe, Peggy SCRUGGS, Valentine Walter
BRANHAM, H. John, Harriet SINCLAIR, A. Betsey, Sarah
BRANHAM, Richard Patty, Linda SINCLAIR, B. W. Milly
BURBRIDGE, J. Phillus SINCLAIR, D. Phillus
BURBRIDGE, George Amy, Amanda, Rachal, Nelson SINCLAIR, E. Paulina
BURBRIDGE, Marion Clarisa SINCLAIR, Nancy Deliah
BURBRIDGE, R. Nelson, Jenny, Patty, Silvy SINCLAIR, Polly Louisa, Martha
BURBRIDGE, Thomas H. Frances, Cupid?, Lucy SINCLAIR, R. W. Eveline
CALVERT, ???? Polly SINCLAIR, Susan Rachal
CALVERT, John Louisa SINCLAIR, Wm. Perry
COOK, John Lucy, Henrietta SMARR, R.   Alpin
COSBY, John Selah SMITH, Garland Nancy, Bob
COPPADGE, John Gerry, Kemp, Daniel, Ally SMITH, Rodes & Robert     Martin, Isabella, Margarette, Tobia, James, Milly, Judy, Dinah, Richardson, Anthony
CRAIG, Nath'l Lydia SMITH, William Jack
CRAIG, Toliver, Sr. & Jr. Bristo ST. CLAIR, Daniel Susanna
DAVIS, R. Maria ST. CLAIR, Robert Mima, Phillus
EASTES, J. Michael STEVENSON, J. Amanuel
ELLEY, Edward Landell, David, Greenville TOMASON, Joseph T.
ELLEY, H. Pett, Ned, James THOMASON, R. Nimrod, Fanny
FARGASON, John Sary, Elisa THOMASON, S. Jerry
FICKLIN, Sister Mina THOMASON, Sister Daniel
GALE, Wm. Venus, Simon, Nancy TODD, Widow Phillie
GLASS, Wm. Lewis TRIPLETT, S. Granville
HAWS, F. Dolly TROTTER, William William
HAWS, T. Dinah, Hannah, Ned VILEY, Willa Judy
HERNDON, Charity Sally WILSON, Caty Sally
HERNDON, D. Ann, Nery YATES, J. T. Emily
HERNDON, J. Abraham
HERNDON, Joseph Dily, Peter
HERNDON, T. Milly, Daniel, Chaney
HILL, Nathan Lutitia
JOHNSON, John  S. Bib?. Celia, Washington
JOHNSON, Mrs. Tony
LANE, Wm. Kitty
LINDSEY, Alsa ? Milton
LUCAS, J. Daphney
LUCAS, S. Harriet
MARTIN, George Betsey
MILLER, John Lucinda
MILLER, Sally Dolly
MINER, Jeremiah Phillis
NORRIS, MORRIS, S. W. Delpha, Ally, Rachal
NORRIS, MORRIS, Wm. Fortis, Lewis
ODER, G??? Jemima
OSBORNE, Lee B. Simon
PAGE, Thomas Judy, George
PERRY, James Moriah
POINDEXTER, Wm. Winston, Phillis, Silvy, David, Jinny
PLUMMER, William Mildred
REDDING, Ann Cawood?
REDDING, John W. Polly
ROGERS, J. Lewis, Elijah, Sarah Hannah, Mildred, Judith, Elijah, Terry

Submitted by:  David Misenheimer


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