Scott County, Kentucky

Revolutionary War Soldiers

Kentucky Pension Roll of 1835

Report from the Secretary of War in relation to the pension establishment of the United States 1835.   Report in obedience to resolutions of the Senate of the
5th and 30th of June 1834 and the 3rd of March 1835 in relation to the pension establishment of the United States, Washington.  
Printed by Duff Green - 1835

Excerpt from "History of Kentucky", by Judge Lewis Collins, Vol. 1 Revolutionary War Soldiers

Those living in Kentucky, including those who moved there after the war, as of 1840.  As Judge Lewis Collins said "It is evident from their age some were too
young to be in the Revolutionary war, except drummers or wagon boys: while a few others were probably in the Indian Wars soon after the Revolution"
 Some names are of widows who are receiving pensions.  There were also veterans who refused a pension.

The following Scott County Revolutionary War Soldiers was compiled from both sources listed above

Armstrong, Wm.                            

Lackland, Thomas

                                        Atkins, Alexander Landrum, Thomas
Barnhill, Samuel, 82                       Leathers, Paul, 96
Beatty, William, 78 McClure, Janet, w/o Thomas McClure
Bennett, Richard McCormick, Hugh
Berkley, John McCrosky, James
Berry, William McHatton, Alexander
Bramblett, Nancy, w/o George Adams McHatton, John
Brown, Henry McHanna, John J.
Brown, Thomas McLean, Daniel
Burch, Joseph, 77 Manvearing, George
Campbell, John, 75 March, Samuel
Carothers, Thomas Miner, Jeremiah, 95
Carter, Wm. Mothershead, Nathanial
Chisham, James Neal, Charles
Chisham, Mary, w/o George Chisham Newman, Joshua
Dabney, John Q. Nunally, Robert
Dailey, Dennis Officer, James
Dooly, James, 106 Osborn, Bennett
Downing, Henrita, w/o Francis Downing Patterson, John
Driver, Francis Pasley, Thomas
Ewing, William Peak, William
Fargison, Larkin Powers, Jeremiah
Gano, Daniel, Sr., 82 Price, Isaac
Garrett, John Price, William
Garth, John Quinn, Franky, w/o Benjamin Quinn
Gatewood, John, 77 Redding, William
Gibbs, Julius Reynolds, Aaron
Gibson, John Robinson, Jonathan
Graves, Thomas H. Scott, Gerard
Green, Charles Scruggs, William
Greenwell, Bennett Sharon, Samuel
Gresham, Kindness, 97 Sharp, John
Guill, John Spoon, Henry
Haley, Morris Stapp, Achilles, 86
Herndon, Thomas Stewart, Charles
Hiles, John, 80 Suggett, John
Hubbell, William Tarlton, Eleanor, 78, w/o Jeremiah Tarlton
Hurst, Henry Thompson, Robert
Jacobs, John, 78 Tucker, John
Johnson, Charles Twyman, James
Johnson, John Vance, Joseph
Johnson, Richard M. Vinzant, John
Jones, James, 74 Wells, Samuel
Kindrick, Michael Wright, James
Kerr, David, 93 Young, Nathan
Kirley, John

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