Scott County, Kentucky

Georgetown News located in Lexington Newspapers 1802-1911

April 30, 1802 - KY Gazette
Died on 18th Mrs. Craig consort of Reverend Elijah Craig of Georgetown, Ky.

July 11, 1825 - Kentucky Reporter
Died Captain J. C. Buckner formerly of Georgetown.

July 22, 1835 - Observer and Reporter
On 18th Thomas McChagheger weds Sarah Lewis, all of Georgetown.

March 2, 1836 - Observer and Reporter
Died in Georgetown, on Friday of last week, Mr. Michael Goddard, Seen., about 58 years of age.

November 12, 1845 - Observer and Reporter
On 2and of Georgetown John Travis weds Amenea Jenkins.

March 25, 1846 - Observer and Reporter
On 15th at Franklin hotel at Georgetown, Columbus Davis of Clark County weds Maria True of Fayette.

August 22, 1876 - Lexington Press
Great fire in Georgetown. Courthouse and other buildings destroyed.  Lexington sent fire engines and men.

February 22, 1877 - Dailey Press
Leander C. Stedman, 74, died at his home in Georgetown.

November 1, 1882 - Lexington Transcript
Ex-governor J. F. Robinson died at home near Georgetown, age 82.

November 14, 1889 - Lexington Morning Transcript
Several months ago John Green, a Georgetown man, killed his wife.  His execution was fixed for next Saturday and yesterday Sheriff Thomas Hedger and deputies
and Luke came up to secure the gallows belonging to Fayette county.  Sheriff Rogers let theme have it and the gruesome machine was shipped down by freight.
A petition is in circulation asking the governor to commute Green's sentence to life imprisonment.  It will be the first hanging in Scott County for forty years.  The
gallows was constructed several years ago by Mr. W. E. Bush.  It was designed by Cincinnatus Shryock.

May 12, 1890 - The Leader
Mr. H. M. Grissom dropped dead while returning from the Christian Church in Georgetown yesterday.  Mrs. Grissom was a sister of Mr. C. C. Moore of this city and a
former resident of Fayette County.

August 28, 1891 - The Leader
Frank Dudley, the murderer of John Hughes, was taken from jail in Georgetown and lynched at 2 o'clock this morning.

March 9, 1894 - The Leader
John Shores, of Georgetown, the owner of the barber shop in the Lancaster Hotel and Emma Bailey, daughter of Dolly Johnson the famous Kentucky cook of White
House fame were united in marriage last night.

June 22, 1894 - Lexington Morning Transcript
John H. Miller dies near Georgetown.  First engineer to pull train into Georgetown and also first to take train over High Bridge.

November 8, 1895 - Lexington Press Transcript
Mrs. Carrie Robinson, widow of Governor J. T. Robinson, dies at age of 59 at her home in Georgetown.

March 6, 1896 - The Leader
A telephone message from Georgetown announced the death in that place this morning of Mrs. Charles O'Neill, nee Miss Julia O'Toole, formerly of this city.

October 11, 1903 - The Leader
The body of Mr. George Lancaster, formerly of the firm of Appleton, Lancaster & Duff, who died in Georgetown last Wednesday was brought to Lexington for burial
on Friday.

November 13, 1904 - The Leader
Dr. John T. Strode received a telephone message Saturday night from Georgetown announcing the death at that place of Mr. Thomas A. Hornsey.  The deceased
who was 70 years old, was formerly a resident of Lexington, conducting a hardware store on West Short Street.  About a year ago he sold out to J. R. Howard and
removed to Georgetown, where he re-embarked in the hardware business.

January 25, 1905 - The Leader
The burial of Mrs. Maria Viley Payne, who died Monday at her home near Georgetown, took place Wednesday afternoon in the Lexington Cemetery.  Mrs. Payne
was the last survivor of a large family of brothers and sisters in the Blue Grass.  She was the youngest daughter of Captain Willa Viley, who came to Kentucky from
the Falls of Potomac in Maryland in 1795 and settled in Scott County in sight of where his daughter died.

February 4, 1905 - The Leader
Mr. Claude L. Garth, one of Scott County's most prominent citizens, died Friday after an illness of about three weeks of brain fever.  Mr. Garth had been a citizen
of Scott County all his life and besides being one of the wealthiest farmers in that community was president of the Bank of Georgetown having been at the head
of that institution since its infancy.

February 28, 1905 - The Leader
James Offutt died at Georgetown at the age of about 80.

March 23, 1905 - The Leader
The body of James Bradley, who died in his residence in Chicago Tuesday afternoon reached Georgetown, Ky Wednesday afternoon and was taken to the
residence of his sister, Mrs. John McKeever, the funeral services taking place at the Catholic Church in Georgetown.

March 28, 1905 - The Leader
Mrs. Margaret Rachael Showalter, aged eighty-eight, died after a week's illness.  She was the mother of John Showalter, the chess player and Watterson Showalter
owner of the horse Box.  Her husband died a few months ago, aged ninety-three.

September 30, 1905 - The Leader
Mrs. Elizabeth Black Macklin died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. F. J. Stevenson, at the advanced age of 82 years.

October 21, 1805 - The Leader
The funeral services of William Frederick Etter will take place at his late residence near the Iron Works Pike Sunday morning.  Burial is in Georgetown Cemetery.

November 23, 1905 - The Leader
Mr. James N. Reed, one of the most popular of Scott County's public men, died at his residence at the age of 65, leaving a wife, daughter, Mrs. Asa S. Nutter, wife
of the present Sherif and three sons; Omer, Adolphus and Harper.

April 5, 1906 - The Leader
Georgetown's oldest native resident, Mrs. Eliza M. Thompson, died after a week's illness at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. M. Betts.  Mrs. Thompson was born in
Georgetown, eighty-four years ago on the corner of Main and Hamilton Streets and is a direct descendant of pioneer families of Kentucky.

May 1, 1906 - The Leader
Georgetown, KY - Mrs. J. R. Mosely died yesterday at noon at the home of her father near Owensboro.  Mrs. Mosely was the wife of a well known physician and
had resided here for the last three years.  She is survived by one son, Hardwick Mosely.

May 17, 1906 - The Leader
John Howe, aged about 50 years, was found dead in the Elkhorn river near the Bourbon bridge on the outskirts of Georgetown.

June 2, 1906 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - William G. Finley, a wealthy farmer and stock raiser, died at his residence on South Broadway, aged 47, this morning after long suffering of
stomach trouble.  He owned the noted stallion Ben Rucker and was known as a breeder of the finest mules in Kentucky.

June 9, 1906 - The Leader
Mrs. J. R. Nutter of Georgetown, died Saturday June 9, after a month's illness.  The funeral services of Mrs. J. R. Nutter, who died in Georgetown, Kentucky will be
held this afternoon at the home of Warren Davis in Georgetown.

June 23, 1906 - The Leader
Warren K. Smith, a former Fayette County man, who has been living at Georgetown for about seventeen years died at his home at that place at the advanced age
of seventy-one years.

July 23, 1906 - The Leader
Patrick McNally died at his home in Georgetown Sunday morning.  The funeral will be held at St. John's Church (Georgetown), Tuesday morning interment in the
family lot in the Catholic ceremony, Lexington.

July 23, 1906 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - Thomas Griffith, one of the best known horse trainers in the state, died here after a lingering illness at his home in Payne addition. He was about
fifty years of age and is survived by his wife and also two daughters.

July 26, 1906 - The Leader
Elder J. Taylor Moore died at Georgetown Wednesday afternoon at the age of seventy-one years from Bright's disease after a two weeks' illness.  Mr. Moore at the
time of his death had been preaching in Bourbon County and Elk Lick, Scott County.  He lives a wife, two sons, and one daughter.

August 1, 1906 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - The examining trial of Mrs. Ellen Graves of Scott County for killing her husband Jack Graves, one of the most sensational murders of recent years
in Scott County is in progress here today.

August 2, 1906 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - After a series of the strongest arguments ever hears here the court, with a display of considerable emotion, held that there was nor proof that
Ellen Graves shot her husband and only God knew her purpose in carrying that pistol.  "I dismiss the defendant"  The warnings of all the officers could not repress
the wild applause of the large audience.  The examining trial of Mrs. Ellen Graves for the killing of her husband, Jack Graves, was resumed this morning with a very
large crown in attendance, who listened with breathless interest to the stories of the various witnesses.

August 6, 1906 - The Leader
The burial of the infant of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Sutton took place Monday at Georgetown.  Mr. Sutton is in the employ of the Lexington Railway Company and lives
at 404 Breckenridge Street.

September 13, 1906 - The Leader
S. Boone Muir, aged 46 years, died at his home in Georgetown Wednesday afternoon after a long illness from paralysis.  He is survived by a wife and three children,
two daughter and a son.

September 27, 1906 - The Leader
Mrs. Mary Bradley, wife of V. F. Bradley, of Georgetown and a sister of William Craig of Lexington, died at her home Wednesday afternoon.

October 6, 1906 - The Leader
Georgetown - The death of Mr. Daniel Garrison occurred here Saturday from infirmities of age, Mr. Garrison having passed his eighty-first birthday.  He is the father
if Professor R. L. Garrison who has been the Superintendent of the Public Schools here for over twenty years and is also survived by his wife.

December 1, 1906 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - The death of Wallace Allen Rodgers occurred at his home here Friday morning after a lingering illness.  He was seventeen years of age.

December 3, 1906 - The Leader
Friends and relatives here have just been notified of the death in San Francisco, November 30, of W. W. Polk, the Lexington historian and newspaper man.  Mr.
Polk was originally a Scott County man having been born near Georgetown in 1837.

January 27, 1907 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - Mrs. Will Neale, aged about thirty, died today at her residence on West Main Street, son and daughter survive.

February 22, 1907 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - Mrs. Evelyn Cloak died at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. H. H. Chinn, near Leesburg this county, Wednesday, aged eight-nine years.  She
was born in Bourbon County.

March 12, 1907 - The Leader
Georgetown - Miss Emily Rodgers, died last night after a brief illness at the residence of her Aunt Miss Bettie Lewis, on Kelly Avenue.

April 7, 1907 - The Leader
Died, Friday, April 5th, Mrs. Harriet B. Prewitt, of Georgetown, Ky, aged 76 years.  The funeral services will be conducted at the First Baptist Church of

April 8, 1907 - The Leader
Mrs. Martha Graves, widow of Harvey C. Graves, died Sunday at her home in Georgetown after having suffered a stroke of paralysis.  She was one of the oldest
and most prominent women of Georgetown and lived in a handsome old colonial mansion built by her and her husband in the early days of their married life.

April 14, 1907 - The Leader
Rev. Edward J. Healy, of Georgetown, died at St. Joseph's Hospital Saturday morning as a result of heart trouble.

April 17, 1907 - The Leader
J. T. Brooks, a farmer living about three miles from Georgetown was brought to the asylum here Wednesday.  Brooks was tried at Georgetown Tuesday before
Judge Yates and a jury to determine the question of his sanity and whether he should be sent to the asylum. The officials at the asylum were notified of the
judgment of the court in Brooks' case and they sent for him Wednesday morning Brooks has not been violent, but has been of sufficient gravity to make his
confinement necessary.

April 27, 1907 - The Leader
Mrs. Oscar Carrick, aged about forty-five years died this afternoon after an illness of several months of a complication of diseases.  She was Miss Risk before
marriage. Her husband, who is Vice President of the National Bank of Georgetown and President of the Scott County Fair, with one son, James survives.

May 1, 1907 - The Leader
Mrs. G. G. Sallee, a sister of Mrs. T. K. Shuff of Georgetown, died at Martinsville, Indiana after a short illness which has its inception in a cold, which developed
into typhoid pneumonia.  She is survived by her husband and three sisters who lived in Kentucky.

May 8, 1907 - The Leader
Lulu Lutes, wife of Columbus Lutes, of Georgetown, committed suicide Tuesday afternoon by the carbolic route.  A quarrel over family troubles appears to be the
cause.  The victim was but nineteen years of age and had been married barely two years.

May 13, 1907 - The Leader
The funeral of Mrs. J. Taylor Moore was held Sunday afternoon at Georgetown.  The services took place at the family residence on Military Street.  Mrs. Moore,
before her marriage was Miss Sophia Lewis, of Clark County and came to Georgetown about thirty-seven years ago.

May 28, 1907 - The Leader
The funeral services of Sam Keene, who died at his home in Georgetown Sunday, took place from the family residence Monday afternoon.

May 28, 1907 - The Leader
Peter Hickey, a member of the firm Hickey Brothers, one of the best known turfmen and breeders of thoroughbreds in America, died Monday at Georgetown after
a brief illness.

June 26, 1907 - The Leader
Louisville, Ky - The body found floating in the Ohio River here on Monday has been positively identified by Mr. Ashurst of Georgetown, as Hugh Frank Jouett, of
Oxford, near Georgetown.  Jouett was a farmer and a storekeeper-gauger in the Internal Revenue services of the Seventh district.

July 6, 1907 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - James E. Marshall, aged 80, died this morning at the suburban home of his son, William F. Marshall, one of Scott's wealthiest farmers.

July 30, 1907 - The Leader
Lee Sears, 24 years old, died at the home of his brother-in-law, Caleb Thomas, in Georgetown from tuberculosis of the throat.

August 2, 1907 - The Leader
The funeral services of Mrs. Mary Scott Payne, aged 89 years, who died Friday morning will take place at her late residence on the Georgetown and Lemon's Mill
Pike Saturday afternoon.

August 8, 1907 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - J. O. Parker, tobacco buyer and fence builder, died at 3 o'clock this morning at his home on Main Street, aged about fifty-five.

September 10, 1907 - The Leader
Mrs. Mary Parker Sinclair, widow of Col. Jesse Sinclair, died Monday of the infirmities of age at her residence on East Main Street in Georgetown, She was eighty-
one years of age.

October 16, 1907 -The Leader
The funeral services of Charles Steele will be held in Georgetown, Thursday, and the body will be brought to Lexington for burial.

October 19, 1907 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - Rev. Robert Neale, aged about 62, for the past year pastor of the Main Street Presbyterian Church here, died at his residence this morning.  
Thursday night while entering his bathroom he fell shocking himself in hysterics and unconsciousness from which he never recovered. His injury developed pneumonia.

November 14, 1907 - The Leader
A long and useful life was ended Thursday morning when one of Lexington's oldest citizens, Mr. John T. Miller, passed away.  He was born in Georgetown, Ky on
February 8, 1825, coming to Lexington when an infant, his parents Joseph H. and Matilda Tudor Miller moving here in 1825.

December 8, 1907 - The Leader
Georgetown, Ky - The funeral services of Daniel Stone who died Friday afternoon took place at the family residence on North Broadway Saturday afternoon.  The
deceased was eighty-one years of age.  He is survived by a wife, Frances, seventy-five years of age and eleven children.

December 10, 1907 - The Leader
Miss Mamie Goodnight, 24 years of old, who died Sunday, was buried from the family residence in Georgetown Monday.

December 16, 1907 - The Leader
Nelson Hamon, the oldest man in Scott County, died Sunday at his home in Georgetown, aged 93 years.  He was native of Woodford County, but removed to Scott
County when very young.

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