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Kentucky GenWeb Project

In March and April, 1996, a group of genealogist organized the Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy
Database. The idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in Kentucky,where collected
databases would be stored. In addition, the database would be indexed and cross-linked, so that even
if an individual  were found in more than one county, they could be located in the index.  At the same time,
volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the
contents of  the web page. If you are  interested in helping with any part of the KYGenWeb Project,

contact Sherri Hall Bradley, State Coordinator.


US GenWeb Project
In June 1996, as the KyGenWeb Project was nearing 100% county coverage, interested volunteers decided to create
a similar set of pages for all states, establishing The USGenWeb Project. Volunteers were found who were willing to
coordinate the efforts for each state, and additional volunteers were sought to create and maintain website for every
county in the United States.
Although The USGenWeb Project was originally designed to be organized by stateand county, much genealogy data
cannot be limited to a single county, or even a single state. So, USGenWeb Special Projects have evolved to collect
and disseminate data that goes beyond county and state lines.
The USGenWeb Project is still growing, and there are always opportunities for new volunteers to adopt county or
state pages or participate in a Special Project.
We welcome your interest and hope you find the efforts of our volunteers useful in your genealogy research.


World GenWeb Project

The WorldGenWeb Project was created in 1996 by Dale Schneider in an effort to answer the growing
needs of  genealogists world-wide who were trying to research their ancestors online. Dale's original goal
(as is ours today!) was to have every country in the world represented by an online website and hosted
by researchers who either live in their own country or who are familiar with their country's resources.
Shortly after the WorldGenWeb Project debuted on the Internet in October of 1996 (it was first located
on  volunteers were recruited to host country website. By the close of 1996 many of the
larger countries in the world had website online, thanks in part to the early success of it's sister project,
The USGenWeb Project (which went  online in June of 1996). Throughout the next year, our project
continued to recruit volunteers and became firmly established as an online resource for international
On September 17, 1997, the WorldGenWeb Project decided to move to RootsWeb. With
the support of RootsWeb, administration, the WGW was able to grow to it's present size.
Thanks to the good folks at RootsWeb, our project has had a firm foundation and continues to provide
resource and reference information to the world.

Migration Project

Migrations was conceived on February 8, 1999 by Patrick Hayes,
with the first Migrations pages for Custer and Fremont Counties,
Colorado and Hancock County, Kentucky, which were modeled
from the VAGenWeb Migrations Project. From there, within days
the Colorado and Kentucky state Migration pages were coded with
the idea of linking up all of the states and making it nationwide.
In October, Migrations Project in Michigan was linked to USGenWeb
and ALHN. Because of the teamwork of the volunteers from both of
those projects, everything started to rapidly pick up speed. After
several days of negotiations, the domain name was purchased on
October 30, 1999, and coding was begun on the projects national


 Migrations Homepage 
 Kentucky Migrations Project

American Local History Network

The American Local History Network (ALHN) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation whose purpose is to serve as the
hub of a network of freely-accessible, independent historical and genealogical web sites maintained by volunteer webmasters.
All ALHN website are categorized by State or Topic. If you have an historical or genealogical website and wish to become
an independent ALHN Webmaster: A central point of entry to independent web sites with historical or genealogical content.
Our dream is to furnish you, the researcher, with the historical and genealogical information to round out your research on your
ancestors. ALHN will be adding links and data in a continuous fashion. All contributions are gratefully accepted and the copyright
for that information will continue to reside with the contributor. There are no "strings" attached to any contribution, you may take
it back at anytime although it is our hope that you will not do so.
ALHN does not exist to compete nor replace any other historical or genealogical organization, rather this is in addition to those
worthwhile organizations.


Kentucky American Local History Network

Kentucky American Local History Network, is an independent site affiliated with The American Local History Network.
Dedicated to putting every County in Kentucky online and making History and Genealogy resources freely accessible to
everyone. We are looking for volunteers to host counties for people wanting to become a member of the ALHN and
KY-ALHN Family.



Rootsweb, sponsor for thousands of genealogy sites and projects on the Web. Most recently Message Boards a combination of    
data from and GenConnect.             






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