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Baptist on Eagle Creek

Many early records of Scott County were totally or partially destroyed by fire.  For this reason exact dates are not always available for events known to have
occurred in the early days of the county. The Baptist Church on Eagle Creek is below.  As the death of one of the trustees occurred in 1822, both trustees are
first listed on Scott County Tax lists in 1800 and Carey Clarke came to Georgetown from New York in 1802.  The date is assumed to be between 1802 and 1822.
In Scott County, Kentucky A History it is stated that this church was established in 1799 and the Elk Lick Church was formed in pre-Civil War days.  The result
of a split in the Baptist church as a whole. Elk Lick became a Particular Baptist, one more rigidly conforming to the Calvinistic tenets of the frontier churches.

It is written to Record by Carey L. Clark
Indenture made this the first day of year One Thousand Eight Hundred and ___ John Hawkins of the County of ____
Kentucky of the one part ____ unto Jacob Mulberry Trustees of the Baptist Church on Eagle Creek in the County
of ___ of the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration  of the current money to him in hand paid. Whereof
is hereby acknowledged and ____ Consideration of forwarding _ the interest and __ said Society has given granted
bargained by these presents doth give grant to the said Jacob and John aforesaid and then success for a place
of divine worship this Society in certain tract and being in the County __ four acres and bounded __ Herein
conveyed to remain ____ members who remain in fellowship  __ aforesaid on the principles founded and the
said ___ Self and Heirs the promisor ___ Singular the appurtenances __ unto the said trustees and the Warrant
and by these presents, witness whereof the said Johnson __ unto set his hand and affixed ____ John

Scott County Set:
This indenture from John ____ Mulberry and John Mulberry  __ day in the  a acknowledged  ____

Hawkins to be his act and ____ and of an act of assembly  _____ provide it us

This Baptist Church originally established on Eagle Creek by the brothers, Jacob and John Mulberry.  This may have been the forerunner of the Elklick Baptist Church,
whose membership is included below and which was located in the same general area.

Copy of original Elk Lick Baptist Church  Roll
Members by Baptism, by letter

Eliza Davis - February 1862
William G. Eads
Lucinda Pack
Ann Mulberry
William Connell - August 1865
Caty. Hamilton
Mary Ann Malory
Nancy Hamilton
Nancy B. Hall - September 1865
J. M. Theobald - August 1881
Elisa Theobald
S. P. Smith - August 1881
Evelyn Smith
Benson Pluckett
Nep Mussellman - September 1881

Baptized by: William Beebe
Mrs. Sallie Theobald - February 1883
J. P. Fields - July 1883
Mary J. Fields
Elder Spencer Jones (called Paston T. D. Neal) - December 1883
W. V. Mulberry - August 1884
W. V. Mulberry - December 1886
Mary Francis Mulberry
John L .Mulberry

Susan M. Mulberry
Mary F. Jones - May 1886
Elder Geo. S. Weaver  (called Paston, died February 22, 1838)
Susan Mary Wilson - June 1887
J. H. Jones - August 1895 (excluded)
W. V. Mulberry - August 1895 (appointed Clerk)

William Mclona - October 1898
Lucy Lancaster (excluded February 1901)
Mary D. Middletown - July 1905

Susan Neal - August 1906 (never baptized)

The original document that one researcher found in the courthouse and copied above, is incomplete.  However, in 1979 the Scott County Historical Society published in
Scott County Church Histories: A Collection on page 16, the following wording (with the source not given)
" On the first day of the year in the year of one thousand and eight hundred, John Hawkins, part of the first part and Jacob Mulberry, trustee of the Baptist Church on Eagle
Creek in the county of Scott, party of the second part; witnesseth that for and in consideration of the current money to him in hand paid, whereof is hereby acknowledged in
consideration of promoting the interest in said society, has given grants bargained by these presents, doth give and grant to this said Jacob and John Mulberry aforesaid
and their successors for a place of divine worship, a certain tract and being in the county containing four acres.  Bounded by the lands of John Bows on two sides and
Abram Fields and Charles Malery on the other two sides."

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