cemetery signs


The Simpson County Historical Society has adopted a plan to furnish Cemetery Signs to everyone who is interested in identifying a cemetery, whether it is a well-kept large one with many burials or a small area with no markers at all.

To the right  is a picture of a sign that will be used for identifying the Joseph Meguiar Cemetery on Lake Spring Road. The sign has the number of the cemetery as it was identified in the book published by the Historical Society in 1982, Simpson County, Kentucky Cemeteries. Each of the 223 cemeteries located in the county at that time were given a location: NE, NW, SW, and SE, plus a number for each section of the county.

If the cemetery or cemeteries you are interested in is listed in the cemetery book, that location can be included on the sign. In case you have a cemetery that was not located when the book was published, that identification will not be available.

Any person who has a family cemetery in surrounding counties in Kentucky and Tennessee, is welcome to use our plan for ordering signs.

Because there is the danger of cemeteries being desecrated, we feel that placing a sign at the location of the burials will help in preserving the sites. The signs can be placed on galvanized metal posts (which are available), placed on a post that is already there, or fastened to a tree that is in the cemetery. The main object of this project is to identify the burial ground.

If the cemetery is in a field, it is recommended that the sign be placed at the site of the cemetery which will help to identify the location. The decision should be made by each person who is buying the sign.

We will keep a record of each sign ordered in order to prevent any duplication of orders for the same cemetery. If there are any questions concerning this project, please feel free to contact us at the Archives.