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From Oldham County online:

Exciting things are happening at the OCHS.

The Oldham County Historical Society has launched a Veterans History Project. Acting in partnership with the Library of Congress and like-minded organizations throughout the nation, the Oldham County Historical Society is undertaking a Veterans History Project, with the initial emphasis on the experiences of local veterans and their families during the Second World War. The interviews will be indexed at the Library of Congress, but housed at the Oldham County Historical Society. Please contact Anita Fritz at the History Center at 502-222 0826.

History of the Oldham County Society: (OCHS)Abstracted from their informational sheet:

"The organizational meeting of the OCHS was held in the fall of 1959. ... The Society was striving to become an organization to preserve and protect the artifacts which had been acquired and to find a place to display these objects for future generations"....

"In the early 1970's, the Society published "Cemeteries"1 as the first volume in the "Records of Oldham County" and decided to begin research for a book about Oldham County.........The Society discovered and collected various artifacts of Oldham County life: maps, census records, insurance records, death certificates, news articles, city and county records, letters, diaries and photographs..... an all volunteer board managed the Society......for a number of years."

"After the death of Mrs. Louise Head Duncan, the Peyton Head Trust approached the Society to determine if it would develop and use the two properties.......opposite the courthouse in LaGrange. ..... the Society accepted the proposal and a generous donation from the Trust made it possbile to purchase the properties"

"June 17, 1994, the Society opened the James Mount House after thorough restoration....- today, this is called the J.C. Barnett Library....."

"In 1996, the society published2 "History and Families, Oldham County, Kentucky: The First Century 1824-1924".........

"In August 1999, the Society opened the Peyton Samuel Head Museum".... picture below taken from a black and white photo copy

1. No longer available

2. Available from the HS $49.95 plus tax

3. The HS also has a Oldham County coverlet with pictures of various landmarks/people.   It is also $49.95.

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E Mail: Anita Fritz Executive Director