Ohio County Lookup Volunteers
Ohio County References and Lookup Volunteers


The people that are listed below do look-ups voluntarily. Please remember that they too have other responsibilities such as, families and jobs. Be patient, they will try to answer your emails as quickly as possible. And ALWAYS say thank you!!

1. When requesting a lookup please limit your request to only 2 names and try to provide them with as much pertinent information as you can. Requests with only a surname and a vague date will not be answered.
Example: looking for John H. WRIGHT married 1862 not looking for Wright married 1800s

2. Please indicate the County and type of reference you are requesting in the subject area of your email. Remember with spam filters now in place with many email providers, you cannot be vague in the subject area.
Example: 1850 Ohio County census lookup

3. Include first & last names, dates, places and any other information (name of spouse, siblings, and nicknames....) that might help the volunteer in the lookup.

4. Please remember to thank the volunteer for his or her time and effort. The USGenWeb system is centered on volunteers who contribute their time and effort for free. A THANK YOU can be a nice way to show your appreciation.

The people on this list are volunteering to do simple look-ups and are not offering genealogical research services. Please do not abuse their kindness.
Thank-you, Betsy Stanford Ohio Co KYGenWeb CC

Sally Heeren
Ohio County Cemeteries Volume IV, Marylanders to KY 1775-1825 by Henry C. Peden, Jr., Genealogical Newspaper Columns of Agnes Ashby Ohio County, KY compiled by Michael L. Cook

Connie Hurley
Ohio County, Kentucky Births 1852-61, 1874-79, 1904-10 By - Ohio County Genealogical Society.

Lori Henshaw
I have 2 books that I could do lookups in. One is the History of Rockport and Echols, Ohio County Kentucky by Shirley Watson Smith and Once There Was A Town--Taylor Mines Ohio County, Kentucky by Corinne Taylor Gregory.

If you have reference material pertaining to Ohio Co and would be willing to look up information for others, please let me know.
Betsy Wright Stanford

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