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Many thanks to Dolores Rush for contributing these new links!

2016 - The Bartlett Family of Clark and Montgomery Counties

2016 - Genealogy Trails Montgomery County Page

2016 - Montgomery County Quilt Trail

2016 - Calk Family Collection at Kentucky Historical Society

2016 - Amos Davis Biography

2016 - Montgomery County Primitive Baptists

2016 - Machpelah Cemetery Records

2016 - Montgomery County Probate Records Vol. B 1813-1822

2016 - Judge Richard Reid's Biography at EKU

2016 - A few of the 1000's of Draper Manuscripts about Kentucky

2016 - Dolores Rush's Montgomery County PinInterest Board

2016 - Montgomery County historical places on the National Register

2015 - David Barrow's 1801 school house rules

- a few recent photos of historical interest.

2015 -
photos of all six courthouse military memorials have been added to the Military page.

2015 -
Ken Darnell has written a comprehensive paper on the Civil War in Montgomery County.

- Samuel Whitsitt of Pennsylvania was on Lulbegrud Creek in Montgomery County by 1803. D.R.

- Many descendants of John O'Rea lived in Montgomery County. D.R.

- A current list of churches in Montgomery County. D.R.

- Another list of churches in Montgomery County. D.R.

- Eastern Kentucky University's Special Collection & Archives has extensive microform holdings including the Draper Manuscripts. D.R.

- here's a great digital magazine about Montgomery County published by the Chamber of Commerce. D.R.

2015 - Nancy Green, the original Aunt Jemima was born a slave in 1834 in Montgomery County. D.R.

- we've been told by a Boone researcher this incident involving Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton is pure fiction. That being the case, let's just say no one would have enjoyed this story more than Daniel himself.

2015 - Did you know "down" sometimes means "up"?

Nearly all early property descriptions are referenced to a watercourse, and Metes and Bounds surveyors didn't normally refer to a creek as flowing north, south, east or west.

Instead everything was described as if you were standing at the origin or headwaters of a creek looking toward its outlet or mouth.

As an example, take at look at John and Ann Allen's 510 acres along Slate Creek near Jeffersonville. The 1799-1826 survey refers to Slate Creek (which is actually going north) from James French's line to Isaac Lykins' line as "going down the creek".

That's because Slate Creek's mouth is many miles north at Wyoming in Bath County.

2015 - Eskippakithiki update to Settlements page.

- a link has been added to a really nice Google map of Montgomery County cemeteries, courtesy of the folks in the Kentucky room at the Lexington Library. H.H.

- short biographies for Jilson Payne, who built the historic home pictured on this web page's header, and William Calk, one of the earliest explorers to visit the area, have been added.

- several land/deed records (surnames: Allen, Fletcher and White) and a will (surname: White) have been added to the Montgomery County USGenWeb Archives.