Monroe Co KY Births 1852

Monroe County Births 1852

(This list was posted by Sandi Gorin to the South-Central-Ky list.) Use your browsers "find" feature to search list.

 I'm beginning a new series, again taken from the microfilm, of Monroe Co
births. These, as with all vital statistics, are not complete as for many
years, records were not kept or preserved. The years include 1852 thru
1860, 1874 thru 1876, 1878,1894, 1907. I have no further information. These
will be presented in year order rather than alphabetically. On slave
births, owner will be shown and the name of the mother if shown. This does
not mean that the slave owner was the father. Mother's maiden name shown
where listed.

Please note:  These are not taken from my publication and may have errors.  Cannot confirm the accuracy.

BLAIR, Eliza, d/o John L and Delila BROWN, 25 Mar
FORD, James M, s/o Ben C and Kissine MALONE, 3 July.
HALSELL, No First, d/o Mordeciah & Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK, July.
CREWS, Jerimiah R, s/o David M & Susan Ann BROWN, Aug.
HALSELL, No First, male, slave of Mordeciah and slave Nelly, 22 July. stillborn.
PAGE, James G, s/o John G and Martha MOODY, 25 July.
WILSON, William, s/o Alexander and Mary KIDWELL, stillborn, 1 Apr.
BIGGERSTAFF, Martha N, d/o Wilson L and Rutha HOLMAN, 25 Mar.
BIGGERSTAFF, Sanedy (male), slave of W L and slave Frankey, 3 Dec.
WILSON, James W, s/o Champion and Gavy, 21 Aug 1852.
RICHARDSON, Kirk, s/o William and July Ann  KIRKPATRICK, 3 Oct.
RICHARDSON, Porten (male), slave of Robert and slave Ann, 5 Oct.
MURPHY, James D, s/o Wm H and Mary KIRKPATRICK, 25 Mar.
PETERMAN, E J R, s/o T D & Aminta BIGGERSTAFF, 29 Jan.
SCOTT, Georg A, s/o William & Elvina PRUTT (PRUITT?), 5 Sept.
BEDFORD, No First, s/o StephenH and Nancy KIRKPATRICK,19 Nov.
ALLEN, Susannah, d/o William and Lucy Ann MAYSAND?, 9 July.
VANDORN, America, d/o George and Martha GENTRY, 1 Jan.
MORRISON, Polly J, stillborn, d/o Joseph and N J LAUGH, b. Cumberland Co, 9 Aug.
HOPKINS, Mary E, no father listed; mother was Lucy HOPKENS [sic], 22 Jan 1852.
GERALD, Henry, slave of William and slave Betsey, 3 Nov.
PAGE, Sarah P, d/o Samuel J and Elizabeth PAYNE, 18 Apr.
PEDON (PEDEN), Terry, slave of Thompson and slave Ellen, 16 Dec.
M?ADE (MEADE?), Nancy E, d/o J R and Rutha CHAPMAN,, 28 May.
WHITE, Joseph, s/o James and Lilly BAYLGH (BAILEY?), 31 Dec.
FERGUSON, No First, d/o Albert G and Manervy MINES, stillborn, 8 Jan.
FERGUSON, Lorinza A, s/o R W & Eliza GEE, Nov.
RUSSELL, Christopher C, s/o of Mary F, 18 July.
ROSS, Samuel H, s/o Robert A and Amanda TURNER, 19 Nov.
HULEHONS?, Mary F, d/o R B & Mary W PATMON, 26 Jan 
VAWTERS, Joseph G, s/o James G & Susanna E GOLDENSMITH, 20 Mar 
WILSON, Amanda, slave of Thomas and slave Rady, 17 May 
SHAW, James W, s/o John and Margaret J WILSON, 21 Nov 
GOODY, Eliza, stillborn, slave of William. Mother was slave Fillis, 3 July.
KIDWELL, John F, s/o Isham D and Sarah Ann WILLIAMS, 4 Nov.
EMMERT, No First, stillborn, d/o Philip and Elizabeth LAWRENCE,  4 Mar
EMMERT, Jacob F, s/o Henry and Mary P NONNAN, 22 May
DRAKE, Rebecca F, d/o S F & Rebecca I SPRATT, Oct ---
LEE, Killy Ann, d/o G W& Cathariane JOHNSON, 12 Apr.
HAYES, Elizabeth C, stillborn, d/o Millin B and Elizabeth HOWARD, 22 Dec.
GRIDEN?, John M, s/o Tobias and Elizabeth. 19 June. GRIDER?
KIRKPATRICK, Nancy B, d/o Elijah & Mary NEVANS?, 1 Dec.
KERR, Mary H, d/o William & Emily HALL, Oct ---
HILL, Chillin A, s/o Robert P and Harriett E HUTCHENS, 7 May.
POINDEXTER, John H, s/o Micajah and Mary P. GLIDEWELL, 29 Mar
POINDEXTER, William A, s/o above, 1 Apr 1852. Delayed birth of twins?
GEE, John R B, s/o William J and Mary E NEWELL, 13 Apr 
ANDREWS, William G, s/o Varney and Catharine (WHITESIDES), 10 Jan 
BALL, Slave Biddy, slave of Edward, 29 Sept..
BALL, Syras, slave of Edward, 5 Nov.
MARTIN, Thomas, s/o George & Mary G (WILSON), 20 July.
SMITH, James S, s/o Jepe (Jesse?) M and Almira (LOLLAR), 20 July.
BARRY, Milton C, s/o Coleby E BERRY and Nancy W (HILL), 23 Aug.
KERR, John F, s/o Francis & Cathaaaarine J (LOUGH), 10 June.
SIMS, James F, s/o William B & Mary Ann (FLEMING), 24 July.
HILL, ELiabeth, d/o Patterson J & Rebecca P (SMITH), 12 July.
SCOTT, John A, s/o Reubin P and Jane (HOPPER), 11 Apr.
WLLIAMS, Thomas G, s/o George C & Mary G (HALSELL), 21 Jan.
SIMS, Welcome, s/o Patterson & Matilda (MARTIN), Oct.
EMBERTON, William S, s/o David & Frances (HAYSE), 6 Nov.
HAYSE, Mary E, d/o Jepe (Jesse?) P and Nancy J (FRAZIER), 14 June
COPASS, Mary C, d/o J G & Jane (WALTER), b Washington Co TN, 10 July.
GRAVES, William H, s/o J H & Nancy W (STAXEY?), 13 Apr.
MILLER, Sarah E, d/o John & Eliza J (STRODE), 10 Mar.
STRODE, James H, s/o John R and Nancy M (CHAPMAN), 12 Nov.
MAXEY, George E, s/o Wm J & Elizabeth (HARTING? HARDING?), 24 Dec.
BUSHONG, Henry C, s/o J C & Amanda, 7 Dec
EUBANK, Maliza E, d/o Willis B & Marinda (GIST), 12 June.
ALMONY, Margaret A, d/o David & Delila J (HIX), 15 June.
CROP (CROSS?), Margaret E, d/o Jefferson & Rutha (HIX), 15 Nov.
WHITTEY, Nicholas G, s/o Axune? & Mary Ann (GRINDSTAFF), 8 Mar 1852.
BROWN, Winfield, s/o Charles & Martha (WILSON), 12 Dec.
BAXTER, Isaac L, s/o Henry and Margaret (RUSH), 14 Sept.
BROWN, Hardin G, s/o Thomas & Nancy (CARTER), 24 July.
BAXTER, Isaac M, s/o William & Priscilla (BRADLY), 28 July.
HUNT, Nancy, d/o E T & Smithey B (MOORE), 20 Mar.
GRACE, Stewart F, s/o James & Catharine (COMBS), 1 Aug.
EMERT, Preshey (Presley?), d/o William EMMERT & Phil? (COMBS), 26 Apr.
HESLAND (HESTAND?), Preston B, s/o Joshua K and Elizabeth (COLA?), 1 June.
GADE?, Nancy M, d/o William and Mary (SPEAR), 27 Oct.
SIMS, Nancy E, d/o Thomas & Adoline (PLUMBY), 24 Oct.
GLENN, No first, s/o Howard & Nancy (LISTER), 23 Oct.
MORE (MOORE), Nancy, d/o William & Roanna (BRIDGES), 26 Dec.
BAILEY, Martha, d/o Carroll and Paradine (TAYLOR), 12 Aug.
BAILEY, Austin, s/o Hiram L & Nancy (FRAILEY), 21 May.
MATTHEWS, Oliver B, s/o James W & Mary H (McLENAN), 18 Dec.
COPAS (shown COPAP), Mary Ann, d/o Jonas A & Sarah (EMBERTON), 10 Apr.
MILLER, John S, s/o G F & Mary (HARLAND), 8 May.
JACKSON, George S C, s/o Jesse J & Amy (HARVEY), 29 Apr.
BUSH, Joseph B, s/o A B & Eliza J (BARLOWW), 15 May.
COPAS, No First, s/o William M and Mary, 28 Mar.
CREEK, Mary F, d/o Isaac & Mary (FLETCHER), 29 Mar.
FLIPPIN, Mary T, d/o Milton A & Arsina (CAMPBELL), 14 June.
GILLINGS, John S B, s/o William & Nancy (RUSH), 13 May.
HAMMER, Joel F, s/o E W & Elizabeth (BOWLS), 14 Apr.
HAYSE, Mary J, d/o Hugh & Susan, 10 Feb, born middle TN.
HIBBITT, Slave Jim, slave of John C, 7 Sept.
HIX, Cora Jane, d/o James G & Sopha (LEE), 27 Jan.
JOHNSON, John T, s/o Nathan & Jamima E (PARE), 20 Sept.
LADD, William G, s/o James W & Lydia Ann (MARRS), 25 May.
LOYD, No First, s/o James & Mary (HAYES), Jan.
LOYD, Solomon N, s/o William & Mary F (LANE), 24 Apr.
LESTER, Samuel F, s/o Kin and Sarah(HARVEY), 21 Feb.
McMILLIN, Slave Elie. Slave of John H, d/o Slave Milly, 24 Nov.
McMILLIN, Slave Fanny, slave of John H, d/o Slave Izza, 1 Dec.
PARE, Martha J, d/o John A & Mary (JOHNSON), 2 Aug.
RUSH, Lemuel, s/o J C & Prella (MOM?), 26 Aug.
RUSH, Sarah E, d/o John H and Elizabeth S (SARTEN?), 16 Aug.
STEVENS, No First, s/o Thomas A & Desire (RUSH), 27 July.
STEIN, Alexander B, s/o John B & Mary S BRANDON, 9 Aug.
STRODE, Mary E, d/o William J & Elizabeth (BIGGER), 13 Dec .
THOMPSON, Rebecca J, d/o Elswick and Martha (RUSH), 16 Aug.
VANCE, William J, s/o Tobias and Demeris (MOODY), 5 May.
GUM, Mary J, d/o Jacob and Eley B (FLIPPIN), 9 Aug.
ROACH, No First, d/o S P M and Mary E (JOYCE), 1 Nov.
BURNETT, No first, no father shown, s/o Sannah (Sarah) (BURNETT),
  21 Nov 1852.
HAYSE, John H, s/o James and Rutha J (HARLOW), 24 Apr 1852.
NANNY, Charles G, s/o John and Catharine (DAVENPOET), Sept --.
JOBE, Mary E, d/o Amon and Roda (ARTERBURN), 9 Sept.
ARTERBURN, M M S G, d/o Wm D and Cintha M (WHITE), 7 Jan.
CARTER, Martha P, d/o Chilon and Louisa Anna (MURPHY), May ---
VEST (WEST?), Joseph A, s/o Samuel R and Winney Ann
  (CARTER), 20 May.
CHAPMAN, Nicholas C, s/o Nicholas and Nancy (PALMON), 28 July.
FLIPPIN, James A, s/o Samuel W and Nancy M (?), 30 July.
JOHNSON, John T, s/o Nathan& Jamima E (PARE), 20 Sept.
BUSH, Joseph B, s/o A B & Eliza J (BARLOW), 15 May.
HIBBITT, Slave Jim, owner - John C, 7 Sept.
LOYD, No First, s/o James & Mary (HAYES), Jan.
HAYSE, MaryJ, d/o Hugh and Susan, born Middle TN, reside Middle
  TN, 10 Feb.
PARE, Martha J, d/o John A & Mary (JOHNSON), 2 Aug - shown male.
CREEK, Mary F, d/o Isaac and Mary (FLETCHER), 29 Mar.
FLIPPIN, Mary T, d/o Milton A and Arsina (CAMPBELL), 14 June.
GUM, Mary J, d/o Jacob and Eley B (FLIPPIN), 9 Aug.
ROACH, No First, d/o S P M and Mary E (JOYCE), 1 Nov.
BURNETT, No First. s/o Sannah BURNETT, no father shown, 21 Nov.
HAYSE, John H, s/o James and Rutha J (HARLOW), 24 Apr.
NANNY, Charles G, s/o John and Catherine (DAVENPORT), Sept.
JOBE, Mary E, d/o Amon and Roda (ARTERBURN), 1 Sept.
ARTERBURN, M M S G, d/o Wm D & Cintha M (WHITE), 7 Jan.
CARTER, Martha P, d/o Chilton and Louisa Anna (MURPHY), May.
VEST, Joseph A, s/o Samuel R & Winney Ann (CARTER), 20 May.
CHAPMAN, Nicholas C, s/o Nicholas and Nancy (PALMON?), 28 July.
DENHAM, Nancy F, d/o Thomas and Elizabeth (PITCOCK), Sept.
MURRAY, Louisa E, d/o William and Elizabeth (BIRDWELL), 28 Apr.
JACKSON, No First. Female slave of Jonathan, 10 Nov.
HAMMER, Robert G, s/o John E and Mary Ann (LADD), 14 Feb.
LESLIE, Alford, slave of? P H LESLIE, Dec 1852.
GILLINGS, Mary S, d/o M C & Hannah (RUSH), 9 Sept.
AKER, William F, s/o James and Mary J (FLIPPIN), 15 Aug.
KIRKPATRICK, Cintha, slave of Moses, Sept.
BARLOW, No First, female, slave of A P, Dec.
HIX, Howard, s/o Green B and Matilda J. (HOWARD), 7 Feb.
HIX, No First, male, slave of Green B, 1852.
HIX, No First, male, slave of Green B, Sept.
NEESE, Mary, d/o William and Charity (CHILDRESS), 1 Sept.,
  born Roan Co TN.
KING, Calvin, s/o Redden and Elizabeth (LEDBETTER), 3 Mar.
CRAWFORD, Thomas A, s/o James and Jane (PINKLEY), 29 Oct.
CONIER, No First, s/o Samuel and Eliza (CAROUTH), 3 Dec.
RUSSELL, Rosseelia [sic], d/o Eill? and Isabel (HAYSE), 18 Oct.
WELCH, Martha I, d/o William H and Susannah (PINKLEY), 6 Nov.
BENTLY, Robert H, s/o James M & Sarah Ann (ROBERTSON), 9 May.
DIR?, John, s/o Tolbert and Mary Ann (HALE), 9 Apr.
CROSS, James H, s/o Alfred & Martha D, 1 Apr. (born Macon Co TN)
COMPTON, No First, s/o Harris and Sarah C (DUNLAP), 1 Sept.
GARRISON, No First, d/o John and Martha (WEST), 5 Feb.
SIMMONS, William G, s/o John D and Martha J. (JACKSON), 4 Feb.
NEWMAN, Slave Sina, slave of Josiah, 5 Aug.
NEWMAN, Kitty F, d/o Josiah and Edy (MANION), 25 Sept.
KING, Francis P, s/o Jonson M and Nancy W (GUCK), 8 June.
HIBBITH, Mary A, d/o A J &Manearvey J (DUNLAP), 16 Jan.
BUTRAM, Sarah A, d/o D S and Catharine (HIBBITH), 5 Apr.
AKERS, Slave Jo, male, slave of John, 10 July.
PATTERSON, Margaret E, d/o Samuel W  and Mary J
   (STEENBERGEN), 1 Oct.
LEE, Sarah E, d/o A P and Rebecca, 6 Dec.
BUTRAM, Matilda E, d/o James L & Sarah J (MARTIN), 22 July.
BAYLESS, John P, s/o Joseph F and Rebecca (LOYD), 19 Aug.
KERBY, William H, s/o Jesse and Lucinda F (GERALD), Nov.
CROW, Sarah, d/o Thomas and Harriett H (JACKSON), 8 Apr.
GRAMBLING, Elizabeth S, d/o A K A and Harriet D (BRANDON),
  17 Dec.
LOYD, No First, s/o James and Mary (HAYSE), Jan.
FORD, Benjamin, s/o Alexander and Mary A (GRAMBLING), 1 Sept.
STEVENS, Elizabeth, d/oJoshua B & Elizabeth (RUSH), 20 Dec.
HALL, Marcs T, s/o D G and Mary A (PEDIGO), 14 July.
EWING, William T, s/o Milton & Letha J F (HARTLAND), 7 June, born
  Barren Co.
HOWARD, Jesse D, s/o H B and Rachel (PAYNE), 30 Mar.
WILBORN, Narcisa Jisbell, d/o James R & Mary (SABIN), 18 Sept.
SABIN, John C, s/o Washington and Tabitha (WILBORN), 29 Aug.
ENGLAND, Tobias L, s/o Elisha and Sarah (WILBORN), 24 Mar.
McGUIRE, Nancy M, d/o Joseph and Mary, 25 May.
BOYD, Martha E, d/o Robert and Rebecca (ROBERTSON), 16 Oct.
SABINS, Nancy M, d/o Thomas and Sarah (WILBORN, 4 Mar. 
BOYD, Mary E, d/o Woodford M and Harriet (ROBERSON), 2 May.
LEE, Joseph G, s/o Joseph and Cintitha (JOHNSTON), 22 Jan.
LANE, James J, s/o Booker and Mary (CARVES? CARVER?), 1 Dec.
CHISM, Monroe, slave of James G and his mother was Sally, 29 June.
CHISM, Benjamin G, s/o James G & Sarah G (DUNCAN), 2 Oct.
HUGHS, Granville G, s/o WIlliam B and Harriet (PHILPOT), 12 Aug.
BOWLS, Elizabeth M, d/o William G and Nancy M (HAMMER), 25 Feb.
PAYNE, Amanda, d/o John and July L (FERGUSON), 29 Oct.
PAYNE, James, s/o John P and Susan (LEWIS), 27 Sept.
HEADRICK, Isaac W, s/o Joseph and Adoline (CARSON), 23 Dec.
CAMZODA, Rebecca J, d/o Caroline, 23 Dec.
RICH, Martha E, d/o William A and Sarah A (HOOD), 18 Nov.
DANIEL, Irwin M, s/o Francis and Jane (COULTER), 23 May.
BROWN, Preston L, s/o William and Elizabeth (EMBERTON), 3 May.
SPEAKMAN, Cornelius, s/o Samuel & Charlotta (MINES), Dec.
BOLLEN, J Z B, s/o George and Eliza (POINDEXTER), 15 May.
WELLS, John G, s/o John and Rutha (WILBORN), 10 July.
HOOD, Sarah V, d/o Jesse M and Jane (DANIEL), 5 Oct.
HALL, Rutha J, d/o Ira and Polly Ann (PARIOTT), 26 Jan.
TURNER, Mary Ann, d/o James M A and Lucy (TAYLOR), 8 May.
TURNER, Martha F, d/o Fieldon N and Malinda (HAYSE), 19 Aug.
NEAL, No First, slave of Benjamin. Mother was Slave Rachel, Sept.
BURKS, John A, s/o Benjamin and Frances (WILLIAMSON), 14 Sept.
LEWIS, Jane, d/o Joel G & Rebecca (NEWMAN), 1 May.
MOODY, William, s/o George P and Jane (COUNTS), 13 July.
AKERS, Margaret J, d/o Abner and Harriet (DUNN), 20 Feb.
BURKS, Polly Ann, d/o Joseph and Arvella (WILLIAMS), 2 Jan.
HARVEY, Mary J, d/o Joseph and Roda (HAYSE), 28 Feb.
OGDEN, Roda J, d/o James and Sarah (HAYSE), 4 Feb.
HOWSER, J B, s/o G J & Frances B (DEWHIT), 2 Aug.
MORGAN, William A, s/o H A and Elisa (HOOD), 9 May.
PAGE, Martin A, s/o Anderson and Sarah A (HUFFMAN), 4 Oct.
HARVEY, P W, s/o C C and N J (WADE), 29 Feb.
CHAPMAN, James H, s/o D H & Mary M (HUFFMAN), 9 Dec.
CHAPMAN, Robert L, s/o James L & Nancy C (HUTCHINS), 30 Oct.
FERGUSON, A A S A, d/o T D & Elizabeth E (FERGUSON), 27 Sept.
FERGUSON, Jane, slave of S P - mother is Amanda.
PAGE, James T, s/o Reubin S and Manerva (PAYNE), 7Mar?
ENGLAND, Slave Duglass. Jane ENGLAND owner, mother Adoline, 2
LEWIS, Mary A, d/o John M and Nancy (PILAND), 27 June.
WARD, James G, s/o Clinton and Mary M (LEWIS), 6 Aug.
CHISM, Sarah, slave of T T. Mother was Eady. 16 Oct.
CHISM, Jane N, d/o T T and Mary A (HOWARD), 10 Dec.
TAYLOR, James, s/o J P and Martha J (HOWARD), 25 Apr.
MARTIN, Slave Edward. Slave of William D. Mother was Susan, June.
LANCASTER, Mary E, d/o Faroah and Elizabeth A (KING), 30 Dec.
CARTER, M J, d/o Jonathan and Sarah M (ENGLAND), 5 Aug. (born
  Jackson Co TN)
ENGLAND, Elisha, s/o Barton and Catharine (GENTRY), 12 Mar.
ENGLAND, Jesse, s/o Jesse & Mary (GUNE?), 10 May.
FOX, Sarah C, d/o Adam and Mary (ISENBERG), 12 May.
RICHARD, Holly P, d/o David N and Mary (BETCHER?), 23 Nov.
HEADRICK, Sarah E, d/o J M and Martha (ISENBERG), 18 Feb.
HOWEL, Mary E, d/o J D & Catherine (ISENBERG), 24 Oct.
TAYLOR, Thomas A, s/o Wm R S and Sarah E (HUNTER), 26 Mar.
BRADBURN, America T, d/o E B and Polly Ann (MAY), 1 June.
FERGUSON, Nice, slave of Moses - mother was Lea?, 4 Dec.
HAMILTON, Lydia J, d/o R W H and MaryAnn (BURGE), 5 Feb.
NORMAN, H M, d/o Joseph and Mary A (FRAZIER), Feb.
TAYLOR, No First, d/o Joseph J and Elizabeth (HAGAN), stillborn
  in Jackson Co TN, 10 June.
STRODE, Elijah, s/o Elijah and Minta (ASBURN), 7 Jan.
THURMAN, George A, s/o Milton and Sarah (POINDEXTER), 15 July.
SIMS, Lucinda, d/o Burwell and Jane (HARRIS), 14 Apr.
FRAZIER, Dick, sslave of James; mother was Patsey, July.
PICKEREL, James T, s/o Henry and Martha (WILSON), Oct.
GOAD, Emeline, d/o Luke and Martha (....ick), 5 Jan.
STEPERSON? No name, d/o WIlliam and Polly (SMITH), 1 July.
BRANDON, Morris C, shown female, Arther C and Martha Ann (LEE),
  6 Feb.
RUSH, No First, s/o Hiram and Rutha S (PILEOCK ... PITCOCK?),
SHAW, E, s/o F M & E H (JONES), 31 Mar.
YOKELY, Twins, both male?, children of J W &Polly (CREEK), Jan.
JOHNSTON, J T, s/o J A and Catharine (MURRAY), 25 July.
MARTIN, Elizer, female slave of William D - mother Kitty, 20 Aug.
MARTIN, Harriet, slave of William D - mother Henrietta - 1852.
MARTIN, George, slave of William D - mother Lucinda, 6 Dec.
BROWN, J J G, s/o Samuel and Mary (EMBERTON), 19 Nov.
STRODE, J A, s/o Benjamin and Matilda (EMBERTON), 15 Feb.
FLIPPIN, No First, s/o F M & Elmira (WALBERT), 1 Mar.
CARDER, John W, s/o Matthew J and Amanda J (IRWIN), 9 Dec.
HAMILTON, Mary F, d/o James and Bethiah J (HOPE), 7 June.
GEE, Mary A, d/o John J and Elizabeth (HOWARD), 1852.
GEE, Sarah, slave of John J. Mother was Faney, Nov.
GOODALL, No First, female, slave of Turner. Mother Francis. 14 July.
MAXEY, Thomas N, s/o R J and Elizabeth J (EVANS), 7 May.
MURRAY, E E, d/o James and Sarah (BIRDWELL), 25 Sept.
THOMAS, Susan A, d/o James and Lucetta A (MAXEY), 11 Nov.
HAMILTON, William T, s/o William L and Ferbee (MOODY), 1 Nov.
EMBERTON, Elisa Jane, d/o William & Martha (PROFFITT), 18 June.
THOMAS, Betty, slave of Ellen T, 17 Apr.
FULKS, C S, s/o Smith an Amanda (SILVEY), 15 Mar.
EMBERTON, Silas, s/o Margaret Emberton. 18 Oct.
WELCH, No First, d/o James and Zerriah (COMER), 28 Nov.
HINES, No First, s/o Christopher and Emily (HOWARD), 19 Oct.
HARRISON, WIlliam, s/o James IRVIN and Elizabeth (PARIOTT),
  possibly this was WIlliam Hararison IRVIN???, 21 Jan.
BOWMAN, Eliza Jane, d/o Andrew and Sarah (LEE), 13 Sept.
TURNER, No First, d/o Wyatt Turner and a CLACKSTON, 15 Apr.
HOOD, William A, s/o G W Hood and a JACKSON, 25 June.
LAWRENCE, No First, s/o Thomas G & a GERALDS, 11 Jan.
CRAWFORD, Jane L, d/o Samuel and Jane (DENTON), 10 Dec.
CARTER, Elisha T, s/o Berry and Ann (ODLE), 24 Dec.
CARTER, Sarah J, d/o Campbell and Vena (JACKSON), 1 July.
JACKSON, Thena V, d/o A J, 15 July.
SWOFFORD, Nancy, d/o Richard and Rachel (SPEAR), 20 July.
ODLE, William R, s/o John and Polly Ann (MOON), 19 Aug.
DECKARD, No First, d/o Hiram and Jane (HARRISON), 25 Oct.
COPAS, No First, d/o Henderson and Mary (GULLY), 13 Nov.
DOHAM, Larkin, s/o David and Susan, 13 Nov.

This ends 1852. Sandi

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