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1860 Monroe County Deaths

(This is from a post made by Sandi Gorin to the South-Central-KY list.)

Taken from the microfilmed records on the special census. Abbreviationshopefully are self-evident. The last number is the number of days ill. I have been asked if there are older deaths ... no, not that I have found yet!

Citizens dying during the census year ending June 1860:

Bruce LANGFORD, 2, m, KY, Nov, inflamation of brain, 20.
Malinda BIGGERSTAFF, 22, f, black, slave, KY, Feb, unknown, 365.
Alex MOORE, 1, m KY, May, croupe, 2.
Palina JONES, 6, f, KY, Oct, inflamation of brain, 4.
Joel HOPPER, 23, m, Oct, farm laborer, epilepsy, KY, 3.
Jacob KERR, 1/20, m, KY, Aug, croupe, 1.
Hiram HAMMER, 4, m, KY, Feb, croupe, 4.
Katharine HAMMER, 22, f, md, KY, Apr, fever, 3.
Phillip EMERT, 64, m, md, TN, June, farmer, unknown, 2.
Lucinda DIXON, 1, f, KY, Feb, croupe, 3.
Wm. MOORE, 1/12, m, KY, Feb, unknown, 14.
Sarah GRINDSTAFF, 1/12, f, KY, Sept, unknown, 4.
Isaac FRAILY, 40, m, md, KY, Oct, farmer, consumption, 3.
Sarah BAXTER, 8/12, f, KY, Apr, unknown, 10.
William WALKER, 5/12, m, KY, May, unreadable, 10.
Mahaley POINDEXTER, 45, f, NC, Nov, fever, 60.
Jno. HUDSPETH, 66, m, md, NC, July, farmer, fever, 8.
Nancy STONE, 2, f, TN, Sept, inflamation of brain, 7.
David HUDSPETH, 72, m, black, md, NC, March, old age, 6.
W J MURPHY, 1, m, KY Dec, croupe, 3.
E C CHISM, 36, f, md, KY, Dec, pneumonia, 12.
Rice HIX, 4, m, KY, Nov, croupe, 10.
K RITTER, 70, m, md, PA, farmer, Mar, ulcer, 4.
Jas RHOTEN, 26, m, widow, unknown, feb, farmer, typhoid, 4.
M M FORDE, 2, f, KY, Oct, croupe, 8.
C REEVES, 3, m, mulatto, slave, KY, July, paraletic, sudden
Jas JONES, 13,m, KY, Oct, fall, sudden death.
Kenny BRAY, 1, m, KY, Nov, brain fever, 14.
S GOODMAN, 67, f, widow, unknown, May, dropesy, 125.
J N BROWN, 14, m, KY, June, pneumonia, 40.
A C BRAY, 1, m, KY, Oct, burn, 14.
C RIHERD, 90, f, widow, NC, Sept, old age, 35.
Mary COLTER, 30, f, unknown, July, unknown, 90.
Sidney YOKELY, 6/12, m, KY, Nov, "dead fall", 2
Martha HOUSER, 58, f, black, slave, NC, June, liver complaint, 30.
W H COPASS, 18, m, KY, Feb, unknown, sudden.
Ann CRAWFORD, 2, f, KY, Oct, croupe, sudden.
R L CRAWFORD, 7/12, m, KY, June, scrofula, 90.
J BOLDS (Boles?)10, m, KY, July, rheumaatism, 90.
Luticia BRANDON, 27, f, md, KY, sept, consumption, 60.
John EVANS, 58, m, md, SC, Sept, congestive chill, 10.
V F WEST, 25, f, md, TN, Aug, dropsey, 120.
Ned FORTUNE, 43, m, black, slave, KY, Oct, typhoid, 9.
W A DOTSON, 49, m, md, NC, July, painter, poison, 3.
H Y NEWMAN, 1/12, m, KY, Oct, unknown, sudden.
Isabell FLIPPIN, 70, f, widow, TN, Aug, dropsey, 120.
Thos NEAL, 87, m, widow, VA, June, farmer, old age, 5.
Reuben EMBERTON, 45, m, md, KY, July, farmer, palpitations, sudden.
L B DOSS 93, m, widow, VA, June, old age, 180.
Elizabeth DOSS, 8/12, f, KY, July, teething, 21.
A F GERALD, 66, m, md, TN, Sept, farmer, Yellow fever, 11.
John JOHNSON, 62?, m, md, SC, Sept, farmer, yellow fever, 9.
K E BROWN, 3, f, KY, Oct, pneumonia, 11.
M E YORK, 5/12, f, KY, July, croup, 2.
Jas. LANE, 13, m, KY, Sept, typhoid fever, 15.
Mary GROOM, 15, f, black, slave, KY, Feb, fits, 8.
Jno. MARTIN, 40, m, mulatto, slave, TN, June, consumption, 9.
Daniel MARTIN, 20, m, black slave, KY, July, consumption, 180.
M J BOLDS, 3, f, Ky, Oct, croupe, 7.
Rebecca FRASICK, 2, f, KY, Nov, croupe, 5.
Elizabeth DAVIDSON, 68, f, widow, TN, Oct, consumption, 180.  (Also shown DAVISON)
W B HUGHS, 36?, m, md?, TN, June, farmer, intemperence, 21.
Sarah GUN (GUMM?), 36, f, md, KY, Nov, childbirth, sudden.
Harriet HIGH, 60, f, md, VA, Oct, typhoid, 17.
J P F GERALD, 33, m, KY, Feb, farmer, typhoid, 90.
M A F GERALD, 6, f, TN, April, sudden.
S C F GERALD, 5/12, m, KY, June, croupe, 2.
Jno. W HOLTS, 1, m, KY, May, white swelling, 180.
J A NORMAN, 3, f, KY, Oct, croupe, 3.
Robt. L. MAXEY, 10, m, KY, Oct, inflamation of brain, 3.
Jas. SAMMS, 57, m, NC, June, farmer, dropsey, 400.
N J CRUISE, 3/12, f, KY, June, croupe, 7.
Jas. CLEMMONS, 50, m, md, KY, Dec, distiller, dropsey, 120.
A J FERGUSON, 9, m, KY, Apr, unknown, 50.
David LITTO, 25, m, md, Dec, farmer, accidental fall, sudden
Wm McMURTRY, 1, m, black, slave, KY, June, unknown, 240.
Nancy COMPKINS, 48, f, md, VA, July, congestive chill, 21.
Sarah CLOYD, 75, f, widow, KY, Aug, old age, 30.
Sarah KIDWELL, 6, f, KY, Jan, quinsey, 15.
David KIDWELL, 8/12, m, KY, Oct, quinsey, 7.
Susan PAGE, 60, f, md, KY, Apr, dropsey, 340.
N A MOODY, 74, f, widow, VA, Sept, asthma, 150.
Evaline FILPOT, 2/12, f, KY, Apr, liver, 2.
Margaret HUMES?, 78, f, widow, VA, Aug, dropsey, 21.
Wm KIDWELL, 65, m, md?, VA, July, fever, 14.
Heckman MARTIN, 18, m, mulatto, slave, MO, March, falling from a tree, sudden.
Benjamin PETERMAN, 35, m, md, TN, July, farmer, consumption, 44.
Wm KIRKPATRICK, 28, m, black, slave, VA, Sept, insanity, 14.
Tabitha VANDOVER, 50, f, md, KY, Jan, pneumonia, 9.
Jno. ANDERSON, 36, m, md, KY, Oct, farmer, fever, 9.
Jas. ANDERSON, 5, m, KY, Aug, dropsey, 120.
Nancy FROME, 17, f, black, slave, TN, Feb, consumption, 360
Jane FROME, 16, f, black, slave, TN, June, whooping cough, 90.
Sally FROME, 13, f, black, slave, VA, May, whooping cough, 30.
Elizabeth ASTERAN? (ARTERBURN?), 36, f, md, TN, March, fall from horseback, 12.
Mary CHISM, 11/12, f, KY, Nov, croupe, 2.
Albert McMILLIN, 2/12, m, black, slave, KY, March, smothred by mother in bed, sudden.

"We had no epidemic last year of any serious character with the inhaitants of the county. Haz Colerah (has cholera) to some extent."

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