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Mill Creek (Old Mulkey) Baptist Church

(This message is from Doug Moore in response to Sandi Gorin's postings on the membership of Mill Creek (Old Mulkey)Baptist Church. I hope that these two lists will be of some help to you. Thank you Sandi & Doug for making them available.)

Sandi wrote:
"So many of you have ties to the Old Mulkey Meeting House in Monroe Co. I am going to post the membership here, as I just started with Siloam. The church minutes run 1798 thru 1820. I cannot here, now, get into a history of the church altho I hopefully will do this later. This is taken from my transcription of the minutes of Old Mulkey."

Doug's comments and list:
"In the paragraph above Sandi notes that the minutes run 1798 thru 1820. What she meant was that the transcription made by Eva Coe Peden (which Sandi has in her catalog) covers that period. You can view the entire set of minutes on microfilm at the LDS Family History Centers. I don't recall exactly where it ends, but I believe it goes up into the 20th century."
"The transcription that Sandi sells is well worth having. The handwriting in the original is very difficult to read and I use Sandi's transcription whenever I need information from that period (1798 - 1820)."
"An excellent (and accurate) history of the Mill Creek Church is a relatively new book by Loy R Milam entitled "Old Mulkey - A Pioneer Plea for the Ancient Order". The address on the title page is:

                       Loy R Milam
                       PO Box 81
                       Tompkinsville KY, 42167

"In the original minutes, there is a list of members (177 names) that appears near the beginning of the book. Eva Peden left these out of her transcription. It has been stated by some writers that this is a list of the membership in 1798. This is not true. The church split in 1809 over church doctrine. The list of 177 names was compiled at that time and included (more or less) all who had been admitted to the church between 1798 and 1809. I am including this list (in alphabetical order) below:"

Anderson, Dinah     Lee, Polly          
Bailes, Salley      Lewis, Becky        
Baxter, Francess    Lions, Phebe        
Baxter, James       Logue, William M    
Baxter, Mary        Lok, Nancy          
Baxter, Susanah     Lucas, John         
Bishong, Isabel     Marrs, Ledia        
Breed, Nthan        Mayfield, Gideon    
Briant, Phillip     McFerson, Joshua    
Brownen,Elizabeth   Means Junr., Isaac  
Brownen, Rebekah    Means Senr., Isaac  
Brownes, Betey      Means, Alice        
Carr, Ann           Means, Susannah     
Carr, Polly         Moore, Joel         
Chapman, James      Moore, Ragena       
Chism, Jacob        Morris, Sarah       
Chism, Mary         Mulkey, John        
Chism, Pricila      Nelson, Bathsheba   
Chism, Travis Wm    Nelson, Joel        
Clerk, Nancy        Nelson, Sally       
Collens, Rachel     Oadel, William      
Comer, Samuel       Patterson, Nancy    
Compton, John       Penington, Hannah   
Compton, Nancy      Penington, Richard  
Compton, Richard    Pinkley, John       
Condra, John        Pohon, William      
Condra, Peggy       Proctor, Jane       
Cumens, Susanah     Ray, Frances        
Curtis, Hannah      Rider, Elizabeth    
Curtis, John        Rider, Thomas       
Daves, Elizabeth    Rush, Benjamin      
Daves, John         Rush, Grace         
Dement, Mary        Rush, James         
Dickason, Polly     Rush, Molley        
Duhen, Ephraim      Rush, Rachel        
Elles, Juda         Scott, Franky       
Elles, Laban        Sims, John          
Frailey, Betey      Sims, Sopheah       
Frailey, Chistn     Smith, Lucke        
Gates, Poley        Smith, Sally        
Gest Junr,Benjamin  Springer, Ezekiel   
Gest Junr,Hannah    Springer, John
Gest Senr,Benjamin  Springer, Mary
Gest Senr,Mary      Springer, Poley
Gest, Hannah        Springer, Rebekah
Gist, Joseph        Stroud, Susey
Got, Poley          Sulevent, Esther
Grasta, John        Sulevent, Sarrah 
Green, Mary         Sulivant, Thos 
Grider, Christepher Sumers, Isabel 
Grider, Knelly      Sumers, Samuel 
Groder, Jacob       Summers, John 
Gulley, Elizabeth   Summers, Nancy 
Gulley, John        Summers, William 
Gum, Nancy          Thompson, Nancy 
Harden, Esther      Thompson,Polly 
Harding, Clara      Tidwell, Mourner 
Harding, Henry      Tudder, Kenzy 
Harlen, Eda         Vaughan, Samuel 
Harlen, James       Vaughn, Lydia 
Harlen, Samuel      Wadley, William 
Harlen, Valentine   Waldorp, Mary 
Harrison, James     Ward, Polley 
Hayes, Aron         Welch, Thomas 
Headdra, Juda       White, Mary 
Heasten, Abram      Wila, Thomas 
Heasten, Daniel     Willa, Rebekah 
Homes, Ruth         Wood Junr., Betey 
Homes, Walter       Wood Senr., Betey 
Howard, Betey       Wood, Abram 
Howard, Chritipher  Wood, Bartholomew 
Howard, Obadiah     Wood, Elizabeth 
Howard, Stephen     Wood, Fanny 
Howard, William     Wood, John 
Howser, Jane        Wood, Polley 
Howser, Nancy       Wood, Samuel 
Howser, Nicholus    Wood, Sarah 
Huff, Samuel        Wood, Thomas 
Huff, Sarah         Wood, Thomas 
Huff, William       Wood, William 
Jackson, Margaret   Write, Jarret 
Jackson, Peter      Write, Saryah 
Jobe, Dorcas        Wroden, John 
Kerby, Kizzie       Wroden, Keziah 
Kerby, Robert       York, Peggy 
King, Elizabeth     York, Peggy 
King, Henry          
Lane, Robert         
Lane, Sally         
Lane, Telman        

Doug Moore

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