Monroe Co KY

Old Mulkey Cemetery

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Information from a book published on Allen Co KY Cemeteries in 1972 by Mrs". Rabold & Price)
Located at Old Mulky Meeting House in Monroe Co., KY. The church starte in 1804 and was
completed in 1809, was 50 feet long and 30 feet wife. It had 12 corners representing the cross.
The first Pastor was John Mulky.

THOMAS, Tolbert, 1780-1830

THOMAS, Elizabeth Breed, wife of Tolbert Thomas, 1790-1825

BREED, Nathan, Leut. Wood Co. Va. Mil. Rev. War.

BREED, Mary Howard, wife of Nathan Breed, 1750-1835

THOMAS, William Howard, son of Tolbert Thomas, 1830-1864

THOMAS, Elnor Y. Howard, wife of Tolbert Thomas, June 20, 1807-Jan. 28, 1863

THOMAS, John C., Mar. 3, 1831-Oct. 8, 1835

BAILEY, Ella, dau. of Cora and J. Bailey, Apr. 28, 1862-May 13, 1879

GEE, Julia D., Sept. 16, 1865- May 7, 1867

GEE, Sally T., dau. of John J. and Elizabeth B. Gee, Jan. 30, 1857-Aug. 23, 1858

GEE, Taswell T., son of J.J. and Elizabeth B. Gee, Sept. 19, 1845-May 23, 1877

GEE, Elizabeth B., wife of J.J. Gee, Mar. 21, 1828-Jan. 30, 1878

THOMAS, Samuel, 1776-1882

THOMAS, Sarah Northcross, wife of Samuel Thomas, 1800- (no date)

PHILPOTT, Dora (no dates)

PHILPOTT, Emily Hunter, wife of L.E. Philpott, 1888- (no date)

STEEN, Mary A., Apr. 6, 1822-June 6, 1871

STEEN, W.B., May 10, 1814-Jan. 3, 1865

HIX, Greenberry, Nov. 29, 1817-Sept. 6, 1865

HOWARD, Wm. G. May 11, 1804-Nov. 9, 1850

BOONE, Squire, Born in Penn. Oct 5, 1744, Died in Indiana. Built Travelers Rest.

BOONE, Hannah, Berks Co, Pa, Aug. 24, 1746, Died in Monroe Co, Ky, 1828

PEDIFORD, Edward, Pvt. 3 Virginia Reg. Rev. War. Died 1835

MONROE, John, Pvt. 5 Va. Reg. Rev. War

CONNER, Lawrence, Pvt. Campbells Va. Regt. died Mar. 17, 1826

DEPP, William, Pvt. Harris Co. Va. Troops, Rev. War Sol. Died Oct. 19, 1834

METHEANY, Luke, Pvt. Grayson Va. Reg. Oct. 4, 1859

MOREHEAD, John, Pvt. Tripetts Va. Co. Died Aug. 1845

BARTLEY, Thomas, Pvt. 3 M.D. Regt. Rev. War

BROWN, Thomas, Drum Major, 14 Va. Regt.

RASNER, John, Nevilles Va. Reg. Died Feb. 24, 1844

SMITH, Fleming, Pvt. Thomas' S.C. Troops

GILES, John, Sgt. Locke's Ref.

DICKERSON, Solomon, Griffins Md. Reg.

KIDWELL, Matthew, Pvt. Henson Md. Reg. Died 1842

GISS, John, Va. State Troops

GIST, Joseph, Indian Spy, Seviers N.C. Reg. Died July 30, 1844

WHITE, Thomas, Born Ireland 1758-Died about 1835. Pvt.(Cook) Prepared and served food to Gen.
Francis Marion and British Officers.

MULKEY, Elder J.N., Died Spet 26, 1882. Age 76 years, 7 mos, 15 days.

WILSON, Gen. Samuel, Dec. 1775-Mar. 25, 1881. "Patented and gave this land. Married Elizabeth

CHISM, James, Pvt, 2 Va. Reg.

HOWARD, Jesse, 1795-1852

HOWARD, Lucy Mayfield, wife of Jesse Howard, 1798-1861

HOWARD, Obadiah, S.C. Mil. Rev. War

HOWARD, Priscilla Avery Breed, wife of Obadiah Howard, 1742-1808

AUNT RACHEL, lived to 102, slave to her mistress

HOWARD, Jane 1773-Jan. 24, 1855

HOWARD, William, Mar. 4, 1772-Oct. 8, 1848

HOWARD, Harmon, Feb. 11, 1794-Apr. 26, 1855

GRAVEN, Matilda G., wife of C.M. Graven, Oct. 21, 1863- (no date)

BEALS, Isaac, Feb. 24, 1805-Nov. 15, 1882

HOWARD, Ellis, son of J.L. and A.M. Howard, born and died July 30, 1885

STEWART, Edw. D., Co. 9th Ky Inf.

EMERTS, Elder Philip, Mar. 10, 1795-June 5, 1859

EMMERT, William J., Co. 5 Ky, Inf.

PROPHET, Jerry, Jan. 29, 1848-Aug. 9, 1896

HOWARD, Christopher, 1774, his wife Rebecca Hayes, Erected by Guy and Mont Comer and
Alexander Harlin

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