Chism-Breede Bible

Chism-Breeded Bible

This bible record was posted by Phil Rhoton on the Monroe-L list. If you have any interest in this family please contact him.


THe following is a copy of transcript located in the Chism Family File at
the Filson Club in Louisville.  I have reproduced it here exactly as it was
typed with the exception of items appearing in brackets which were
determined from examining the Old Mulkey Cemetery records or are my own

I guess my main question is who was Mary Josselyn?  I was under the
impression Nathan Breede married Mary Harlan.


Copy of old Bible belonging to Mrs. Hugh Wright - of Hixon Spring Tenn.
which was sent to my client's mother about 1925

Talbert Thomas          born Jan. 15, 1779
James Chism                  Aug. 20, 1779
Nathan B. Chism              May 14, 1804
Mary Chism                   Sept. 24, 1805
Elizabeth Chism              Dec. 17, 1807
James Chism                  June 3, 1810 [handwritten note to the side}Had
son Benj. T. Chism m. Sarah Duncan
Nathan Breede                Aug. 10, 1755
Mary Breede                  Aug. 10, 1758
Sarah Breede                 Jan. 17, 1779
Pheby Breede                 June 6, 1784
Priscilla Breede             Dec. 2, 1787
Elizabeth Breede             Feb. 7, 1801
Johnson Chism                May 26, 1813
Priscilla Chism              Apl. 16, 1815
Phebe Chism                  Apl. 16, 1818


Mary Breede                  Sept. 2, 1831
Nathan Breede                Oct. 28, 1825
Sarah Harrison               June 21, 1818
Clifton R. Harrison          June 16, 1818
James Chism                  June 9, 1819
Phebe Chism                  Jan. 30, 1835 [The 3 in the date was typed over
a 2]
Josepg [Olive]               July 22, 1839
Elizabeth [Olive]            July 21, 1839
Pheby Black                  Aug. 23, 1839
James Chism                  June   1840
Nathan B. Chism              March 6, 1844

Nathan Breede was wedded to Mary Josselyn Apl. 15, 1778 [handwritten note to
the side] Where?

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