Professional Researchers

Professional Researchers

The following individuals offer research or lookups on a "Fee Paid" basis. I have no personal knowledge of their work or character and do not imply any such knowledge by listing them on this page. Should you decide to engage one of them to do research for you, I would advise you to take appropriate measures to satisfy yourself of their ability to perform as advertised and decide if their product and price are appropriate for your needs before you contract their services. Good Luck in your search, Jan


I live in the Washington, D.C. area and I perform Civil War pension lookups at the National Archives.

Research: $10.00/hr. (min. 1 hr.)

Copies of Civil War records: 20 cents per page

Copies of Revolutionary records: 50 cents per page Plus shipping








Researchers: if you would like your services posted on this page, please contact me.