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Union Troops


Abraham Lincoln


1st Kentucky Battery (Battery A or Stone's Battery)
1st Kentucky Cavalry Roster
1st Kentucky Infantry Roster
1st Kentucky Veteran Cavalry Roster
1st Regiment Capital Guards (Sandy Valley Battalion)
2nd Kentucky Battery (Battery B or Hewitt's Battery)
2nd Kentucky Cavalry Roster
2nd Kentucky Infantry Roster
2nd Kentucky Veteran Cavalry Roster
Three Forks Battalion, Kentucky State Troops
3rd Kentucky Battery (Battery C or Neville's Battery)
3rd Kentucky Cavalry
3rd Kentucky Cavalry Page - Roster & History
3rd Kentucky Cavalry Roster
3rd Kentucky Infantry
3rd Kentucky Veteran - Battery C
3rd Kentucky Veteran Cavalry Roster
4th Kentucky Cavalry Roster
4th Kentucky Infantry Regiment, Mounted - Co. G
4th Kentucky Infantry Roster
     Article - A brief account of the activities of the Union unit, the 4th
     Kentucky, in which men from Southeastern Kentucky served.
4th Kentucky Infantry Volunteers
4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry - History
4th Kentucky Veteran Cavalry Roster
5th Kentucky Battery (Battery E or Hawe's Battery)
5th Kentucky Cavalry Roster
     - actually a detachment of the 5th that formed the 2nd
5th Kentucky Infantry Roster
5th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
5th Regiment Cavalry, United States Colored Troops
6th Kentucky Cavalry
6th Kentucky Cavalry ~ Don Chestnuts Page
6th Kentucky Cavalry
6th Kentucky Infantry Roster
6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment
6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment
7th Kentucky Cavalry
7th Kentucky Cavalry
7th Kentucky Infantry
7th Kentucky Infantry
7th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Company A
7th Kentucky Veterans Infantry
8th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment
8th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry
8th Kentucky Infantry
8th Kentucky Infantry Consolidated
8th Kentucky U.S. Colored Artillery (Heavy) History & Roster
9th Kentucky Cavalry Roster
9th Kentucky Infantry
9th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
9th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry
10th Kentucky Infantry Roster
10th Kentucky Cavalry
10th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
11th Kentucky Cavalry
11th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
     Detailed Muster Roll
     Casualty Roster
11th Kentucky Infantry Roster
11th Kentucky Infantry
12th Kentucky Infantry Regiment - Company I
12th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry  
13th Kentucky Calvary
13th Kentucky Infantry - Hobson's Regiment
13th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
14th Kentucky Cavalry - Don Chestnut's page
14th Kentucky Cavalry
14th Kentucky Cavalry
14th Kentucky Cavalry - Company K
14th Kentucky Infantry Regiment Volunteer - History
14th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry
14th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment
16th Kentucky Infantry
16th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
17th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry - History & Roster
18th Kentucky Infantry Roster
18th Kentucky Veteran Infantry Roster
19th Kentucky Infantry
20th Kentucky Infantry
20th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
21st Kentucky Infantry
22nd Kentucky Infantry
22nd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
24th Kentucky Infantry ~ Account and Muster Roll
25th Kentucky Infantry - Company A
26th Kentucky Infantry - Co. A, Account and Muster Roll
26th Kentucky Infantry - Co. D, Muster Roll
27th Kentucky Infantry
30th Kentucky Mtd Infantry
32nd Kentucky Infantry
34th Kentucky Infantry
35th Kentucky Infantry
37th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
40th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (History & Roster)
45th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
47th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (Company F)
49th Kentucky Infantry
52nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry ~ Muster Rolls and Activities
53rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry ~ Roster, Company D & K
54th Kentucky Infantry
54th Kentucky Mounted Infantry ~ Complete Muster Rolls
55th Kentucky Infantry

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Miscellaneous Union Links


Camp Nelson Restoration & History
Christian County Kentucky, Civil War
Civil War Archives - KY Regimental Histories (Union)
Grant County, Kentucky - Union records
Green County Civil War Soldiers 
History of Camp Joe Underwood - The Barren Co. Recruiting and
    Enlisting station for the 9th Ky. Infantry, Co. E. 
    It later expanded to include other Co.s and Inf.s
Morgan County, The Civil War in
Johnson Island Prisoner of War Depot - History
MHI Photograph Database American Civil War Photographs 
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion - On this page, scroll down to find the link.
Regiments at Camp Nelson
Seventh Division - Army of the Ohio ~ Includes KY Regiments
Thomas Speed's Union Regiments of Kentucky On-Line
  Regimental Histories - 1st thru 17th KY Cavalry Regiments;
  1st thru 55th KY Infantry; Batteries, Engineers, State Troops!
Union Army Regimental Histories
Union Cemetery Lists ~ Includes several states
Union Regimental History Index
Union Soldiers Executed
United States Civil War Center
"War of the Rebellion" - All 60 volumes scanned and online! On this page, scroll down to find the link that takes you to the journal.

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Brig. Gen'l. T. T. Garrard Camp #4, SUVCW
The 7th Kentucky Inc. - Reenactment Unit
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - Kentucky Department

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Broughton, Henry Clay - served in the 24th KY, picture
Osborn(e)s Serving Kentucky, USA Units
Pvt. Matthew Ledbetter

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