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Jefferson Davis

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Jefferson Davis
Home and Presidential Library


First Kentucky Orphan Brigade Home Page
1st Ky Volunteer Cavalry (Company G)
1st Ky Cavalry (Company H)
Graves' Battery, First Kentucky Brigade Roster A-L
Graves' Battery, First Kentucky Brigade Roster M-Z
2nd KY Regiment Infantry - Orphan Brigade - history
2nd Kentucky Cavalry A brief history
2nd Kentucky Infantry
3rd Kentucky - Company C
3rd Kentucky Infantry Company C - also has info on re-enactments

3rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry Regiment
4th Kentucky Cavalry
4th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
5th Kentucky Infantry

5th Kentucky Infantry - roster

5th Kentucky Voluntary Infantry (Original) - brief history
5th Kentucky Infantry  - Reenactment Group plus history Regt. COs. A, D, E, F & Artillery batteries C.S.A. The Eastern 5th "Sangdiggers"

5th Kentucky Infantry - Company G - Breckinridge Greys

5th Kentucky (Mounted) Infantry

5th Kentucky Infantry - John Calvert

5th Kentucky Infantry, Company B
6th Kentucky Cavalry, Companies A-D.
6th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
Morgan's 7th Kentucky Cavalry
8th Kentucky - Company B
8th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
9th Reg. Cav., Ky. Volunteers, Confederate States Army, Co. G
9th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
10th Kentucky Cavalry
10th KY Partisan Rangers JOHNSON'S CAVALRY, CSA
10th KY (Johnson's) Cav - KY Partisan Rangers, CSA - History & Roster
11th KY Cav CSA ~ "Chenault's Cavalry"
12th Kentucky Cavalry, Company A
13th Kentucky Cavalry

13th Kentucky Cavalry - Company A

13th Kentucky Cavalry - Company F
Three Forks Battalion, Kentucky State Troop
CSA Partisan Rangers and Guerilla Commands - includes Kentucky Units

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Miscellaneous Confederate Links


2nd Kentucky Calvary. (Woodwards)

     There were two 2d KY Cavalry units, Morgan's/Duke's and Woodward's, and both were known as the 2d during the war. When the Kentucky Adjutant General's Report was published about 1915, they did not know what to do with the two units that were numbered "2d". Since Morgan and Duke were so well known, they listed their unit as the 2d and erroneously stuck Woodward's unit in as the "15th KY Cavalry". Woodward's unit was never known as the 15th.

     They also did this to Diamond's 10th KY Cavalry, which is listed in the book as the "14th KY Cavalry". Officially, Chenoweth's cavalry was the 15th KY Cavalry.

     Morgan's/Duke's and Woodward's regiments are both listed in the "Official Records" as 2d Kentucky Cavalry. Neither Woodward's or Diamond's regiments were ever renamed. They were simply listed incorrectly in the Adjutant General's report.

.................................above information supplied by Steve Lynn

     No website known to me, information about the unit can be found in the book: "Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri and the Confederate Units and the Indian Units." Published: Facts on File Inc. 460 Park Avenue South New York Ny 10016. Copyright 1995 by Stewart Sifakis. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data, Sifakis , Stewart, Compedium of the Confederate Armies. Available from : The Scholar's Bookshelf, 110 Melrich Rd., Cranbury, NJ 08512

Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library
Christian County Kentucky, Civil War
Confederate Soldiers and Civilians Buried in the Confederate Sections and National Cemetery, Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
CSA Virtual Purple Heart
Confederate Cemetery Lists ~Includes all states
Confederate Civil War Generals
Confederate Pensioners of Kentucky *BOOK
Confederate POWs (KY Units) Who Died at Rock Island, IL
Confederate Roster of Men Serving From Henry County
Confederate Regimental History Links
Confederate Veterans and Widow Pension Applications
     ~ Anderson & Mercer Co area
Confederate Veterans and Widow Pension Applications ~ SE Kentucky
Grant County, KY - Confederate records
Green County Civil War Soldiers
Kentucky's Vicksburg Memorial Project ~ SE Kentucky
MHI Photograph Database American Civil War Photographs
Museum of the Confederacy
Prison Camps of the Civil War
Resaca Confederate Cemetery, Resaca, Ga. ~Includes all states
United States Civil War Center
Unknown Confederate Soldier
"War of the Rebellion" - All 60 volumes scanned and online!

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Edward F. Arthur Camp # 1783, Sons of Confederate Vets, Corbin, Ky
John C. Breckinridge SCV Camp #100-Lexington, Ky
Col. Ben E. Caudill SCV Camp #1629-Letcher, Perry Cos., KY
Children of the Confederacy
Eastern Kentucky Brigade Sons of Confederate Veterans
Capt. Weeden D. Gay Camp # 1771, SCV, Clay City, KY *Broken Link*
General Ben Hardin Helm Camp #1703 Elizabethtown, Kentucky
General John Bell Hood
Kentucky Orphan Brigade - Western KY University
Ky Div. of The Sons of Confederate Veterans
Gen. John Hunt Morgan SCV Camp #1342-Louisville, Ky
Lexington Rifles (Re-enactment)- Morgan's Company / Company A,  Second Cavalry Regiment Kentucky Volunteers
Morgan's Men Association

6th Kentucky Infantry, Company C, CSA -a Kentucky Confederate Civil War reenacting group
William A. Swarts SCV Camp #1806-Owingsville, Ky
Sons of Confederate Veterans
United Daughters of the Confederacy

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John C Breckinridge ~ A brief biography
 ....another Breckinridge link -  Breckinridge
Milton Haywood Evans - photo
Weeden D. Gay ~ A brief biography
George Johnson
     - the first, last and only governor of the Confederate state of KY
          Page 1
          Page 2
          Page 3
John Bell Hood ~ Historical Society - extensive information
John Hunt Morgan - Image - Civil War Times, Dec. 1996
William A. Swarts

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