8th Infantry (A-C) Civil War: Mercer Co. Ky
from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-H I-M N-S T-Z

Data Contributed by Mark Fields, page created by Pam Carey Ison
© 1998,1999 all rights reserved

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Abner, ElishaPvtD 
Abney, AsaPvtB 
Abney, ColbyPvtH 
Abney, SingletonPvtB 
Adams, Wm. S.CorplF 
Aidridge, GeorgeMusicianB 
Akers, HendersonSgtD 
Alcorn, John Jr.PvtD 
Alcorn, Madison. D.PvtB 
Aldridge, RichardPvtD 
Aldridge, Wm.PvtH 
Alexander, AndrewPvtC 
Alexander, JohnPvtE 
Alford, Daniel D.PvtA 
Alford, John R.PvtA 
Alford, JonasPvtA 
Allex, StephenPvtE 
Amburghy, Robert Jr.CorplD 
Amburghy, Robert Sr.PvtD 
Amis, Thomas2dLtI 
Anderson, E. M.PvtI 
Anderson, IsaacCorplG 
Anderson, John T.PvtE 
Arbold, JamesPvtG 
Arvine, JamisonPvtC 
Arvine, Jonah P.PvtD 
Arvine, RobertWagonerC 
Arvine, Thos. G.PvtC 
Ashcraft, James B.SgtD 
Ashcraft, JohnPvtD 
Bailey, AlfredPvtG 
Bailey, ElishaPvtG 
Bailey, Rolan S.PvtD 
Baker, Alexander J.CorplG 
Baker, BazielMusicianC 
Baker, GranvillePvtI 
Baker, IsaacPvtD 
Baker, James F.PvtH 
Baker, James H.PvtD 
Baker, Jas.PvtI 
Baker, MorisCorplI 
Baker, WileySgtI 
Baker, William C.MusicianI 
Baker, WilliamPvtG 
Banton, John B.CaptF 
Barker, William G.PvtC 
Barker, WilliamPvtC 
Barn, Martin V. B.CorplA 
Barnes, DavidMusicianG 
Barnes, GeorgePvtD 
Barnes, Jas. E.PvtC 
Barnes, Richard J.PvtD 
Barnes, Sidney M.ColStaff 
Barnes, WilliamPvtD 
Barnett, Benjamin F.WagonerE 
Barnett, JamesPvtH 
Barnett, John W.PvtH 
Barnett, JohnPvtB 
Barnett, JonathanPvtC 
Barnett, William J.SgtE 
Barnett, Wm. H.PvtB 
Barton, James C.PvtF 
Battershell, SimpsonPvtE 
Benett, Thomas H. B.PvtD 
Bennett, PeterPvtE 
Bigley, GranvillePvtI 
Bigley, Jackson A.PvtI 
Bigley, John G.PvtI 
Bigley, John S.SgtI 
Bigley, Samuel S.PvtI 
Bigley, WilliamPvtI 
Bingham, ElijahPvtI 
Bingham, JoshuaCorplG 
Bingham, Robt.SgtG 
Bishop, David H.PvtD 
Bishop, Jonathan W.PvtG 
Blackburn, James K.PvtD 
Blackwell, HarrisonPvtF 
Blackwell, Joseph2dLtB 
Blevins, AlfredPvtG 
Blevins, Eli A.PvtG 
Blythe, Wm. N.PvtE 
Bolen, DavidPvtF 
Bolen, HughPvtF 
Boman, EdwardPvtD 
Botner, JacobPvtD 
Bowman, CalawayPvtH 
Bowman, FletcherPvtG 
Bowman, GrenberyPvtG 
Bradley, JoelPvtI 
Bradley, MayPvtI 
Brandenburgh, A. C.PvtD 
Brandenburgh, HardinCorplD 
Brandenburgh, JohnPvtD 
Branson, ChandlerPvtD 
Bray, ElkanyPvtA 
Bray, Martin V.PvtA 
Brewer, Wm.PvtA 
Brinegar, Wm.PvtC 
Broaddus, Green B.MajStaff 
Broaddus, PleasantPvtC 
Browning, Hugh P.PvtA 
Browning, Roland A.SgtA 
Browning, Wm. C.PvtA 
Bruner, JamesPvtE 
Bruner, Jno. H. H.PvtE 
Bryan, William T.PvtE 
Bryant, IshamPvtF 
Bundy, JamesPvtI 
Bunefid, JosephCorplA 
Burell, JosephPvtD 
Burges, Chas. M.PvtH 
Burges, Howard N.PvtH 
Burghe, MannisCorplE 
Burleigh, Chas. L.CaptG 
Burnfin, LawsonPvtA 
Burnham, Thompson Jr.Q.MstrStaff 
Burns, AndyPvtI 
Burriss, James M. C.PvtE 
Burrows, HenryPvtH 
Burrows, HiramPvtH 
Burton, HenryMusicianB 
Burton, IrvinWagonerB 
Burton, JarettPvtI 
Burton, Wm.PvtI 
Bush, DilliardPvtH 
Bush, WilliamPvtI 
Butler, JohnPvtF 
Cain, GideonPvtF 
Cain, Jas.PvtF 
Cain, John D.PvtA 
Cain, JohnPvtF 
Campbell, DanielCorplG 
Campbell, EasomPvtA 
Campbell, Joseph D.PvtA 
Campbell, LeviPvtA 
Campbell, SilasCorplB 
Campbell, Wm. F.PvtB 
Carmody, ThomasPvtH 
Carson, George W.PvtE 
Carson, Tho. H.Q.M.SgtStaff 
Carson, Thos. H.1st.LtD 
Carter, James M.PvtD 
Catching, Wm. H.CaptA 
Chance, Anthony O.PvtA 
Chance, Evan W.PvtA 
Charles, Jas.PvtE 
Childers, Wm. J.PvtE 
Chism, Harrison J.Prin.MusnStaff 
Clark, AndersonPvtI 
Clark, John S.MajStaff 
Clemens, John F.PvtG 
Cole, Richard M.PvtA 
Collins, HustonPvtA 
Collins, James H.PvtC 
Collins, Joseph W.M.R.PvtB 
Colson, George C.PvtA 
Combs, JamesSgtI 
Combs, PrestonPvtI 
Combs, SquirePvtD 
Conner, GarlandPvtH 
Conner, GeorgePvtH 
Conner, Wm. G.PvtE 
Coomer, JessePvtG 
Cooper, George W.CorplE 
Cooper, JohnPvtD 
Cooper, WilliamPvtD 
Cornelius, WilliamPvtD 
Cornett, Fielding C.PvtD 
Cox, Braxton D.PvtG 
Cox, JohnPvtA 
Cox, LewisSgtC 
Cox, Wade B.1st.LtH 
Cox, WilliamPvtC 
Coyl, William R.PvtH 
Coyle, James J.PvtC 
Crawford, MarshallPvtD 
Creed, JohnCorplF 
Cress, HiramPvtA 
Crook, Wiley J.1st.LtI 
Crow, James D.PvtC 
Crow, Robert A.PvtC 
Culton, Chas. F.SgtG 
Curtis, AmaziahPvtA 
Curtis, David C.PvtE 
Curtis, James A.CorplE 
Curtis, Joe GillisPvtA 

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