8th Infantry (T-Z) Civil War: Mercer Co. Ky
from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-H I-M N-S T-Z

Data Contributed by Mark Fields, page created by Pam Carey Ison
© 1998,1999 all rights reserved

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Terill, CharlesPvtE 
Terrill, James L.PvtE 
Thacker, William S.CorplB 
Thomas, Henry C.CaptD 
Thomas, IsaacPvtH 
Thomas, JamesPvtD 
Thomas, MartinPvtC 
Thompson, Francis M.PvtD 
Thompson, George W.PvtE 
Tincher, EliasCorplD 
Tincher, JamesCorplD 
Tipton, CyrusPvtC 
Tipton, Jacob J.CorplC 
Tipton, Robert D.PvtB 
Tipton, Samuel T.CorplC 
Todd, JohnPvtF 
Tolson, IsaacPvtG 
Tolson, James C.CorplG 
Tomkins, WilliamPvtF 
Townsend, AmbrosePvtA 
Townsend, ArthurPvtD 
Townsend, JamesPvtD 
Townsend, JohnPvtB 
Townsend, ReubenPvtD 
Townsend, William B.PvtD 
Townsend, Wm.CorplD 
Tuder, David B.SgtC 
Tudor, Daniel F.PvtC 
Tuggle, JessePvtD 
Turner, EdwardPvtG 
Turner, ElliottPvtG 
Turner, WilbournePvtG 
Turner, WilliamPvtE 
Tye, John S.2dLtA 
Tye, John S.2dLtD 
Tye, William C.PvtA 
Tyre, AmosPvtD 
Tyre, AndersonPvtB 
Underwood, AllenPvtD 
Vanderpool, John C.PvtD 
Wade, Geo. W.PvtH 
Wagers, JosephSgtB 
Wages, LetcherPvtD 
Walden, Geo.PvtA 
Walden, JessePvtA 
Waldon, BerryPvtI 
Wallace, Jno.SgtD 
Wallace, JosephPvtC 
Walters, David C.PvtF 
Walters, Elkana M.PvtE 
Walters, Ezekiel J.PvtF 
Walters, JuniperPvtE 
Walton, David D.PvtC 
Walton, Jackson Jr.PvtA 
Ward, Benjamin F.PvtF 
Ward, JamesPvtD 
Ward, John W.PvtB 
Wasford, SilasPvtB 
Watson, George C.2dLtI 
Watson, Thomas G.PvtB 
Webb, Columbus C.CorplH 
Webb, ElishaPvtH 
Webb, Fountain W.PvtB 
Webb, JamesPvtF 
Webb, MarshalSgtI 
Wells, WilliamPvtA 
Westerfield, Jesse E.PvtF 
Whisman, HiramPvtG 
Whisman, James M.PvtG 
Whisman, MosesMusicianG 
Whitaker, IsaacPvtG 
White, EdwardPvtC 
White, George W.PvtC 
White, SheltonPvtD 
White, ThomasPvtB 
White, William H.PvtC 
Wiatt, WilliamPvtD 
Wiliams, Jas. R.1st.LtH 
Williams, Amos R.PvtE 
Williams, DavidPvtF 
Williams, EdwardPvtD 
Williams, John D.PvtH 
Williams, WilliamPvtA 
Wilson, Francis M.CorplH 
Wilson, James J.CorplE 
Wilson, James J.PvtB 
Wilson, JohnCaptC 
Wilson, JohnPvtH 
Wilson, JosephCorplE 
Wilson, MarshalSgtE 
Wilson, Miles K.PvtE 
Wilson, MilesCorplE 
Wilson, NathanSgtH 
Winbourn, Dewitt C.SgtH 
Winburn, RhodesCaptH 
Winkler, Edward S.CorplD 
Winkler, John R.PvtC 
Winkler, Levi C.CorplD 
Winkler, SidneySgtC 
Winkles, JamesPvtD 
Winn, ElcanerCorplD 
Wise, John W.PvtH 
Wiseman, AbnerPvtE 
Wiseman, DavidPvtD 
Wiseman, JacksonPvtG 
Witt, ClabournPvtC 
Witt, John W.PvtC 
Witt, Lewis G.PvtB 
Witt, William H.PvtB 
Witt, Wm.PvtA 
Wood, Fielding P.SgtH 
Wood, James G.CorplB 
Wood, SimpsonPvtH 
Woods, PaulPvtD 
Woolum, James T.PvtA 
Woolum, JohnPvtA 
Woolum, LeonardPvtA 
Wright, Hamilton W.PvtG 
Wright, Joseph P.PvtH 
Wright, Thos. J.CaptH 
Wumbles, RobertPvtA 
Young, ElishaPvtI 

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