8th Infantry (N-S) Civil War: Mercer Co. Ky
from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-H I-M N-S T-Z

Data Contributed by Mark Fields, page created by Pam Carey Ison
© 1998,1999 all rights reserved

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Neal, Jordan1st.LtB 
Neal, William H.PvtE 
Neal, Wilson S.PvtB 
Neal, Wm. H.PvtD 
Newman, John W.PvtD 
Newton, DecaturPvtD 
Newton, GodfreyPvtC 
Nickell, Perry A.1st.LtE 
Noble, HiramPvtD 
Noland, NicholasPvtE 
Noles, John E.PvtA 
Norton, Henry C.SgtD 
Oaks, IsaacPvtF 
Oldham, OscarSgtD 
Oldham, Samuel G.SgtF 
Olinger, Randle M.PvtG 
Oliver, Robert S.PvtB 
Park, C. M.2dLtC 
Park, FranklinPvtB 
Park, George A.PvtB 
Park, JosiahPvtC 
Park, Thomas E.AdjtStaff 
Park, Thomas E.CorplC 
Park, W. W.1st.LtC 
Parker, AlexPvtA 
Parker, BenjaminPvtA 
Parson, JohnPvtI 
Parson, SamuelPvtI 
Parton, EphriamPvtA 
Parton, J. A.PvtA 
Parton, JacksonPvtA 
Parton, JohnPvtA 
Parton, Shelton G.SgtA 
Parton, WilliamPvtA 
Patrick, JohnPvtI 
Patterson, RobertPvtC 
Patton, Charles M.SgtD 
Patton, George W.PvtE 
Paul, Timothy S.ChaplainStaff 
Petry, NathanCorplA 
Phelps, Thos.PvtF 
Philpot, GranvillePvtI 
Philpot, IsaacPvtI 
Philpot, JohnCorplI 
Philpot, PleasantPvtI 
Phipps, Jacob P.1st.LtA 
Phipps, Jos. P.PvtA 
Pilcher, WilliamWagonerH 
Pirtle, John R.SurgeonStaff 
Pitman, JessePvtD 
Plowman, HenryPvtC 
Poff, Thos. B.PvtA 
Poindexter, JamesPvtA 
Poore, Richai.dMusicianH 
Pope, Fielding H.PvtA 
Potts, David D.MusicianC 
Potts, John T.PvtE 
Powell, Ansil D.CaptB 
Powell, John H.CorplH 
Powers, GeorgePvtA 
Powers, JessePvtA 
Prichard, BonepartPvtD 
Prichard, JohnPvtD 
Profitt, Ira G.PvtG 
Puckett, BlufordPvtD 
Puckett, BlufordPvtD 
Puckett, ElihuPvtE 
Puckett, John M.2dLtE 
Puckett, JohnPvtD 
Puckett, PeterPvtD 
Puckett, WilliamPvtH 
Radford, JessePvtI 
Raines, JamesPvtA 
Ramey, James J.PvtE 
Ramsey, Robert G.PvtG 
Rankins, Albert G.SgtC 
Rasner, GeorgePvtI 
Ratliff, WilliamPvtC 
Rawlins, James P.PvtD 
Rawlins, OwenCorplD 
Rawlins, RobertPvtD 
Reed, ArmtonPvtE 
Reed, JessePvtD 
Reed, Joel F.PvtB 
Reeves, HenryPvtC 
Reeves, James P.CorplC 
Rhodus, JamesPvtF 
Rhodus, SamuelPvtB 
Rice, John Q.PvtG 
Rice, William L.PvtH 
Richardson, Absalom H.PvtD 
Richardson, Colemn D.PvtC 
Richardson, DavidPvtC 
Richardson, EdwardPvtH 
Richardson, James F.PvtB 
Richardson, Jno. P.SgtD 
Richardson, William B.PvtD 
Richardson, Wm. N.PvtC 
Riley, John C.PvtB 
Riley, Thomas J.PvtC 
Riley, WilliamPvtF 
Rily, JohnPvtI 
Rily, LouisPvtI 
Rily, SquirePvtI 
Ring, GreenberryPvtH 
Robbins, James F.PvtE 
Roberts, IsaacPvtG 
Roberts, JohnPvtG 
Roberts, RichardCorplC 
Robinson, James O.PvtF 
Robinson, WilliamAsstSrgnStaff 
Roe, ThomasPvtA 
Root, DanielCorplI 
Rose, GeorgeSgtA 
Rose, John D.PvtC 
Rose, WilliamPvtA 
Ross, HenryPvtD 
Ross, William H.PvtD 
Rudd, John F.PvtE 
Runnels, Greenbury R.PvtF 
Runnels, Wm. H.PvtF 
Sale, Bowles H.1st.LtD 
Sale, Bowles H.PvtB 
Sams, ColemanPvtF 
Sandlin, JacksonPvtI 
Sandlin, UriahPvtI 
Sandlin, WilliamPvtI 
Saylor, LeviPvtI 
Saylor, ParksPvtI 
Scarbrough, JonathanPvtH 
Scholl, Alamanzor W.CorplC 
Schoolcraft, F. M.PvtG 
Scribbner, Benjamin F.PvtB 
Scrivner, Volentine H.PvtC 
Se, JamesPvtE 
Searcy, WilsonPvtF 
See, WilliamPvtD 
Selby, JohnPvtH 
Sells, ObediahPvtI 
Senters, JamesCorplD 
Senters, JohnPvtD 
Senters, Wm. T.PvtD 
Sewell, James A.SgtE 
Sewell, Jas.PvtB 
Shackelford, AlfredPvtE 
Shackelford, C. L.SgtG 
Shackelford, M. E.PvtG 
Sheaner, James H.PvtB 
Sheaner, WilliamPvtB 
Shepherd, Henry H.PvtD 
Sheppard, AdamPvtC 
Shepperd, John B.CorplD 
Shoanaker, Andrew B.PvtB 
Shortee, BenjaminPvtA 
Siler, BurgessPvtA 
Siler, Calvn P.PvtA 
Siler, Francis M.PvtA 
Siler, GranvillePvtA 
Siler, James W.PvtA 
Siler, JessePvtA 
Siler, Wm. H.PvtA 
Singer, WilliamPvtF 
Sloan, PrestonPvtD 
Smallwood, ElijahPvtD 
Smallwood, Wm. G.CaptD 
Smiley, GeorgePvtF 
Smith, AbijahPvtI 
Smith, CharlesPvtE 
Smith, Edward B.PvtB 
Smith, HenryPvtD 
Smith, HenryPvtI 
Smith, HiramPvtD 
Smith, IshamPvtE 
Smith, JamesPvtG 
Smith, Jno.PvtC 
Smith, John G.PvtB 
Smith, LouisPvtI 
Smith, MiltonPvtG 
Smith, PaulCorplI 
Smith, PleasantPvtD 
Smith, PrestonPvtG 
Smith, ThomasCorplA 
Smith, William M.SgtE 
Smith, William R.PvtH 
Smith, William T.PvtE 
Smith, WilliamCorplD 
Smothers, A. DanielPvtE 
Sous, George W.PvtE 
Sparks, EliPvtG 
Sparks, ElihuPvtC 
Sparks, Isaac T.PvtD 
Sparks, JeremiahPvtG 
Sparks, John G.PvtD 
Sparks, JosephPvtD 
Sparks, WilliamPvtD 
Spencer, GoalmanCorplD 
Spencer, Jacob C.PvtD 
Spencer, JamesPvtG 
Spencer, W. Scott2dLtG 
Spivey, RussellPvtF 
Spivey, TheophilusPvtF 
Stamper, James A.SgtG 
Stamper, Jas. G.CorplG 
Stamper, Marqus D.PvtG 
Stamper, William B.PvtG 
Stamper, William E.CorplD 
Stanbury, JohnCorplF 
Steele, Harrison H.PvtF 
Step, Andrew J.PvtD 
Stephens, RichardPvtH 
Stephens, ShiptonCorplH 
Stephens, ThomasPvtD 
Stewart, EliPvtB 
Stewart, James A.PvtD 
Stewart, Jas. W.1st.LtD 
Stewart, John H.SgtD 
Stornes, JamesPvtF 
Stout, John H.PvtG 
Stuart, John H.PvtG 
Sysemore, John G.PvtI 

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