8th Infantry (I-M) Civil War: Mercer Co. Ky
from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-H I-M N-S T-Z

Data Contributed by Mark Fields, page created by Pam Carey Ison
© 1998,1999 all rights reserved

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Ingram, HardinPvtD 
Jackson, Christopher C.1st.LtF 
Jackson, GobsonWagonerI 
Jacobs, George W.1st.LtE 
Jamison, John D.PvtG 
Jamison, MiddletonPvtD 
Jamison, Robert B.CaptD 
Jarvis, PeterPvtI 
Jarvis, William H.PvtI 
Jenkins, ParsonPvtG 
Jentry, HenryPvtG 
Jewell, George W.PvtG 
Johnson, AlfredPvtB 
Johnson, ElcanahPvtB 
Johnson, Henry M.PvtB 
Johnson, HughPvtD 
Johnson, IsaacPvtD 
Johnson, James A.PvtG 
Johnson, JamesPvtB 
Johnson, JamesPvtD 
Johnson, JamesPvtE 
Johnson, JohnPvtB 
Johnson, Richard M.PvtB 
Jones, Allen J.PvtD 
Jones, AndrewPvtE 
Jones, BenjaminPvtD 
Jones, Benjmin F.CorplD 
Jones, Cyrenius W.SgtF 
Jones, Francis M.PvtB 
Jones, JamesPvtF 
Jones, NathanielPvtH 
Jones, Nimrod C.2dLtF 
Jones, ThorntonPvtE 
Jones, Wm. H.SgtF 
Jordan, John R.PvtB 
Judy, Henry M.PvtH 
Keek, AlfredPvtF 
Keek, HenryPvtF 
Keek, MadisonPvtF 
Keller, Curtis F.PvtC 
Kellums, James C.PvtA 
Kersey, George A.PvtC 
Keton, Catlett L.PvtE 
Keton, George W.PvtE 
Keton, HarveyPvtE 
Kidwell, ThomasPvtB 
Kimbrell, George W.CorplE 
Kimbrell, GeorgeMusicianE 
Kindred, James M.Q.MstrStaff 
Kindred, James M.SgtH 
Kindred, James W.ChaplainStaff 
King, FrancisPvtH 
King, George W.PvtH 
King, HenryPvtH 
King, John A.PvtC 
King, JosephPvtH 
King, JosephusPvtH 
King, Joshua D.PvtC 
King, Moses H.PvtH 
King, RichardPvtC 
King, Samuel C.PvtC 
King, Thomas J.PvtC 
King, UriahPvtH 
King, WilliamPvtH 
King, Wm. H.PvtC 
Lackey, EliasPvtB 
Lacy, James A.PvtE 
Lady, Elijah B.PvtH 
Lady, James J.PvtC 
Lady, JeremiahPvtD 
Lamb, Isaac G.PvtH 
Lamb, William C.PvtH 
Lambdin, SilasCorplA 
Land, Richard J.PvtC 
Lanehart, Sidney Q.PvtG 
Lawson, NathanPvtA 
Ledford, Franklin B.PvtD 
Ledford, John S.PvtD 
Ledford, Robert G.PvtD 
Lee, AlfredPvtH 
Lee, JamesPvtA 
Legeer, RobinPvtF 
Legeer, WilliamPvtF 
Lewallen, MadisonPvtA 
Lewis, Geo. W.2dLtH 
Lewis, JosephPvtH 
Lewis, Milton G.PvtF 
Linch, CalvinPvtC 
Linch, James S.PvtC 
Linch, LeviPvtC 
Linch, William W.PvtC 
Lindon, AndrewCorplE 
Lindon, WilliamPvtE 
Lindsay, William H.PvtB 
Little, GeorgePvtE 
Little, James S.PvtE 
Little, John B.PvtE 
Little, JohnPvtE 
Little, Preston. C.PvtE 
Little, Thomas J. F.PvtE 
Lodsdon, Abner Q.CorplH 
Logan, HiramPvtA 
Logsden, Rufus J.PvtB 
Logsdon, Ambrose W.PvtH 
Lovelace, Jeremiah C.PvtD 
Lucas, Elisha C.PvtB 
Lucas, Samuel H.CorplD 
Lucas, WilliamCorplD 
Luis, DanielPvtI 
Lunsford, ElishaPvtB 
Lunsford, HiramPvtB 
Lunsford, JessePvtC 
Lunsford, JohnPvtC 
Lunsford, JohnPvtG 
Lutes, Buford N.PvtG 
Lutes, WiliamPvtG 
Lykins, HarrisonPvtE 
Lykins, WilliamPvtE 
Lynch, AllenPvtD 
Lynch, EdwardPvtG 
Lynch, John D.PvtB 
Lynch, SimpsonPvtD 
M.Farly, Jno.PvtI 
Madon, JacobPvtI 
Maes, William H.PvtF 
Maine, John C.PvtA 
Mann, James M.PvtD 
Mann, William S.PvtD 
Mansfield, Reuben C.PvtB 
Mansfield, William C.PvtC 
Maraele, Benjamin F.PvtF 
Marshall, RobertPvtG 
Martin, BrownCaptI 
Martin, BrownSgt.MajStaff 
Martin, SamuelPvtF 
Mastin, WillainPvtE 
Matlock, CharlesPvtA 
Matlock, Jas. B.PvtA 
Matlock, NelsonPvtA 
Matlock, Wm. W.PvtA 
Maupin, Jno. B.PvtD 
May, ReubenLt.ColStaff 
Mayhew, James D.CaptA 
Mayhew, Jas. D.Lt.ColStaff 
Mays, ElishaPvtG 
McCullah, James A.2dLtA 
McDaniel, Jesse2dLtI 
McDaniel, Wm.CaptI 
McGuire, Benjamin F.PvtD 
McGuire, Joseph2dLtD 
McGuire, William S.PvtD 
McHargue, Alex. H.PvtF 
McHargue, JamesPvtF 
McHargue, JohnCorplF 
McHargue, SamuelPvtF 
McIlvain, James E.PvtD 
McIntosh, HenryPvtI 
McIntosh, SamuelPvtI 
McIntosh, SimpsonPvtB 
McKinney, FrancisPvtC 
McLaughlin, JamesPvtH 
McPherson, JosephPvtG 
McQuary, JosephPvtI 
McQueen, JohnPvtD 
McQueen, SamuelPvtC 
McQueen, Wm.PvtB 
MeKinney, James B.PvtC 
MeQucen, AbnerPvtC 
Merida, RichardPvtA 
Miller, IsaiahCorplI 
Miller, John P.PvtA 
Miller, John P.SgtD 
Miller, ThomasPvtI 
Miller, Wm. A.PvtF 
Mills, JohnSurgeonStaff 
Minter, Landon C.CaptG 
Mitchel, James L.PvtF 
Moore, CallowayPvtA 
Moore, CharlesPvtC 
Moore, HardinPvtH 
Moore, HenryCorplF 
Moore, HiramPvtD 
Moore, JacksonPvtH 
Moore, Lewis A.PvtA 
Moore, William P.PvtH 
Moores, ColemanSgtC 
Moores, James J.PvtF 
Morael, JohnPvtF 
Moreland, James T.CorplH 
Moreland, RichardPvtH 
Morgan, James H.PvtE 
Morgan, Paris E.PvtE 
Morris, Henry C.PvtH 
Morriss, WilliamPvtG 
Morton, C. H.AsstSrgnStaff 
Mosby, JamesPvtI 
Moseby, James M.PvtA 
Mosly, John C.PvtD 
Mullins, Daniel B.PvtD 
Mullins, JoabPvtF 
Mullins, JohnPvtD 
Mullins, JosephPvtD 
Munsey, EnochPvtD 
Murphy, William B.PvtC 
Murrell, Chilton A.PvtD 
Murrell, Thomas Jr.PvtD 
Murrell, Thomas2dLtD 
Murrell, WileyPvtD 

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