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Thomas Cemetery

Submitted by: Thelma Whelan

     This cemetery is located Ekron, KY.  Direction to the cemetery from Buck Grove Road. Take Mobley Rd. to the second Eagles Nest Rd. turn left, go 2/10 of a mile to 660 ( Grubbs on mail box ) turn right and with permission of Jim or Joyce Grubbs the cemetery is straight back the driveway into the woods to the right.

Brunton, Thomas
  b June 6, 1859, d Aug. 30, 1882
 ( h/o Sarah A. Bryant )


Brunton, William
 b Mar. 9, 1811, d Aug. 20, 1877
Bryant, George M.
 b. Feb. 4, 1856, d Apr. 15, 1864
Bryant, Richard D.
 b Jan. 21, 1863, d Apr. 15, 1864
Bryant, Minnie E.
 b Sept. 14, 1867, d Aug. 28, 1870
Bryant, Roszina
 b May 31, 1865, d Aug. 26, 1865
Hawkins, Clara A.
 b Oct. 11, 1872, d Sept. 24, 1873
 d/o J. H. & J. M. Hawkins


Snellen, Nathan
 b May 29, 1878, d 1878
 s/o N. & M. Snellen
Thomas, Clara E.
 b Sept. 20, 1876, d June 11, 1885
 d/o A. C. & M. J. Thomas


Thomas, Deloss W.
 b Mar. 10, 1823, d Dec. 14, 1869
  s/o Joseph Thomas
Thomas, Edward D.
 b Sept. 18, 1878, d June 3, 1881
 s/o C. & M. J. Thomas
Thomas, J. S.
 b June 17, 1817, d Apr. 21, 1878
Thomas, James D.
 b Oct. 3, 1878, d Sept. 14, 1879
s/o James E. & Colista Ann Thomas
Thomas, Summers W.
 b & d May 29, 1881

 Infant (James E. & Colista Ann Thomas)


Wilkerson, Martha Ann
 b May 18, 1823, d Nov. 13, 1865
 w/o Daniel Wilkerson
Thomas, Mary J.
 b Nov. 23, 1849, d Mar. 23, 1863
 d/o D. W. & M. M. Thomas
Thomas, Joseph
 b June 27, 1839, d June 2, 1862
 26th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
 Engraved on stone: Soldier standing with gun at his side.
 ( s/o James S. Thomas & 1st wife Jinsey Strader )


Thomas, Rebecca
 b 1817, d June 20, 1901
 w/o J. S. Thomas

Transcriber's Notes:

The farm was near the Blue Spring Branch along Doe Run Creek.  The cemetery is located on what was the farm owned by James S. Thomas in the early 1800's.  The farm has had several owners over the years and was finally sold in plots. The cemetery has been covered with trees, brush and vines for years. Since 1984 some of the stones have fell off the base and some are broke. There was 10-15 large limestone rocks that marked other graves. Jinsey Strader Thomas, 1st wife of James is believed to be buried there.

James S. and Rebecca Seeley Thomas are my great great grandparents.


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