McCreary County

McCreary County, Kentucky

Written By:  Robert Ernest Stephens

Transcribed by Barbara Nicholas with written permission from the author.

Index - Volume 3
Northern Section


Name of Cemetery Nearby Town
Abbott- Sellers- Ramsey Flatrock
Baker Sawyer
Ballou- Worley Parkers Lake
Barnett Parkers Lake
Bethel Greenwood
Brooks- Harp Parkers Lake
BunkerHill- Casada Greenwood
Campbell Sawyer
Casada, John Parkers Lake
Chrisman Flatrock
Cooper Creek Greenwood
Dalton Greenwood
Davis Hilltop/Yamacraw
Eagle Creek Parkers Lake
Farris Funston
Fitch Parkers Lake
Freedon Chapel  (Josh Keith) Hilltop
Freeman Parkers Lake
Greenwood Baptist #2 Greenwood
Greenwood Greenwood
Handy Beulah Heights
Higginbotham Beulah Heights
Howard- Stanton- Helton Parkers Lake
Hughes #1 Parkers Lake
Hughes #2 Greenwood
Keith, Billy Hilltop
Keith, Earl Parkers Lake
Keith, Granny Marshes Siding
Keith, Luther Flatrock
Mason Parkers Lake
Maxwell Hilltop
Old Flatrock Flatrock
Owens Hilltop
Owens Parkers Lake
Perry Sawyer
Price Sawyer
Roberts Parkers Lake
Roberts #2 Wiborg
Rock Branch Sawyer
Solomon Greenwood
Southern Railroad Greenwood
Strunk (Day Ridge) Parkers Lake
Taylor Sawyer
Thompson Greenwood
Tucker Parkers Lake
Unknown Wiborg
Vanover Parkers Lake
Warman Parkers Lake






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