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Military Abbreviations/Acronym's

A Guide to some of the most common Military Abbreviations & Acronym's and their meanings.

Abbreviation   Meaning Abbreviation Meaning
AAA Anti-Aircraft Artillery AB Air Base
Abn. Airborne AD Active Duty or Armored Division
AFB Air force Base Armd Armored
Arty. Artillery BB Battleship (USN)
Bde. Brigade BC Bombardment Group
Bn. Battalion Bty./Btry. Battery
Cav. Cavalry Co./CO Company/Commanding Officer
Conus Continental United States Corp./Cpl. Corporal
CV Carrier DD Destroyer (USN)
Det. Detachment DOS Date Of Separation
EAD Entered Active Duty (Date) FA Field Artillery
FG Fighter Group G.I.  Government Issue
Gp. Group Inf. Infantry
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station MIA Missing In Action
MOS Military Occupational Specialty MP Military Police
NAS Naval Air Station NMCB Naval Mobile Construction Battalion
PCS Permanent Change Of Station Pfc. Private First Class
Plt. Platoon PO Petty Officer
Pvt. Private PW/POW Prisoner of War
QM Quatermaster Rcn. Reconnaissance
RCT Regimental Combat Team Regt Regiment
Sgt. Sergent Sig. Signal
SN/SSN Service Number/Social Secuity Number Sq. Squad or Squadron
TAD Temporary Additional Duty TAFMS Total Active Federal Military Service (date)
TCG Troop Carrier Group TDY Temporary Duty
USA United States Army USAAC/USAAF United States ArmyAir Corps/Army Air Force
USAF United States Air Force USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy WIA Wounded In Action



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