Magoffin Family Group Sheets

Family Group Sheets


Allen, John
Marvin Allen's 5th G-G
Allen, Richard
Marvin Allen's 4th G-G
Allen, Elijah
Marvin Allen's 3rd G-G
Allen, William F.
Marvin Allen's 2nd G-G
Allen, Eli
Marvin Allen's G-G
Hammon , Hezekiah & Eliza "Anna:" Helton

Constance Frazier

Hamon, Benjamin  & Sarah "Sallie" Johnson

Constance Frazier

Johnson , Thomas Jr. & Adelphia Carte

Constance Frazier
Arnett, Wiley  father of Russell Arnett Unknown
Montgomery, Benjamin  & Eliza "Anna" Helton
Constance Frazier
Morton, Thomas Williams Donnie J. Hazel
Salyer, John Morgan Marvin Allen's 2nd G-G
Salyer, Cambridge Culbertson Marvin Allen's 2nd G-G
Salyer, Francis Marion Marvin Allen's G-G


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