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Magoffin County Formation Maps

Use of the following maps of Eastern Kentucky Counties has been graciously permitted by Charles C. Wells from "Annals of Floyd County, Kentucky 1800-1826" & "Kentucky Archives Johnson County Vital Statistics 1843-1904." Both resources may be purchased from Mr. Wells by writing to him at P. O. Box 590, Paintsville, KY 41240. Cost for "Annals of Floyd County, Kentucky 1800-1826" is $26.95 postpaid; cost for "Kentucky Archives Johnson County Vital Statistics 1843-1904" is $24.95 postpaid. Many thanks to Mr. Wells for allowing us to use his maps! 

"Annals of Floyd County, Kentucky 1800-1826," copyright 1983

Eastern KY 1800 
(61.9k) | Eastern KY 1805 (65.7k)
Eastern KY 1819 
(67.4k) | Eastern KY 1823 (67.9k)




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