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Courtesy of the USGS

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS Topoquad Map
Arlington 374538N 0841828W Richmond
Baldwin 374748N 0842531W Valley View
Berea 373407N 0841747W Berea
Bighill 373316N 0841230W Bighill
Blue Lick Creek 373438N 0841234W Bighill
Bobtown 373703N 0841345W Bighill
Boonesborough 375430N 0841619W Ford
Brassfield 374027N 0840847W Moberly
Buggytown 373808N 0842209W Richmond
Bybee 374359N 0840729W Panola
Caleast 374125N 0841955W Richmond
College Hill 374712N 0840724W Palmer
Cottonburg 374350N 0842743W Kirksville
Crow Valley 374425N 0842452W Kirksville
Cuzick 375003N 0842713W Valley View
Doylesville 375039N 0840939W Union City
Dreyfus 373702N 0841036W Bighill
Duluth 373446N 0841006W Bighill
Duncanon 373934N 0842053W Richmond
Edenton 374601N 0842905W Valley View
Elliston 374427N 0840919W Moberly
Farristown 373721N 0841801W Berea
Happy Landing 373828N 0842252W Kirksville
Jackson Ferry 375138N 0840943W Union City
Kingston 373901N 0841430W Moberly
Kirksville 373955N 0842433W Kirksville
Middletown 373523N 0841800W Berea
Million 374647N 0842315W Valley View
Moberly 374430N 0841058W Moberly
Newby 374547N 0842455W Valley View
Panola 373939N 0840655W Panola
Peytontown 374010N 0841953W Richmond
Pilot Knob 373349N 0841153W Bighill
Red Lick 373446N 0841006W Bighill
Redhouse 374956N 0841620W Richmond
Reeds Crossing 374421N 0841321W Moberly
Richmond 374452N 0841741W Richmond
Round Hill 374044N 0842458W Kirksville
Ruthton 374358N 0842601W Kirksville
Silver Creek 373926N 0842158W Richmond
Slate Lick 373247N 0841840W Berea
Speedwell 374027N 0841031W Moberly
Stringtown 374911N 0842447W Valley View
Terrill 374110N 0841533W Richmond
Union City 374750N 0841152W Union City
Valley View 375046N 0842550W Valley View
Waco 374433N 0840839W Moberly
Wallaceton 373405N 0842144W Berea
White Hall 374927N 0841934W Richmond
Whites 373750N 0841758W Richmond

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